Master Babaji: Awake; Rise Up

The Great Revolution

“The great revolution is not limited to India, the whole world will be involved. I appeal to the whole world to take this warning seriously. Therefore, wherever you live, spread this message. Whatever your profession, whatever your task in life, participate in this revolution. This will be the greatest upheaval in the history of the world. Therefore, all of you be vigilant and teach others to be so.

Awaken! Rise up! Everyone must make a firm resolution. Men and women all over the world must participate. In other eras, it was only men who fought in revolutions and wars. Today, it is just as much up to women to stand up for this revolution. All of you must join and unite with people all over the world.” (Babaji, on March 22, 1983, Babaji Speaks: Prophecies and Teachings, G. Reichel Publishing House, p. 76 ff.)

JJK: When I opened this page yesterday before going to bed, I was immediately aware that we are living in these very times – the greatest of revolutions is underway NOW. What makes me think is that the majority of people are just not rising up and waking up! Also the unity of all people seems to me further away than ever before!

BABAJI: The unity of all people is closer than you think and than all of you, who embody the light of the Creator and carry it into the world, suspect. Continue to be ready to give everything, even if it is your life – and you will receive everything from the hands of the Creator.

The Covid 19 Vaccination

JJK: I am concerned about the Covid-19 vaccination. More and more people are suffering permanent damage. Although most of it is swept under the rug, more and more reports are coming out – and it doesn’t look good at all. Must change occur at such pain to individuals? After all, that only creates new traumas and new entanglements. Is there no milder or different way than pain?

BABAJI: It always goes differently, however, that must decide and select the individual human being for itself so. The majority of humanity needs individual as well as collective key events for the awakening. This revolution includes everything and everyone – no one is exempt, no matter how hard some try to continue their old and accustomed life. This time is up.

The awakening is happening for everyone in the way it was intended. Many people will awaken in the face of their death – due to a lethal, medical administration. They chose the drama and the traumatic events associated with it. These people do not give their lives voluntarily, but they give them in order to derive necessary knowledge for themselves.

However, the people who place themselves completely under the protection of God and who are willing to give their lives for this revolution of truth will win their lives – whether on this world or on another. They will enter into the eternal light and infinity of God.

JJK: What is the most important contribution that each individual can make now?

BABAJI: To live his life, to live your life, to do what you came to do. That and that alone is what is at stake in these days, for we are in the midst of the time announced to you.

Is there a salvation for Corona inoculated people?
JJK: Is there a salvation for corona mRNA vaccinated? I’m finding that I’m getting more accurate in identifying who is vaccinated and who is not. It seems to me that the vaccinated are losing their compassion and warmth.

BABAJI: With each dose of this toxin, the soul moves further away from the human being. The loss of human compassion and of love is the result.

Salvation always consists in the realization that something is wrong here and in the will to get to the bottom of things.

JJK: But the further a person is from his soul, the more difficult it is to recognize this, yes?

BABAJI: That’s how it is and that’s how it happens that many people will walk the path of realization via re-incarnation.

The number of light warriors, whose heart remains the only compass and who remain unimpressed by the seductions of this time, will be sufficient in the end for this earth to rise and shake off all negative and satanic influences.

It is the courageous light warriors, the soulful revolutionaries, the people armed with God who matter – and not the multitude of disoriented and misguided people.

As soon as these self-confident people connect and unite, the old systems lose all their power.

Do not try to unite the whole of humanity, but unite with those people who want to guard and preserve their soul core like the holy of holies in their lives.

Mark well: you are sheltered and protected. Place your life completely under the guidance of God and joy will be omnipresent. And expect the most natural thing: miracles.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


7 Replies to “Master Babaji: Awake; Rise Up”

  1. harrrrrie

    Cocreators helped make the vaccines less dangerous.
    But if people get scared of the vaccines, or believe they will get sick or die from the vaccines, then they are more likely to experience that.
    There are also those who are to be kept safe from covid by being vaccinated because they believe it or it’s in their life plan.
    There are those who will get sick or die from the vaccines because it is in their life plan, regardless of what they believe.
    There are those who don’t want to get vaccinated and will or will not die or get very sick from covid due to their life plan.
    There are those who got vaccinated because there are elderly or compromised people in their households. The outcome is the same for them based on what they believe or are afraid of. Also whatever their life plan dictates.
    The same all around is true for those who got vaccinated because it was mandatory where they work, military rules, volunteer services, church and school rules, etc.
    You don’t necessarily lose anything because you are vaccinated. You lose “whatever” because you are afraid or you believe the vaccines are sickening or deadly, or because it is in your life plan.
    We are in 4D now and all kinds of incidents can happen to disrupt our lives now, as a test to see how we have come along in our Ascension.
    Or because these incidents are in our life plan or because we thought about them too much and made them real or because we unconsciously wanted them to happen.
    As a matter of fact, there are all kinds of things that happen in all areas of our lives, because we unconsciously want them to happen, including covid and getting sick from the vaccines.

    Just try to keep a positive attitude about everything that happens to you. Send love to all the negative areas of your life. Don’t give energy to the negative by worrying about it or dwelling on it.
    Instead, believe you are the strongest person you know, which is easy because you know you best. You can do anything and everything because Creator chose only the best beings to come to Earth. No one is better than you to deal with everything that comes your way. You have the power of Creator, your Angel self and your love to see you through.

  2. Positron

    When the serpent has from her benevolent breast the last drop of blood to seal the cosmic covenant and terrible totality dawns on our big brothers of boredom as they cry save us from our jealous flesh.

  3. Susan

    1, no one is saying the jab makes you lose your personality. What it does is makes it harder, sometimes impossible, to access Source energy, higher awareness, 5D consciousness, and all the DNA and other activations available and flowing in now. It’s not a vaccine in any sense. It’s gene hacking and manipulation. ]

  4. Tammy

    Resonates for an end times scenario. Humanity cannot continue in the old ways and they either evolve by rising up in consciousness or continue the incarnation wheel until they chose to rise.

  5. 1

    Such nonsense. No one loses their personality over being vaccinated. It’s not a thing. Just seeding fear and seperation with every channel from this one