Exactly What Are Cosmic Rays?

Many people are wondering just what cosmic rays are which are frequently referred to in updates on what is occurring in the cosmos or the multiverse.

Cosmic rays are “charged particles” of electromagnetism comprised of positively-charged protons and negatively-charged electrons from outside of our solar system believed to be created by super-novas which are exploding stars.

They are rated in strength on the “KP Index” governed by the observatory in Oulu, Finland as either being “Elevated”, “High”, “Strong”, or “Severe”—similar ratings to the activations of our planetary vibrational frequency and amplitude which are rated as being either “Quiet”, “Strong”, “Storm”, or “Severe”.

Cosmic rays can disturb technology in terms of satellites in space as well as the technology used on our planet such as computers, tablets, cell phones, etc. because these devices receive power from the satellites.

As per usual, the cosmic rays activating Earth/Gaia can also affect human physiology, emotions, and mental processes just as do solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that are pushed out by solar winds—the frequently mentioned “Light Activation Experiences” commonly called “Ascension Symptoms”.

However, the flares and CMEs sweep away the most potent cosmic rays so that our reception and acclimation to LIGHT is easier.

As a reminder, solar flares are encoded messages that deliver HIGHER KNOWLEDGE to our cellular records.

They create a higher vibration which activates DNA—especially the message receiving aspect (the mitochondria).

Humanity is gradually being moved away from electromagnetic frequencies being the main way of sending messages throughout the nervous system, and crystalline energy is taking over because it deals better with ionization or radiation.

When we experience heat surges (sometimes accompanied by sweating) at strange times, this is the release of excess electromagnetic energy from our cells and the faster spinning of our molecules as we receive increased LIGHT, and thus, as we are further crystallized and steadily becoming less carbon-based.

Telomeres at the end of our chromosomes, and which are important in the regeneration process, are elongated. DNA becomes multi-stranded.

Exactly What Are Cosmic Rays?

The right and left hemispheres of the brain work together and merge with the “God Particle”—the pineal gland. The nervous system is re-wired. Revitalization and renewal begins inside and then starts to manifest outside. Our consciousness elevates to the Super-Consciousness of the Soul which is the DIVINE—SOURCE.

As long as sacred principles are followed which includes applying spiritual and natural modalities to our lives, and as long as we remain free of dangerous chemical drugs and other modern harmful procedures, (for example, submitting to unnecessary surgeries or being invaded with dangerous radiation to look inside of the body), we can change our cellular structure from depletion to upgrading.

Thus, a 70 year old person can actually have the cells of a heathy 30 year old!

Science has admitted this. It is not fiction.

Of course, stress must be avoided from worldly events and certain people.

This is difficult in this confused and chaotic world, but we must make the attempt.

SOURCE is guiding us, but we must use our free will wisely and continually connect with the often mentioned—SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Hopefully, this repeat information is helpful to those who are new to these discussions of cosmic workings and to LIGHT and as a review for those who need a refresher.

Repetition is an ancient teaching method that helps to anchor vital knowledge into the mind.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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  1. Vicki

    Well now I know why I don’t remember or feel anything. I was told I had cancer several years ago and had numerous X-rays and MRI s