Saint Germain: Hear the Bells of Freedom

I am Saint Germain. I come at this opportune time, this time of an expression of freedom within this country, but indeed even out across the entire planet.

For the 4th of July, Independence Day, although it was meant initially for the United States For America, it is meant for so much more. It is meant for the independence of the entire planet and all of the people on the planet.

It is about freedom. It is about oneness. It is about togetherness. No more separateness. It is about everyone coming together as one. The United States: united, together as one, and bringing the entire world together, the entire planet. All of the people together as one.

For these are those moments that were foreseen so long ago when those stepped forth and signed that document. And I, as Saint German, was there to assist in this process to encourage those to sign that document. Just as I am here now to continue this process of bringing the world together.

That is my mission. It began to bring the country of The United States, but it has morphed now into the entire planet. And it was foreseen back then when those that signed that document, they saw the freedom. Freedom not only in those moments from the dictatorial leadership that was holding control over them.

They saw this as much more at that time as the freeing up of not only an entire country, but an entire world. They had the foresight to see beyond what those moments meant at that time. And to see what it is now as we look at the very freedom that is indeed coming to this planet.

It may not appear to be so as many of you look within the illusion and continue to see that illusion. You continue to see the paradigm that was started by what you know of as the cabal or the dark forces. The paradigm that they wanted you to see. The illusion that they hold in front of you, even now to this day. But those of you that can see beyond this, you do not see that illusion any more. You are seeing beyond the illusion . You are seeing the reality that is possible; and not only possible, but is probable and will be.

For as you have heard many times, it cannot be stopped, will not be stopped. So continue to allow for this process to continue and to hold sway as everything continues to move along more, and more, and more. And you know this. All of you know this. Because again, you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, and are seeing beyond the illusion. Beyond what they are wanting you to see.

There is a force at work. A force grander and greater than you can possibly imagine, encompassing all that is around you and within you. All is coming together as one, this great force. This great force that was foreseen so long ago and is now becoming a part of your reality more and more, and will be a huge part of your reality as you are moving forward. And this is coming. It is almost here now. And you can begin to hear the bells of freedom once again as the great bell sounds once again, calling for freedom across the world.

Yes, this day, or this day tomorrow, your Fourth of July, you celebrate here in this country. But it is the sounding forth across the planet that is what will be heard.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. That you would continue to know that you are indeed moving beyond this expression of the illusion and continuing to find the freedom outside of that illusion. For freedom is everywhere around you if you just but look for it. It is within all of you as an expression of your destiny.

Peace and love be with all of you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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26 Replies to “Saint Germain: Hear the Bells of Freedom”

  1. david k gates

    IT HAS STARTED – the removal of the Deep State Global Elitists HAS BEGUN. Slowly at first……


    the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
    the messy removal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
    the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones
    the government of Estonia fell- Kaja Kallas resigned
    the Irish government just failed a vote of NO confidence
    Israel has exposed corrupt Netanyahu as being horribly Corrupt
    Dutch farmers completely shutting down the country over the WEF trying to force them out of business with extreme fertilizer costs. (AGAIN- they FORCE their GREAT RESET on us without asking)
    the fake Biden administration in the US is about to be exposed
    the criminal regime of Emmanuelle Macron in France has been caught using his position for PERSONAL ENRICHMENT and he will be charged very soon

    1. C

      Italian PM Draghi also resigned today. Italian President allegedly not accepting the resignation.

    2. Jerry

      The Irish. Government. Passed that vote .boris jhonson is not part of the deep state .the pr@#k that will replace. Him is.

      1. Emma

        Being an European, I will say that Boris Johnson surely acted like a deepstate member, and/or a WEF member (world economic forum), and he also had the bbb (Build back better). Those 3 bbb could easily look like 3 x 666 in the right font.

        I do not trust BJ at all. His father was not a good guy either.

        Shinzo Abe may have been a good guy, but I do not know enough of Japan politics, so only talking from hearsay.

  2. david k gates

    Several posts above show they are still asleep and clinging to the Old System and the Old Ways. BE PATIENT with them…they arent ready yet. Political arguing and Blame ……they still have a way to go =)

    THIS is a PERFECT TIME for those AWAKE to show them how to rise ABOVE the political nonsense and distraction.

    LET GO of all that silly stuff….
    IT WONT MATTER SOON anyway!!!!

  3. WonderfulCorn

    Please remove the globalists/deep state/shadow governments/liberals/democrats from this planet.

    1. Iris

      The division between liberal/conservative or republican/democrat is part of the old 3D Duality, which will be dissolving as we ride the Ascension waves into 5D Oneness.

      Actually, the globalist/deep state/cabal works hard to inflame these divisions and keep the vibration low. “Divide and conquer” is how they stay in power!

      Millions of American lightworkers vote democrat because that’s who enacts legislation protecting Gaia’s clean air/water/forests and sacred lands; provides healthcare to the poor; insists the wealthiest corporations and individual pay their fair share of taxes, etc.

      If we stop fighting amongst ourselves and start radiating more Light and Love, that’s what will truly hinder the cabal and hasten Ascension.

        1. Ken

          Some of you seem to think only republicans and trump supporters will inherit the earth lol. I think you might be in for a shock…

          1. Emma

            LOL LOL spoken like a true deepstate.
            Good people are winning and yes good people will inherit the earth, and deepstate is in for a shock.

        2. Iris

          Trump rolled back more than 100 laws protecting our clean air, water, forests and sacred tribal land from the rampant drilling/mining/logging and pesticide industries.

          The legislative record for his Administration documents all this.

          (Huge oil companies like Exxon just posted record profits this quarter – they keep gas prices sky high, while the rest of us suffer.)

          Geopolitics is a lot more complex than simplistic “Republicans good – Democrats bad!” That’s why there are millions of left-wing lightworkers in America and around the world.

          1. Emma

            You are sooooo lying.
            Trump used millions each year to clean the oceans for plastic and stuff. Trump used his SALERY to restore nature parks.
            You are deepstate.
            Exxon posted profit because of BIDEN! – learn economics.

            This is not R vs D, this is Good vs Evil.

            You are brainwased or Evil.

      1. S

        Why even define yourself as left/right wing if we are talking about divisions? Why participate in these games to begin with, it seems more effective to work on the local front and create decentralized systems, this way communities will be self sufficient and address issues that are important and relevant to them, beyond the cult-like identification with political parties and championing whatever agenda they come up with

        1. P.S.


          There is much we’re also clearing and balancing at this time. The Left/Right dichotomy is nothing more than the echoes of Lemuria/Atlantis. BOTH Lemuria and Atlantis suffered from imbalances, and you see the nature of those imbalances in the Left/Right paradigm.

          We are here to bring balance to that which was imbalanced. The ultimate goal is to discard Left/Right as we will no longer need that polarity. I would argue we do not need it now among the Awakened Collective. So let us discard it.

          1. Spectrum

            Decent minded people have nothing in common with those who have no qualms about killing babies. Nor with LGBT activists, who aggressively push homosexual and transgender indoctrination on society and our schoolchildren.

      2. Emma

        LOL Democrats do opposite of what is good for Gaia.
        Democrats are the Hunger-game party, and wants an elite class, and then all the useless eaters begging for crickets.

        The environment would be so much better without the Democrat input.
        All the elite Democrats buy water front mansion, and use private jets. They dont believe what they preach. EU has excempt private jets and yachts from carbon tax LOL – democrats are sick. I use to be one, not anymore, they divide, identity politics and on all other subjects too.
        Lithium batteries destroys the earth when digging for minerals. CO2 is GOOD for the forrest. All the say is wrong, all is upside down.
        Oil is plenty and replenish itself. Cows improve top soil. Monocrops destroy the planet.

        I dont believe you understand any of what you read on these spiritual sites, you are just here to stir and divide. But most of us dont care about you people anymore. You are DINOs in every way.

    2. Bill

      That is not their job. They have to follow the Prime Directive. We let it happen. It is our mess and our responsibility to clean it up. Those in the higher realms will support us energetically.