Argorians Update: Processing of Energies

On July 13-15th, 2022, the Argorians’ fleet and the Siriusians’ tracking station on the Moon transmitted new monitoring data of Earth and earthlings. Below is a summary.

Once again, Argorians and Siriusians urged to immediately stop all mass meditations on Earth.

The reasons are the same that were voiced earlier and caused the strongest hype no matter how many times the reasons were explained.

The energies of the participants in such meditations are extremely heterogeneous and mostly polar. This explosive mix leads to destruction in the Earth’s power field, increases the clots of negativity in it, which all Black egregores and other parasites feed on the Subtle and physical plane, prolonging their existence.

Currently, the energy and matter of the 3D Earth are actively being removed for processing into part of the multidimensional fractal of the planet, combining the sixth, fifth and fourth densities where the 5D Matrix is being completed.

The new crop circle in Wiltshire, UK informs about this: in a 6D space, the planet’s communication center and a Hologram change, unite and upgrade the 3D worlds of Nature.

Strong bursts of the energies of mass meditations destabilize the transforming currents, the general field of Earth, cause sudden temperature spikes and amplify earthquakes.

The anomalies that earthlings are observing now are manifested by forest fires in some regions, floods in others, severe drought and crop loss in the thirds, volcanic eruptions in the fourths, daily earthquakes in the fifths.

On June 14, there were five of them with a magnitude (M) 5.0 and higher; 33 – M4+; 112 – M3+; 217 – M2+; and 434 with a magnitude less than 2.0. The strongest – M5.2 – occurred in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand.

This week, record temperatures have set in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France, and relief is not expected.

The hot will worsen the ongoing forest fires in the south-west of Europe. In 14 states of Portugal, in the east of Spain and the UK, the 3rd level of the heat warning is in effect until the weekend, the highest possible.

This is how quantum flows coming through the Sun from the Galactic Center rearrange the energy of the planet.

In addition to constant negativity, another source of destabilization of the Earth’s field, which people blindly and stubbornly create, only hinders.


The space squadron of 25D Argorians helps to run quantum flows coming to Earth, splits 3D atoms into particles, accumulates 4D and 5D energy in the Earth’s power field, according to Time programs, and cyclically saturates the aura of the planet with five-dimensional plasma.

This is reported by crop circle in Hampshire, UK: by the force field of the communication center, the Earth’s core cyclically opens Portals for the release of information energy of an outdated, 3D, life support system. Codes for the materialization of new 5D programs are loaded through the same Portals.

The reconstruction of the Earth’s 3D crust is performed by an ultrasonic transducer of five-dimensional space energy.

Time spin increases the transmission of new cosmic flows to Earth. The stream of Time has accelerated. The days are no longer 24, or even 16, but 12 hours. So the point of no return to 3D is approaching.

The superimposition of Galactic pulsars’ radiation and the stratification of Time flows strengthen the energy shield of the planet, helping its transformation.

Blocks concentrating 5D energy are being modified. They accumulate ready-made vital plasma more actively.

The spatial pulsation of force fields transforms human bodies at the atomic-molecular level. This helps earthlings to move to a new level of development and Intelligence.

Many deep processes are caused by wave vortexes, which accompany the formation of people of the Sixth Race. 5D energy accumulates in their individual capsules-spheres, expanding the range of their evolution in the fifth density (for more information about these capsules, see Operation Life Matrix, DNI, January 26, 2022).

As of July 15, 2022, another large group of earthlings became ready for the Transition to 4D, increasing their vibrations to the necessary frequencies by inner work. It’s approximately 35% of the total number of transients.

The waves of fiery Solar storms lay open all the weaknesses of the human body. Its cells vibrate at a certain frequency, and a new spectrum is added to it.

The cell aging program is being reset. Temporarily, it creates chaos, then, follows stabilization, and adaptation.

All non-transformed areas of the body, all blocked chakras, fail. This is as it should be – the physical and Subtle Bodies change gradually.

So they are settling down to live in a new mode, until the next increase in vibrations. And it will be like this all the time.

How one can help self? First and foremost, it’s necessary to remain calm and cool-headed. If inner sensations bring silence, so everything is in order. The body trembles, the Spirit is carried up.

It is very desirable really listen in utter internal quiet, and to be tuned into the right wavelength.

In such cases, traditional medicine is useless. Chemicals only bring down the subtle settings of the body. It’s not easy for the corpus to sync with incoming quantum flows, and it still has to cope with extraneous elements.

Maintaining calm, if there are no emotional reactions, the energy is not blocked in the body, and gradually begins to circulate in a new range.

The physical body needs completely different things. In the new, high-frequency energies, heavy food are not good for it, other nutrients are required – everything that is natural, alive.

Charged water can substitute many medications. It simply loaded by the necessary information about healing, and it effectively works inside the body, in the aquatic environment of cells. In the same way, purification takes place. Thought comes to the fore; it can change a lot of processes.

Solar flux primarily enters the upper chakra and the glands of the brain. Its active restructuring can cause increased pressure or headaches.

Sunbathing now is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous. It is important to observe the inner feeling in the sun. It’s an important source of change, but now elevated frequencies are coming through it, for which the bodies of many are not quite ready. In such peaks, it is better not to be in the sun for a long time.

Many men have begun to notice how the information light becomes literally tangible. That is, previously hidden info is floating in space, and people catch it. It is a stream that expands consciousness.

More and more things come within reach to what earthlings could not even imagine. For example, the mental messages from above on what needs to be done and what not. This is the Higher Selves’ hints.

In this mode, everyone will reach the main quantum leap. In peace and trust in his Spirit.

**By Lev


9 Replies to “Argorians Update: Processing of Energies”

  1. harrrrrie

    Usually I write speeches but I’m keeping it short this time LOL.
    When I was a kid in the 50’s weather anomalies and record breakers happened 2 times in 10 years on average. Now we have dozens every year across the planet.
    What has changed? You guessed it.
    The Deep State creates negativity and we use it. Then we generate more negativity and the Deep State sucks it up and becomes stronger. We are caught in this giant loop of negativity and if we didn’t have cocreators help we would perish.

    Many people unknowingly generate negativity when they meditate. Read Robert Shapiro’s books on becoming a Master in Spirituality, etc.

    For example, if I want to stop the neighbor from throwing garbage over the fence into my yard, I don’t pray and meditate “Dear Guardian Angel, please tell George to stop throwing garbage in my yard.” This is a very negative thought and will strengthen the negativity of the situation.

    Instead I say “I send love and light to George and that he sees all the beauty that surrounds him in all the land for as far as he can see”. And I really do wish it for him.
    I think it will only take a few meditations, if that, for George to start throwing the garbage in the trash can.

    Hope this helps. I love you all and I wish for you all to see the beauty in the land and the people for as far as you can see.

  2. Animom

    Hello Darkness!! Nice try…by God what a message… Don’t meditate, don’t sunbathe…oh boy!!

    We have Ascended and you cannot play your tricks

  3. C

    Our energies are most definitely utilized as an aspect of weather ‘manipulation’. Consider the scenario of weather reports “predicting” a rainy weekend, and then all of the people who listen to it, hear it, believe it, repeat it, think of it and “plan” for a rainy weekend, cancel plans, etc. Our consciousness and “expectation” is an aspect of co-creation. If multitudes in an area “expect” a rainy weekend, then there’s a good chance they’ll experience it.

    So it’s been said “thoughts become things”, and it’s also more or less now widely known that tv, media and the like is “programming” – programming energies in the form of belief systems, agendas, narratives, etc. “planting seeds” of all manner and type, known and unknown, seen and unseen.

    Consciousness can/does influence the weather. If there has been undisclosed or unknown, unrecognized “harnessing” and “redirection” or “misdirection” of collective consciousness then it is quite possible for that harnessed energy to intentionally be used for, as, or in some dreadful ways. We can’t yet know the scope of higher technologies, and their capabilities.

    We’ve been conditioned to participate with giving/taking energy to “weather” predictions and predictors. Therefore, contributing towards a ‘manipulation’ of the weather. Unconsciously.

    Obviously, I can’t and don’t know in what particular ways Lev means or intends what he’s written. But I don’t find it entirely off the mark to consider that mass intentions lead to outcome, and sometimes those outcomes may also have unintended consequences.

    When you participate in any type of “group endeavor” like mass meditation do you actually really know what each and every other individual participating is “intending”? How can you possibly expect to distinguish that every other person participating in mass meditations has the same “intentions” that you do? Is everyone’s definition of Peace exactly the same? Mass meditation is a consensual joining of ALL combined energies, and there will be various energetic results.

  4. david k gates

    Deep State, “please stop doing anything that will help you ascend!”

    I often sun gaze and sunbath. If humans dont get sunlight…we wither and DIE
    This message is sooooo dark…LOL
    I cant believe the dark ones were STUPID enough to think this would work on anyone. What a bunch of pea-brains!!

    LAUGH at them.
    Make JOKES about this and them =)
    Positive Laughter WIL drive them away

  5. david k gates

    THIS IS PRACTICE ….this message with dark undertones is for humans to PRACTICE DISCERNMENT. These are homework lessons. LOL…………. you kids do your homework before going out and playing.
    Stop mass meditations? Boy…did that not resonate the LIGHT!!!

    Some messages you may not like are often meant for others that need to read/hear the message.
    This isnt one….this is dark and you will be able to sense this almost within seconds.

    So…practice your INTUITION on these messages.
    Notice your emotions….warning bells went off almost immediately for me and I didnt make it past the first couple of paragraphs.

    Did your intuition give you an “emotional/spiritual TWINGE of something “not quite right”? Then there is un-truth in the statement or story

  6. Maud

    There is no harmony in this text. It feels wrong and laced with dark energy. Who is this Lev who gives such obtuse messages?

  7. Dubious

    Wait so the heat we have in France, the forest fires…are all caused by mass meditation and not weather manipulation!?

    Sorry, but this just does not feel true at all.