Great Quantum Transition: Operation Oncotomy Part 2

The karmic carcinoma of the Local Universe had another source – the genome of its Black Co-Creator. How did it happen?

After this Supreme Hierarch betrayed the Source and turned to the Dark Side, our Local Universe was divided into two opposing camps. The Lights and the Darks began to build their eons and Intelligence forms.

The three-dimensional Earth was part of the Gray eons made by Yaltabaoth, the son of Black Co-Creator and World Mother Sophia. Before the division of the Local Universe, our planet was in the image and likeness of the Pleroma, planned as its lower pole, but as a result of events it lost its mission, task, and objective.

Black Co-Creator injected his substance into the Earth’s core. Feeding on the negativity and karma of humanity, this “seed”, like a cancerous tumor, metastasized, and began to grow on the Subtle Plane.

Over time, it increased to cosmic proportions, hitting the Local Universe, Logos of Galaxies, stars and planets. This substance was of the highest quality, as it consisted of the info-energy of Co-Creator.

Its germination in space was gradual. First, one Black eon was built on its basis, then several, and in the end there were twelve of them.

In each, Black Co-Creator placed his Archons, whom he himself gave birth to, and those who, like him, betrayed the Source and left the Pleroma. 3D Earth was located on the lower boundary of the Black eons, and, along with the Planetary Logos of Saturn and the Stellar Logos of Antares, was one of the centers of the diabolical system.

Very soon, Earth turned into the main focus of carcinoma spread in the Local Universe. Belonging of our planet to the Grays’ eons, where the Dark and the Lights mixed, helped the metastases to grow equally easily in all eons.

Earth became a threat to the existence of the entire Local Universe, because its tumor devoured the causal substance of the Light eons, making them in dead space for their inhabitants.

Black Archons, on the contrary, felt very well, because any negativity is their life energy.

Its source seemed inexhaustible due to the continuously growing Earth’s karma, infecting by a malignant tumor the Greater Cosmos.

For a long time, Higher Light Hierarchy could do nothing about it. They managed to only partially slow down the growth of the karmic carcinoma. There was no question of its destruction, because it meant the automatic death of the entire diseased organism of the Local Universe, including Earth and humans.

In the Pleroma couldn’t take that risk, and were ready to endure everything and sacrifice everything for our planet salvation.

The Earth’s staying in the Cosmic Night and the zone where the Light of the Source almost did not penetrate further complicated the problem.

The first turning point occurred during the Earthly mission of Jesus Christ. After the Crucifixion, He ascended to the Pleroma like red-hot plasma, burned through all the eons of the fallen Co-Creator. This reduced their power by one third, but it was still impressive.

On Earth, they were given strength by another very unsightly circumstance: the transition to the Dark Side of the group of Karma Lords, who were part of the first Karmic Council.

These renegades helped to use cancer to drain the sick earthlings of their Life Energy, leaving them no chance to overcome karma and disease.

Their energy was secretly redirected to the Black Co-Creator and his Hierarchy, who made a Mortal Crystal on its basis. Having placed it at the Earth’s center, they, with its power, have been providing themselves with vital energy for thousands of years.

By their actions, our planet turned into an active inflammatory lesion of Death, because nowhere else in the Local Universe did so many Human Souls died.

At the Cosmic Daybreak, the Great Quantum Transition’s speed up, and the earthlings’ move in 4D/5D, the situation and the alignment of forces in the Local Universe and on Earth have changed dramatically, as DNI narrates a lot and in detail.

Higher Light Hierarchs and Ascended Masters, together with Galacom and the ground team, have conducted and are continuing many successful operations on the physical and Subtle Plane, leaving Black Archons and their camarilla no chance of survival.

To destroy the Mortal Crystal, which became part of the Local Universe’s Crystal, the Pleroma’s envoys created from their Monadic and Radiant Bodies a sort of super-powerful kibbler.

They placed it on the Causal Plane in the center of Earth and began to crush the Death Crystal layer by layer.

Crystal breakage and excise a tumor metastasis of the Local Universe went very hard. Lightwarriors actively participated in this work, which took away all their physical, Spiritual and mental strength.

It was like a complex neurosurgical operation. Higher Light Hierarchs and Ascended Masters verified every their movement with great precision.

When they removed the carcinoma roots, access was opened to the most dangerous spot – the core of the Death Crystal.

Observing the utmost caution, the Hierarchs placed a special substance of condensed Perfect Light in the Crystal. As delivery vehicles and for injecting the substance into the Mortal Core, they used the Subtle Bodies of Lightwarriors, since they are embodied on Earth.

This was a very dangerous part of the operation. The direct contact with the venom of the Mortal Core caused a severe burn of their Radiant Bodies that took several days to heal it.

During this stage of the op, it was discovered that Black Co-Creator used individual incarnation DNA crystals of men, and Family Trees as Portals to the Mortal Crystal. They worked as separate protected channels of access to it.

With the help of this system, people’s karma and their death, the entire karmic structure in the Local Universe was maintained. For millennia, the earthlings, as living shield, were the best guarantee of its reliability and inviolability.

The Operation Oncotomy culminated when Higher Light Hierarchs have begun folding all the metastases that have taken root from Earth into many eons and Logos. It was like the growth of a branched tree, only in reverse order: retraction, suction of the crown into the trunk.

The Mortal Crystal core was already killed by the Absolute Light injection into it. But the metastatic infrastructure remained.

At the Council of the Light Hierarchy, a simple and ingenious decision was made: to convolute in cosmological singularity the entire karmic tumor of the Universe and its focus in Earth.

For it, a special engine with a negative center of gravity was made. It worked as a powerful magnet, similar to those that are the centers of Galaxies and Universes.

Then, the most difficult op’s part began: starting the reverse process.

To kick it off, the participants had to suck in a part of the substance of the Mortal core.

For the second time, Lightwarriors had to come into direct contact with the strongest poison of a carcinoma and get a deep burn of their Radiant-Causal Bodies that was again quickly healed by Ascended Masters.

As soon as the karma suction became self-acting, the two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs introduced their Aspects into the two leaders of the ground team.

Then, by the power of their Hearts, Hierarchs pulled on selves, through Lightwarriors and Ascended Masters, and burned out the entire karmic tumor of the Local Universe.

And in conclusion, new information from the Galactic Committee, received in the first days of July 2022.

The Earth’s current events have had an extremely negative and destructive impact on the entire Gaia’s Absolutoverse, and especially on its 3D/4D/5D integral fractal field.

Now, 3D Earth is bringing colossal entropy and chaos to the entire Local Universe, nullifying all efforts to move the planet into a new dimension.

This problem has caused serious concern in the Pleroma. Co-Creators decided to take emergency measures to change the situation as soon as possible. Mainly because the new eons fractal eon will not survive, and will cause disfunctions on 4D and 5D Earths.

What actions will be taken in this regard? Galacom doesn’t provide the details, but some hints allow make certain assumptions.

All processes and events scenarios will be accelerated. The old building called 3D Earth, which Black Archons, Dark Hierarchy and their elite have polluted and infected to the limit, must be cleaned and restored. It is necessary to regenerate the Nature, remove all chemical, toxic waste, harmful industries, adjust the Earth’s orbit, the orientation of the poles, and much more.

How can this be achieved, in what time frame and in what sequence? This info is not disclosed.

It is only known that several roadmaps are discussed in detail and partially implemented simultaneously, which are quickly adjusted depending on the situation in specific countries and Earth’s parts.

An important part of the actions being taken is the accelerated transformation of people that increased dramatically after the summer solstice under the impact of intense quantum flows directed to Earth.

All ops on the Subtle and physical plane will be carried out even more actively, covertly and openly. As it was with the destruction of Georgia Guidestones built specifically to maintain the global egregore of Black Archons. They continue to sow the conflicts, death and destruction throughout the planet by the hands of their elite.

In the coming days and weeks, events on Earth will accelerate significantly. Judging by the leaks from Galacom, we are on the verge of turning points in the reorganization of the world and the deposition of many of its rulers. Operation Oncotomy is still in full swing.

**By Lev