Pleiadian Collective: The Galactic Federation

Friends Of Light!

There Are Secrets Before You Seen And Unseen!

Knowing Where To Look Can Be Helpful!

Knowing The Galactic Federation Is Surrounding You In Great Power And Numbers, May Bring A Pause To Wonder Who Interacts With The Great Light While Living On Earth!

Many Refer To White Hats And Have Ideas Of Their Operations On Your Behalf.

Understanding They Fill All Areas Of Military And Governments Around The Planet, Will Allow You To Know Of Their Deep Respect, High Intelligence And Dedication To The Light Forces!

Imagine For A Moment That A Seemingly Ordinary Human Could Enter Agencies, Operations, Missions And Top Secret Activities And Not Be Known At All.


In The Darkest Of Meetings, Proposals, Threats, Destruction And Intel That Has Ever Existed On Earth, These Brave Ones Move To A Different Scale Of Knowing Truth! These Are The White Hats!

The Level Of Power That Daily Activity Brings, Would Allow Them To Take Down All Governments And Change All Activity.

Their Interaction With The Galactic Forces Allows Them Power Without Threat And Knowing Without Revealing.

Each Of These White Hats Has Multiple Meetings With The Galactic Federation Ongoing.

They Board Crafts And Discuss The Relevance Of Plans Around The World.

The Crafts Are Unseen And Undetectable By Human Understanding.

There Are Large Crafts And Motherships That Land And Have The Technology To Never Be Seen.

White Hats Are Comfortable When Approached To Board With The Friends They Know Well.

Pleiadians Are Often On The Ground And Will Enter Meetings Unseen To Human Eyes.

If They Choose To Be Seen, This Is Quite Simple And Often Done For A Purpose.

Many Of You Reading This Have Seen Pleiadians And Other Races Throughout Your Waking Dream.

Your World Is Taught To Be Fear-Based And Controlling.

Your True Nature Of Reality Will Bring You Peace As Your Frequency Rises And Your Awareness Of Truth Returns.

This Is The Grand Shift Of The Ages!

Imagine For A Moment That Life As You Know It Is But A Fragment Of Your Soul.

Imagine That You Have Been Given A Gift Into A Realm Where The Scope Of What Can Be Created Is Limitless.

Imagine That You Have Been Empowered With The Ability To Manifest Anything, Simply With Intention.

This Is The Truth Of The Nature Of Your Creation.

This Is The Truth Of Your Being!

Everything Is Before You Awaiting To Be Discovered And Embraced Again!

Nothing Has Changed But Your Perception!

In This Moment Of NOW, You Carry The Universes In Your Consciousness!

In One Blink Of An Eye, You Will See The Beauty That Never Left You!

The Galactic Federation And The Glory Of Light Will Welcome You Home In Great Power!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


2 Replies to “Pleiadian Collective: The Galactic Federation”

  1. Gustavo Frein

    I had two profound dreams this week. In one I was able to send powerful waves of thought and communication that emanated from my mind to the Pleiadeans into space. I wanted to meet them. The other had many different versions of myself asleep. There were all me at the same time, and I was trying to wake up. The different versions of myself woke up until I rolled out of bed and made my coffee.