The Nature of Intuition

In the 1960s, when it was unfashionable for men to admit to having a sense of intuition, they used to call it a gut feeling. Successful business people would steer their ships of commerce unerringly toward ever-expanding prosperity based upon their accurate sense of what would work in the future. This separated them from the mass of competitors who, using only their intellect, were limited to using past data in making their decisions.

After the fact, the successful person would glowingly say, “I just knew that was the way to go”, thankful for the chance to sound like a genius instead of a space cadet.

Intuition delivers a sense of what will work best, based upon the energy of a plan or situation. Your soul is intensely familiar with the energy of potential situations. At the soul level, your mind is constantly evaluating what will best work for your next opportunities in the physical world.

That is why your intuition – your link with soul consciousness – is always so helpful in steering you in the right direction for your long-term benefit.

Your soul frequently runs what-if simulations.

The soul-planning process goes like this. An opportunity arises because of some event, possibly unrelated to you, but potentially to your advantage as a learning experience. Your soul consciousness says, “Hmm, that’s interesting. Let’s see what we could achieve by moving in that direction.” So, the potential course of action is followed through as a simulation in realtime and realspace as there are no limitations upon moving around in space or time in the nonphysical soul realm. But, wait, that’s not all; your actions will interact with other people, so lets see what that involves.

Souls are capable of immediate communication with other souls. In fact, they interact constantly in these what-if simulations and they are able to see exactly how each scenario would develop, including how your interactions with others would turn out. All actions in life tend towards situations of co-creation with other affected souls rather than just singular creations by one person in isolation.

The question is, how do you develop your sense of intuition so that you can have all the help you need in pursuing your highest purpose in life? How can you make your life count by being able to avoid wasted actions and focus on the ones that will work out for the best?

The time-tested method is to make a habit of practicing access to soul consciousness each and every day through meditation, preferably as the day begins. You will then find an ever-expanding sense of reliable intuition becoming available to you during the rest of your busy day.

The problem with the popular type of mindfulness meditation is that you spend all your time trying to avoid thoughts. When you use meditation to go as deeply relaxed as you can, then ask your soul for guidance and attentively listen, you come away with solid results instead of nothingness. The difference is that you have a positive focus to your meditation session. You’re doing, not avoiding.

Make the determination now to practice a soul attunement at the start of each and every day. It takes just a few minutes of your time, but the cumulative effect will be like night and day. One year from now, with daily practice behind you, you will feel like a consciously enlightened being walking the earth, able to steer your own life into undreamed-of success in every way. You will also be able to help others when they are open to receiving supportive advice.

After you acquire that one brief daily habit, you will soon be the regular recipient of rock-solid intuition.

**By Owen Waters


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  1. harrrrrie

    I agree with this article. I found this to be true. Go deep within to grab the information your body and soul are providing you. Thank you everyone.