Lady Portia: Trials of the Dark, and the Children

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

This week, our writer speaks again with Lady Master Portia again, goddess of Divine Justice and Opportunity, Master of the Golden Ray, which represents the Seventh Ray of Light, which holds the energy of Saint Germain’s (her twin flame’s) Transmuting Violet Flame.

LADY MASTER PORTIA: How may I assist, dear one?

COR: Lady Master, I received two questions from readers this week.

One is asking, “The 3-D matrix has gone after children. Jabs have been offered to four year olds. “How can that be sanctioned by the Galactic Powers? The 3-D matrix has reached Sesame Street!—telling children to get vaxxed to protect their parents, families, and friends.

“More than anything, an attack on the innocent is repulsive to me. How can this be allowed to continue? “Unless the [Divine] ‘helpers’ can tell me that every child who has been jabbed as a result of their parent’s fear is being kept from harm, I remain skeptical of their helping presence.

“I try to remain in my heart, but this situation knocks me out, every time I see or hear about another child being used by the 3-D matrix and their unaware parents.”

Many are wondering when Divine Justice will finally have its say, and when the scales will finally tip in favor of Justice.

The second question sent in is related to this: “Will we get to see or hear anything about the trials of the dark ones? “I’ve never particularly cared one way or the other (as long as they’re gone), but after being slammed with 50% and 60% increases in three already-too-big monthly bills just in the last two days, I’m really hoping we get to see some consequences.”

People are understandably upset about the economic situations we are facing now, in many countries around the world, and our loss of personal freedoms.

Those aware of the toxicity of the Jab are upset about their experimental use being extended to children.

Could you comment on these issues, and then help us see what is happening here?

I feel the first situation was created to stop or at least contain our Ascension path, while the second situation was created to rob and discourage the masses as much as possible, as the old power structure makes a last desperate grab to stay in control.

Along the way, they foment separation and an “Us and Them” mentality as much as possible, with separate factions enraged at one another. It gets harder to see a way out of this, unless something big like NESARA happens suddenly.

LADY MASTER PORTIA: Let us first address the question of whether humanity will be given a front row seat to viewing the criminals who have ruled your world for millennia being escorted off-planet to Dracos, where they will face a solar tribunal.

You have heard the White Knights of the Ashtar Command speak of this, and it is so that billions on Earth—all who wish too—will witness this occurring.

Much of those tribunals will be made public.

You will not only be aware of the apprehension of and charges against those guilty of intentional crimes against humanity and Lady Gaia, and other locations in the galaxy.

You will also view the decisions made in the tribunals and learn much of Divine Justice and Galactic legal and judicial processes in those days.

You have seen, many of you, the House Select Committee hearings occurring lately in Washington, DC, which is one of the places where I and other Ascended Masters and White Knights have been working for many years.

These hearings are designed not only to draw out the truth about insurrectionist activities.

They are also being held to prepare Earth’s population for the sight of those guilty of crimes against Earth and humanity being questioned and put in a position where, if they do not tell the truth when given the chance, more will be stacked against them when decisions regarding them are handed down.

These committee hearings are the beginning of the process which you now await.

Understand that as you watch these hearings, you are not mere spectators.

All of you on Earth witnessing these hearings are yourselves active witnesses to each statement and avowal being made. And so you are all already directly involved in the beginnings of the process to bring to Divine Justice those who have apparently long escaped it.

Their behavior was allowed, to an extent, in the name of Earth’s and humanity’s dedication to free will existence, and the duality experiment.

This has gone on for thousands of years.

All of us have witnessed the destructive nature of this experiment of “good versus evil,” as it is called.

We have seen how the very fiber of billions of human souls have suffered fracturing and other damages as a result of the trauma heaped upon human lives and consciousness over millennia, including the cyclic nature of reincarnation.

Many reading this will be familiar with the assertion made by those of us within the Collective, that humanity willingly took on duality as a way to have an experience of Creation (and their own souls) from the perspective of dealing with dark environments, rather than mainly Light-filled ones.

This highly dangerous venture put many at risk, and as you yourselves have witnessed, many billions have suffered badly as a result.

The experiment exceeded its own boundaries, as galactic interferences and actors of the dark realms violated Universal Law—an interference permitted for a time, due to Earth’s and humanity’s permitting of density into your Earth-based experiences.

Yet now, another predetermination now comes forth, and we assist in the unfolding of that.

It is that impetus and series of events, both astrological and Earth-based, that are needed in order to bring your planet back into the Light, and it is a spectacular moment, to say the least.

That moment in your history comprises that which is required to release humanity and Earth from the density of duality, including the closing of its portals to the lower realms, while higher dimensional portals open in multitudinous locations.

This development opens the way to an increased allowing of assistance from the higher realms, as this Universe now enters the Sat Yuga, an extensive Universal era of Peace and Abundance.

As a result, the Light being consciously sent to Earth now by your Sun Sol has ushered in a whole different set of frequencies and laid a whole new pathway for Earth beings’ evolvement. These new, far higher vibrations no longer permit dense behavior on the part of individuals, groups, or power structures to run amok as they once did on your planet for thousands of years.

Keep in mind that until Earth and humanity crossed the line into acceptance of the Sat Yuga, and until the soul of Gaia Herself called out for assistance, lest She be lost entirely, there could be no interference that would readjust the trajectory of the planet and Her people’s chosen path.

You are a free will planet, and so your decision is respected.

Have we intervened before now—to ensure NESARA Law’s creation and passage into law, for one, and to prevent complete destruction, such as a global nuclear holocaust, for another?

And have many of us come forth in human form, to assist on the ground, carrying a Divine directive and anchoring powerful Light codes?

Most assuredly! And we shall continue to intervene, as you call us forth, and realize your own Divinity and Creative powers.

Yet we do not take on the role of gods or rulers, as others have.

No. Not even to “rescue” you as you feel we ought. The notion that you are victims requiring rescue is a form of disempowered thinking that your former rulers (now on their way to meet true Justice) instilled in your thought processes long ago. And so that idea seems natural and normal to you, yet it is not.

You are right now reclaiming your sovereignty, dear ones! We cannot “hand” that to you, nor do we need to.

We can assist, yes, and have many times over these past 13,000 years or more.

Yet we are able to intervene in positive ways more often when you call us in and request our intervention in ways that are acceptable to you, and support your evolvement, rather than superseding it.

You will have heard of this principle, which is also galactic law, spoken of on the Star Trek series—another form of assistance, helping to open that great door through which humanity’s consciousness has now walked—and that is the principle known to you as the Prime Directive.

This states that all cultures and species more advanced than Earth must allow Her and Her inhabitants free rein to express themselves as they wish, and to evolve at their own pace.

That law requires non-intervention in a species or a society’s development, except in a case of nuclear or psychic holocaust. “Yet we have experienced both of these on this Earth!” you will say. “Why are you not helping us?”

Certainly, one could call the events of September 11, and the situation that was called a global pandemic as forms of psychic holocaust—millions entrained by fear frequencies to do as they are told, and to permit certain forms of destruction, whether by war or otherwise, while assured by the prevailing authorities that these are necessary for the safety of certain parts of the Earth’s population.

It is no small thing to assist humanity in overcoming the mental entrainment and hypnosis that you have been subjected to for millennia.

This began with the old order’s reducing the number of your DNA strands, to place you on a level of consciousness better suited to enslaving you.

It is so that certain persons throughout history have been called enslaved persons, yet we assure you that that group comprises nearly everyone on the planet, via vibrational entrainment and subtle and overt forms of social and political oppression.

To remove that suddenly—to awaken you with a suddenness that would seemingly right all wrongs very quickly, and engender positive interconnection, rather than the schisms and separations you see now, most assuredly sounds to be a positive thing.

Yet even with the ongoing infiltrating of human systems with fifth dimensional ideas, forms, and energies, so as to speed the process of awakening the masses to where you no longer allow or experience oppression—still, many are struggling badly.

In the presence of these powerful Light codes flowing to you now, and all the potential for Transformation they hold, many have taken their own lives due to the shock of so much change occurring so powerfully and so quickly.

You cannot have it both ways, dear ones!

You cannot keep your increasing evolvement, reclaim your sovereignty, evolve your Lightbodies, prepare for NESARA in ways that your human systems can endure, yet expect all to be solved for you by another, and more quickly than most could safely integrate.

This must be your decision, Earth beings. And increasingly, it is so.

This is why, in these weekly Messages, you will see all of us in the Collective encouraging you to keep your eyes open—open to spotting ships (or ships disguised as clouds) in your skies.

Eyes open to seeing forms of justice occurring (such as these Select Committee hearings) that you would not have witnessed even three years ago.

Open to sensing the changes that humanity and all of you as Light Beings currently in human form are calling forward.

Open to noting how the old power structures are making desperate moves to impose draconian measures on women, gays, nonwhites, and many others, in a last-ditch attempt to re-enslave and oppress.

If you wish change to come more quickly, concentrate on your own evolvement, and call us in!

Use an affirmative prayer such as created by a number of Light Bearers, such as the one found on the “NESARA” page on the Ascension Times website.

Be aware that nothing can hold back the tide of Divine Justice now, no matter what Earth and Her people feel to be suffering or witnessing now!

We will say, regarding the children who are being put through a criminal system that is calling itself medical—please know that we have been aware of this plan for some years. It was already being enacted on some levels, due to the accelerated and concentrated jab agenda that children are already made to undergo, in addition to this latest one. We are actively intervening in this and many other situations.

We are on the ground in increasing numbers now, beside you and working amongst you.

In your halls of government, in your militaries, your schools and universities, your spiritual centers, your fields and crops.

We have for centuries intervened to ensure that your air, water, and soil are healed from the many contaminants that would have otherwise rendered them completely toxic and deadly. All damage done by agendas to dehumanize and imprison humanity is being healed, and the installed internal control systems deactivated, as you awaken.

As the majority of humanity choose this as their path. And we see every indication that you are moving in that direction.

Again—you do not see the huge shifts you are crying out for, because you speak as one who sees the end result, and is impatient with the process.

You are on an accelerated path, and so what is desperately slow to you is very fast indeed to millions of others.

Whatever may occur now, know that Earth’s sovereignty and liberation are certain, and already unfolding.

Look for the signs of these, and even more will appear, dear ones!

What you give your attention to and hold expectation of—this the Universe honors and replies to with same, as do all of us.

Namaste, dear ones! In this and all things, we remind you: You are never alone.

**Channel: Caroline Ocean Ryan


26 Replies to “Lady Portia: Trials of the Dark, and the Children”

  1. 🤯

    I feel like this message is pretty crappy no offense, seems too flakey. I think the real thing we and Source will get rid of once and for all is the unreal fear-based ego that siphons energy from Source to survive in our thoughts.

  2. harrrrrie

    When this Earth School was created there was only to be 35% negativity anywhere on the Earth. It is usually more than that and has been as high as 63%. Also the type of negativity is way grosser than what was planned.

    ETs have been using proto type/early humans as slaves for millions of years. And in the last 50,000 years we have been used, abused, murdered, enslaved, tortured etc because of a few humans who made a deal with the Annunaki, then the Reptilians, then the Archons, for wealth and power in exchange for the rest of us. We the citizenry weren’t told about this and we were the ones who suffered terribly because of some humans secret deal to give us up. I’ll call this group the Cabal. So I’m thinking in the future a rule or law should be made that no 3D or 4D being can be treated with negativity without his knowledge of the agreement, or behind his back or in secrecy. And because the Cabal agreed to the use of Earth humans for the reptilian needs, the Galactic Federation agreed the Cabal and Reptilians were exercising their right of free will, in spite of violating our rights.

    So when we become Creator or even before, we need to change this to no violation of any being in secrecy, behind their back or without their permission. Taking away someone’s right to free will, will be a Galactic Federation violation if we pursue this.

    So much of what we have gone through and are going through is wrong in a loving universe.

    I have questioned what kind of souls do we have to allow us to experience the worst of the worst? Are we just naturally sadists? And why would Creator let our suffering get out of hand?. Stating this was all planned by our souls does not make it right or okay.

    If our Creator, Angels and souls are not exposed to the suffering, then this plan wasn’t thought out with compassion for us. The suffering we experience should be felt by all involved. Then this kind of school will not be allowed again.
    Learning is one thing, this sadist tendency to make humans suffer so badly they want to die is inhumane.

  3. Neil

    House Select Committee doing what???

    It tweren’t an insurrection, a riot, nor an attack on democracy. It was a .gov psy-op. And many innocent folks got caught up in this mess.

  4. nando

    “Non Whites”? This is so much BS that I find it hard to stomach. “Evil white people” propaganda everywhere, and I’m not even white. I live in South America and white people are maybe the most respectful and kindest people we’ve ever known.

    1. Neil

      Good catch, Nando. It is in fact the middle-class whites in ‘Murica’ that are currently and have been a prime target of the ruling families since the 70’s when US manufacturing was offshored to exploit workers abroad and take away jobs here. The US is ‘golden goose’, so to speak, and it’s being bled dry.

  5. Reed Gooder

    The questions asked were not actually answered in a truly meaningful way and it appears the “Divine” has a real issue with telling the whole truth (or even accurate partial truths) on any number of levels.

    What I am referring to has NOTHING to do with higher dimensional beings “rescuing” anyone at anytime. I understand the Prime Directive.

    What I find abhorrent beyond compare is the appearance of carefully constructed used car salesman “marketing” tactics (leaving out the whole truth in order to peddle something) that is done with ease and confidence to account for the beyond imaginable horrors that have been happening on Earth for millennia.

    For example, the use of the terms “Earth is a school” or “this a grand experiment” in order to somehow justify the millennia of child torture, rape, consumption, adrenochrome extraction, etc. that obviously didn’t qualify for intervention according to the Prime Directive seems most inappropriate to me.

    So what soul would sign up for such a school or experiment unless:

    The souls who volunteered weren’t aware of the entire truth before incarnating (like military recruiting does before the boot camp nightmare starts) or…

    This situation started out as a manageable incarnation situation – then the Divine got their rear end handed to them by the Dark and were so completely hamstrung to adequately deal with the problem for millennia until the current Solar forces and energies were available to assist in rectifying the situation.

    If I don’t have all the information that I need to actually know what has transpired, my apologies – it’s because it appears my Higher Self is on extended vacation and can’t be reached to fill me in.

    Still, positioning of the horrors that have occurred here over millennia as a “school” or “grand experiment” tends to lend itself to the notion that the “Divine” also has an ego and doesn’t want to “look bad” in regards to what has transpired that brought us to this nightmarish ascension scenario in the first place.

    So here’s the only question that I have at this juncture…

    Are we not close enough to the Event to dispense with Santa Claus/Tooth Fairy approach when it comes to informing folks about what has really happened here and why?

    And if all you have to offer is channeled whitewash in order to answer that question, then Dear Ones – don’t bother. I will wait for my Higher Self to come back from vacation and we will sort it out.

    1. Emerson

      Reed Gooder,
      I SURE DO follow your mental dilemma above, and I sense some annoyance, yes even frustration surrounding it.
      All I have been able to figure out about it, so I can move on, is everyone has free will, they can do what they want, even if it hurts or controls others. Then in turn, the rest of us can be as involved in their story, their drama, and pain as we choose to. It’s almost like, it’s not happening if we’re indifferent toward it; at least it ISN’T happening to US if we aren’t engaged in it or caught up in the story, and remembering that those who choose to be involved need to what that brings them. I don’t know, I’ve tried to make sense of this many times, and I never completely get there.
      Pertaining to your final summary question, I have figured it’s because most of the world is not ready for that information, and if they can’t handle it, some of us that want it, can’t have it yet either.

      Idk, I don’t feel like I have any answers, I’m just floundering trying to think with you, because my questions are far from answered.

      Having just said that last part, I thought of something:
      I know for me, I (ego? mind? whatever) never get enough answers. When I get one thing answered, then I have more questions. Wanting more toys, more money, has simply been converted into wanting more answers, and I’ll be worked up from things not making sense, UNTIL I go within, remembering who/what I am, just be in this moment, believing even this unknowing state has a purpose. I don’t even know but what everything I’m saying is a bunch of bull just so I can cope, but it’s all I got.

      I sure welcome anyone’s response or input. I’m going to follow this link so please reply.

      Love Light and Calm to each…

      1. Reed Gooder

        An observation regarding free will:

        Where’s the free will to “choose” the proper foods when the vast majority of it is contaminated with pesticide (yes, even the organic stuff) because pesticides created internally by the GMO modified plants themselves don’t count and can’t be washed off?

        Where’s the free will involved when trying to find adequate health care when ALL medical people are trained by the cabal?

        Where’s the free will when it comes to elections fraud?

        The whole “free will” thing is great provided it is not usurped at every possible juncture – which it appears that it has been.

        1. Emerson

          Reed Gooder, I hear ya and I don’t think we can control what others do for us or to us, but we have free will pertaining to whether we use the cabal’s medical care, whether we take their schooling, whether we buy our food/groceries from their stores, and underneath all of this and including areas we DON’T have a choice such as election fraud, we do have free will to FEEL however we choose about all of it!

          It’s all about perception, and whether we buy into the narrative they want us to, or whether we follow our inner knowing. We’re not a victim of anyone or any experience.

          We can be as FREE as we want, depending on what’s important to us, because it’s all relative and it’s a mindset; either the mind is SET on external situations and stories (narratives) or it’s set on our Inner Being/Source/Divinity.

          ~a calm mind to all~

          1. Reed Gooder

            I will be the first to agree that you can “feel” whatever you want to about whatever you want to. If you you want to “feel” good about [insert anything negative here] that is one thing, but it is not truly dealing with or addressing the underlying issues in a meaningful way.

            I challenge you to go to any cancer floor in any hospital and see if you can help people “feel” good about it. It’s all about attitude and perception, right? Let me know how far that gets you…

            My point is this – saying you have a choice about “feeling” good about anything adverse that is not the fault of the victim themselves is much akin to arriving at the hospital with an out-of-the-blue gunshot wound, the hospital staff putting a bandaid on it and telling the victim they have a choice to “feel” good about it.

            Or they could position the experience as a “school” of learning on how to deal with gunshot wounds. That way the victim can break out into spontaneous happiness afterwards.

            There are causes and symptoms of those causes. What is going on with this thread is NOT me disagreeing with you per se – it is me saying that there are other considerations or factors involved that are NOT being addressed.

            Instead, I get responses that remind me of the Servpro mantra – “Like it never even happened”.

            My interests lie in REALITY – not truth per se because truth can have many different flavors and degrees of precision (see politics). Reality IS.

            Before you respond again, I strongly recommend that you watch the documentary “An Honest Liar” featuring the Amazing Randi.

            If you will do that, then you will better understand what is going on (sadly) with a number of folks who post on this platform as channelers or whatnot.

            This post is a great example of marketing and misdirection that you cannot see because you are too busy feeling good about [insert whatever here].

            I am not knocking your response about choosing to feel good about things at all and agree with what you are saying, albeit in a limited context.

            I am just saying it is NOT complete and lacks consideration of things that should be considered when providing REAL, more inclusive and substantive answers or input.

            Now if you will excuse me, I need to walk around barefoot in my back yard for a bit.

        2. Claudia

          Dear R.G.,
          I’ve had “my personal event” some yrs ago which amongst many other things taught me that my whole life (up to that point) had totally been scripted. No free will whatsoever. That hit me hard bc my life hadn’t exactly been easy, yet SINCE then it’s even harder bc I KNOW I’m not the one “anymore” chosing what I’m doing. In fact I’m aware that I’m not even “the doer” of myself.

          From that pov I’d say “that free will” happens somewhere else and I’d also say just stop worrying about pesticides, healthcare or whatever. It’s all taken care of.

          But thx a lot for commenting. It means so much more than you’d believe if you knew.


          1. Emerson

            Claudia, I really appreciate what you wrote. I like the clarity and decisiveness of your message. I see it that clear sometimes, and then when someone poses a different angle, I get a little lost. I have often felt “I am being ‘lived’ rather than living my life”.

          2. Claudia

            Ty dear Emerson, nothing feels better than being appreciated.

            That feeling a little lost at times when faced with a new angle/pov I have learned to accept as normal bc it is, for more than one reason.

            I meant to reply to your “q&a dilemma” yesterday but couldn’t bc obviously it was too early, but now I can: Receiving an answer AUTOMATICALLY leads to/triggers more questions. I really laughed when reading your interpretion.

            To have many questions is saying a lot about you. But I also understand how almost impossible it is to see/be aware about one’s own worth. It’s part of a very clever system, just like everything is.

            Maybe you should just think a little bigger about yourself bc your comments make a lot of sense to me.


          3. Emerson

            I appreciate all you wrote.

            I agree I don’t hold the validity of my opinions very high. I think part of it is because, while my HEART knows the truth, we have ego in the way, and I, being but a mere human, how can my opinion be any more right than anyone else’s. I don’t know, I feel like I’m just learning.

            Sometimes I wonder if, in some sort of a desperation for meaning and purpose (maybe even need for specialness?) I’ve simply bought into a set of beliefs, and there is nothing but form and material substance, as Reed Gooder is posing in “An Honest Liar”. I don’t think so, but millions of people have been caught up in cults completely believing what they “felt”. I do know many of us feeling love all forms of life that came upon us. That’s about the greatest evidence I know of.

            All I know is we don’t get the luxury of proof, we just follow an inner drummer, knowing we could be wrong, but I don’t have a choice in the matter. I’m not sure the millions who bought into a cult, if that hailed Hitler had a choice either.

            Any thoughts on this?

          4. Claudia

            Hmmm Emerson… you really seem to want to know but we’d have to be sitting together to really allow for some good understanding. That stuff is awfully complex (yet not complicated) just as Reed Gooder said. (AND he’s right. You’ve only been lucky enough to not have met with that kind of pain “yet”.)

            But I’d like to challenge you on “We don’t get the luxury of proof?” Haha… I say WE WILL! And it’ll be hillariously embarrasing for some. Because “Schadenfreude” is the ultimate joy where loosing is impossible.

          5. Emerson

            Claudia, you said in quoting Reed Gooder, “ You’ve (me..) only been lucky enough to not have met with that kind of pain “yet”.
            I don’t remember him saying that unless you are referring to this “This post is a great example of marketing and misdirection that you cannot see because you are too busy feeling good about [insert whatever here].”
            I do want to learn, this topic is the most important interest to me. To be honest, listening to both of you, I feel a bit ignorant and naive. Haha

            Claudia, you said “…Haha… I say WE WILL! And it’ll be hillariously embarrasing for some. Because “Schadenfreude” is the ultimate joy where loosing is impossible.”
            I don’t understand this. I mean, I know what the word means, but I don’t resonate with the feeling surrounding it.

            I’ll maybe just have to keep going and search out my own path, it’s not anyone’s responsibility to answer my questions.

            Love, light and calm to all.

          6. Claudia

            Emerson: #1: That’s what I understood R.G. had said. PLUS “yet” means quite possibly those days (for such experiences) are over.

            #2: I’m a little sorry for just throwing in this “Schadenfreude” thing bc OF COURSE it must sound weird to you.

            BUT as I mentioned in the beginning “IT AIN’T ME” choosing my words. Remember?


            PS: Good luck for your own path. I enjoyed talking to you.

  6. Maud

    Good to know we have the support of higher beings but the children question was not answered.

  7. TheNOWTeam

    Thank You
    Adamus and Portia


    SO BE IT
    SO IT IS
    IT IS

    1. Neil

      Kids, don’t do drugs. The above message is what happens when you mix Q drops with methamphetamines.