Report: Arrest of Donald Trump Will Be The Democrats’ October Surprise Ahead of Midterms

The Democrats are planning to arrest former President Donald J. Trump in a desperate bid to turn the tide ahead of their imminent midterm election defeat, according to reports.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly from American Greatness joined author Lee Smith on on Friday to discuss the Democrats’ plan for an “October Surprise” to advance their “insurrection” narrative and pivot from Joe Biden’s spate of epic domestic and foreign policy disasters.

“They’re going to try to put Donald Trump in handcuffs. This would certainly be quite an October Surprise, and we certainly anticipate Democrats are not just going to fold up for this election, even though everyone is talking about an enormous red wave,” Smith said.

The Democrats hope their planned arrest of Trump just before the midterms will spark a ripple effect that will foment into more “mini insurrections,” Kelly argued.

“The outrage and uprising on our side will be condemned. It will not be reported as justified – which of course it will be – so this will be their next election trick,” Kelly said.

“They just have so many tricks up their sleeve. They’re not just going to hand the House and Senate over to Republicans,” she added.

Smith also warned that if Democrats are able to arrest Trump, the Republic will officially “transition” to a “third world state.”

“What they did to Roger Stone, what they did to [former White House economic adviser] Peter Navarro, the idea that they’re going to try go after Donald Trump in the same way, this will have profound effects on the fabric of this country,” Smith said.

Kelly likewise warned that Democrats will make Trump’s arrest under “garbage” charges as “theatrical” as possible and called for Republicans to “wake up.”

“Maybe this will be the moment where people, including Republican leaders who want to bury their head in the sand about what’s happening related to January 6, maybe this will be the wake-up call,” Kelly said. “It’s not like they’re going to let Donald Trump turn himself in. They’re going to make this as theatrical as they possibly can.”

“Furthermore, the charges are complete garbage,” she continued. “Conspiracy to do what? Conspiracy to expose all of the unlawful election practices in numerous states?…These are bogus charges. And I think that will infuriate people even more.”

Despite the fact the January 6 committee hearings are practically non-existent on the American people’s radar, the Democrats are nevertheless plowing ahead with their “insurrection” campaign and subsequent cover-up of evidence.

For example, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) filed an amendment for the forthcoming NDAA that would conceal any information collected by the U.S. military for use in congressional investigations or court proceedings.

Currently, Republicans are favored over Democrats to win back majorities in Congress, with a CNN poll from May showing 49% of voters would vote Republican compared to 42% who’d vote Democrat.

**By Jim Hoft


8 Replies to “Report: Arrest of Donald Trump Will Be The Democrats’ October Surprise Ahead of Midterms”

  1. Jac

    Well, wasn’t there some saying that “the first arrest would shock the world”? I suppose if this did indeed happen, it would indeed shock the world. LOL

  2. Kathleen McGinty

    posts like this one perpetuate duality and keep humanity locked into the crumbling reality….

  3. Jim Skelton

    That arrest can be headed off with the military’s arrest of the imposter Biden that is occupying the White House. The proofs of the charge:
    1. opposite handedness 2. shorter height 3. heavier face 4. voice profile differences 5. most obvious, eye color difference.

  4. Iris

    I had a vision several years ago –

    In these final days of the Iron Age, Trump is like an emissary of Lord Shiva the Destroyer/Transformer.

    Trump blasts through all the old forms and customs (whether they’re helpful or harmful), an equal-opportunity disrupter.

    A towering force, deeply polarizing, inspiring or infuriating, revered or reviled. Some love him, some loathe him…Like a god, he demands total loyalty and if he feels betrayed, he rages and seeks revenge. Mythic.

    But dear lightworkers, please let’s not fall into the old 3D polarization of Democrats/Republicans. That’s a classic strategy of the cabal to “divide and conquer.” We’re here to help raise the vibration into 5D Oneness – that’s how the cabal will ultimately be defeated.

    We’ll see if Trump is ultimately resurrected then, or ends up destroying himself.

  5. flazak

    These order from (their own manufactured) chaos people are having major issues with the increasing light bathing us all.