Ashtar: We Destroyed the Georgia Guide Stones

***Kejraj Note: When speculations began, first thing I said regarding the targeting of the stones is ‘it was friends in high places.” This message from Ashtar via Sharon confirms it.

I am Ashtar Sheran with a message for those upon planet earth with the ears to listen.

I am the voice of the New Jerusalem. As you may know my Commander is none other than Yeshua, Jesus the Christ who came to you so many years ago to show you the path you must walk now.

On July 6th of this month, the Georgia Guide Stones were attacked. There has been no explanation until now for this attack. We of the Galactic Federation are taking responsibility for this. All that has been published to date about this attack is false: They are simply attempting to cover up our existence and the fact that we are helping the people of earth by claiming an earthling did it. He did not.

We are sending a message to your controllers and to you: We stand for the birth rights of humans. No dehumanization program will be conducted any longer. We are reversing the process you have been experiencing.

Enough people have been awakened such that you can now go forward into the Light. There are events still being carried out by the DS that require to be played out, but now we are at the end of most of it.

Your governments are falling, your presidents are quitting. The UN army is no match for Russia in their efforts to liberate the Ukraine from its long resident evil. Your monetary system is on the brink of implosion and a new BRICS system is being initiated globally. With China’s financial system in ruins, there is no hope for the globalists still alive in the U.S. They have no money. The inflated American dollar will soon deflate as oil reserves continue to be shipped abroad in the hopes of maintaining finance, however these reserves are being confiscated by our forces.

We out wit you. We outsmart you at every turn. You are no match for us. You never have been.

We send a message to the DS – beware of further attacks. You have many monuments across the globe, many buildings and monuments of extreme evil and these too, will be considered for further expungement. No humans will be harmed in these efforts. We value life, we do not destroy it.

Beware as we are watching. You know you are no match for our minds, you know you are no match for our weapons. What you attempt to do to the people of earth will be met with swift penalty. You are in decline and any transgression against your unwitting hosts will be subject to our ire.

And now we ask the people of earth – please cooperate with us. When you see new mandates levied, do not comply. Work with us to win back your world from evil.

I am Ashtar.

We of the Galactic Federation have spoken.

Our word is final.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


35 Replies to “Ashtar: We Destroyed the Georgia Guide Stones”

  1. Geoff

    Folks, my take: This explanation might be true. A few posters have valid points. Namely, this appears to violate “prime directive” of non-interference. So, if these higher beings can make an exception on this “mere” monument, why not on much greater evil things? Like, the Vatican, Fed.Reserve, NATO, WHO, World Bank, Bank of Int’l Settlements, Epstein’s island, CERN, a vax clinic..the list is endless. How about a strike when the CCP is in session?
    Or Bilderbergers?

    Another valid point, why use this apparent indirect way of sending a message to these Satanic elites? Wouldn’t they more likely just figure it was an Alliance/White Hats act? In war, as the saying goes, the first casualty is Truth. Humanity has been propagandized for eons. I like the poster’s comments to just “Go Within” to find Truth. Your Higher Self knows.

  2. Tammy

    Gratitude to Ashtar and Sharon for bringing us this information. I would expect the many evil structures masquerading as there for the people need to come down and the dark energy sent back to dust, just like our government and corporate behemoths. They topple evil and the light energy replaced it to serve our awakening.

  3. Sue H

    Funny that Ashtar command takes responsibility for this botched destruction. It only took down a small portion of the stones. Heavy equipment demolished the rest. If true they would have obliterated the stones in one shot. And GBI has video of a car leaving the scene after the explosion. Give me a break. BS.

    1. Geoff

      The video of a silver sedan “leaving the scene”, as well as of a dark indistinct figure approaching the stones, bending down apparently leaving a bomb, and running away, are easily manufactured if needed. However, the vid I find a bit more compelling but still not proof of anything, is of the explosion itself, where a bright light across the street flashes at same time as stones are hit. That too, though, easily manipulated.

    2. Geoff

      Equally funny heavy eqpt knocked over the remaining stones immediately after the attack, before any crime scene investigation. Now, why would they do that?

  4. Douglas A James

    Well let’s take out all satanic manumnents now! Let’s implement Nesara now ! Let’s awaken humanity now! No more time should pass it’s time to take them all down now!!

  5. Daedalus

    Its all just an utter nonsense created by human ego … its not some kind of message from multidimensional highly advanced species.

    And people still buy in these lies…

    If there is an intervention like this, then they can and should intervene into everything, from stopping wars to stopping financial misery upon planet.

    As a top of egoistic drivel, there is a clear support for war in Ukraine by such “advanced species”. Utter and complete nonsense. From the literal beginning of war, I have seen hard and undeniable proofs regarding crimes and atrocities commited in this war by Russian side. the Russia is not your “good guys”, theyre part of cabal manipulation from the onset. Here you have such “advanced species” supporting ethnic cleansing, murders of civilians and utter madness and grief caused by war.

    Bunch of so called “love and lighters” support war, killing and murdering, apparently … because its much easier to believe into ego lies and certain conspiracies that have zero sense … instead of what they have been witnessing from eons ago, that war was left the same thing that cabal used since eons ago.

    Zero brains. Zero heart. All ego.


    1. Al

      I believe it is not russia that started the war or aims to perpetuate it, it seems to come from the american side as it used ukraine for its proxy war taking advantage of the war that broke out before american intervartion between rebels and their oppressive government then putin invaded to aid said rebels however the point is the west has no interest in the wellbeing of the people ukraine and uses this war as a way to squeeze russia as they stand in their way for new world order, may i ask how did you witness these atrocities

      1. Daedalus

        Did Ukraine invade Russia, or did Russia invade Ukraine ? The amount of dellusion is astounding. Since when the good guys invade other sovereign countries, bomb and kill civilians ?

        One can just enter into browser “ukraine invasion older couple killed” and click on first links … it will lead them also to video, which I warn, is disturbing. Video is from beginning of war, and one can clearly see the date, time, and even intention of Russian IFV that goes to kill older couple in car. This couldnt even be “combat stress” and mistaken ID, its literally on onset of war.

        I have experienced the war first hand as a civilian and understand what kind of traumas these folks experience, and they experience even worse. I even had more positive opinion about Putin before all of this … but I cannot even fathom how people are possible to support Russia after this, at this point.

        And no, Im not on side of Biden or Democrat or Republican nonsense … not everything revolves around USA.

        1. Al

          Thanks for replying. It does seem to be related to usa bringing ukraine into NATO and “forcing” russia into intervening in civil war between different factions within ukraine as the writing has been on the wall for at least a decade. But at the end we are all in this together beyond geopolitics, we the average people who are carry the burden of the decision makers. I’m not taking sides just wandering who is truly benefitting from these wars.

  6. C

    “We are sending a message to your controllers and to you”

    YOU, as in “you the one reading Sharon Stewart messages.

    and then continues on a bit, to follow up with:
    “We out wit you. We outsmart you at every turn. You are no match for us. You never have been.”

    Yes folks, this is what is being directed/projected out at *everyone*.

    I find it bit hokey that supposed higher intelligent, Divine Benevolent beings under the command of the Christ Jesus would have to threaten the deep state through a person, that posts on various websites that are mostly frequented by “lightworkers”. One would think Ashtar, the GF and Jesus Himself would simply be able to make it known directly to ds players themselves, rather than all this roundabout.

    And to inform us that they “out wit” and “out smart” us at every turn is hella strange.

    But whatever, to each their own.

    Believe this because someone “channeled it”, or seek communion with Jesus, with CreatorGod yourself and get your own answers and directions and guidance.

    Ends with:
    “ We of the Galactic Federation have spoken.
    Our word is final.”

    That’s just weird.
    I’ll go with CreatorGOD’s WORD over any other, especially anyone who claims ‘they’ have final say.

    peace everyOne, keep on discerning 🙏🕊

    1. Sacha

      We have been told by this entity that the Galactics et al have neutralized all nuclear warheads on the planet. No small feat there and greatly appreciated if true.
      But if one has that power (while violating the galactic ” prime directive”) then why in God’s name did you not go into Ukraine and destabilize/make defunct the alleged bioweapons labs which were the impetus for Putin’s invasion. That would have saved many lives on both sides of the border, especially young children.
      Furthermore, any accomplished demo expert with night vision could have taken out those guidestones in a heartbeat. Let’s face it, anyone with money could put up anything and those stones were one of the grandest examples of fear porn to begin with.

      1. C

        Yep, you make a good point Sacha. And too – the ds can apparently go around attacking all of humanity and the natural environment of the planet ( for eons, in various ways) and this ‘group’ goes and attacks stones? and warns that they’ll attack more stones? It’s kind of silly actually.

        It’s also curiously interesting to me how many people attribute these stones and inscriptions to being “satanic” and aligning with some depopulist agenda. I don’t get that same interpretation, but neither do I claim to ‘know’ who put them there or with what intentions. Many others seem quite certain they know without doubt.

        I’d rather stay knowing that I know nothing, and seeking Higher Guidance within, than attaching to some belief of rigid certainty and riding the waves that the majority ride.

        1. Sacha

          Yes C….kind of like Crab Syndrome.
          If you put one in a bucket of water it will crawl out.
          If there are several in the bucket and one tries to get out, the others pull it back in even though it may be to their collective demise.

        2. 1

          First time i heard about it, i just read what the inscription said. It does mention limit humans to a specific numb3r and control birth rate and to not be cancer on earth, so its not all so innocent. Though i dont mind the bits about being in harmony with nature and all

          1. C

            Are you familiar with the phrases “nothing is as it seems” and “appearances can be deceiving” ? Both happen to be quite relevant to the guidestones. Of course though, it’s a matter of perception, and perspective. I’ve done a writing on the guidestones, and I’ll share a portion of it here.

            As I said above – I don’t know the intentions of those who commissioned it, so I’m not claiming that my interpretation is accurately aligned with their intentions. I can’t know if it is or isn’t. But, I question everything, and I go within and seek from GodCreator. I don’t accept things at face value, and I don’t go along to get along.

            I offer the following simply as a perspective, and encourage anyone to GO WITHIN rather than blindly believe or follow others.

            From my writing, regarding the 1st guidestone “commandment”:

            Guideline 1 stated: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”
            Another way to interpret this is to say: “In perpetual balance with nature, maintain humanity at 500 million *under carrying capacity*.”

            ‘Carrying capacity’ can be defined as the maximum population size an environment can sustain indefinitely.

            A quote attributed to Ghandi is relevant to this ~ “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

            Firstly, it’s important to determine what the carrying capacity of each environment is, as well as of the Earth as a whole. There are numerous studies that indicate a (global) potential population capacity range of anywhere between 500 million to 1 trillion. There are many factors involved in attaining a conclusion as to ‘accurate’ capacity.

            When the carrying capacity is determined, the guideline/principle advises to keep the population at 500 million *below* that total. Carrying capacity would be determined for each livable (community) environment upon the Earth, as well as global total.

            The tablets were written in a total of 12 languages; 8 common and 4 ancient languages.

            Language is: a system of communication as used by a nation, people, or other distinct community.

            Therefore, it can be understood that the tablets were written directed toward a minimum of 12 distinct communities as comprising the whole community of Earth.

    2. Christed

      Sharon is really full of it sometimes. This is just herself giving her opinion and sharing her light in her own indignant manner that any lightworker might do. I have advised to avoid dropping in the names of Ashtar, Archangels, and Ascended Masters in these channelings because lightworkers are now evolved along the frequencies of High Light and they know when utterances do not fit the spiritual station of Galactic Federation beings as claimed here. Utterances like this one only serves to doubt the authenticity of whatever entities Sharon claims to be chaneling, as this one is certainly not Ashtar.

    1. Bethernee

      The GFL have said repeatedly they can help us with certain things…like removing dark entities from the planet, and helping to clear the tunnels, but the rest is down to us to do.

      The surface population have “enabled” the deep state/cabal, and to a great extent are still doing so…as evidenced by the widespread complicity of the masses in accepting the vax mandates for a virus that was custom made to take out as many people as possible and screw with everyone else’s DNA. We live on a free will planet…it was the free will of the masses to line up for the jab, and until people awaken to the reality of the world we live in, Universal Law doesn’t allow the GFL to do the “heavy lifting” for us. We can’t abdicate all responsibility and just sit back and do nothing ourselves.

  7. Gustavo Frein

    Well, the have video of it blowing up, but no video of someone setting explosives.

    1. Geoff

      I did find a vid clip of a person approaching the Guidestones, bending down &, one assumes, leaving something, then running away. My guess, probably faked.

  8. Sacha

    Then why are many innocent lives being destroyed in Ukraine?
    Don’t believe in the cavalier “contract” philosophy when children get snuffed out.
    They should be protected as much or more than a fetus.
    Where is the help for these Golden souls and young survivors who will look later in life for revenge that war breeds?

  9. John

    Thank you sharon ashtar and Kejraj. i look forward to seeing more evil monuments topple but i do not watch with hate in my heart, i watch knowing that love has won. much love to all.

  10. Regina

    Thy I think my hope is returning thy for everything you and others to help are my shinning star don’t ever go away .welcome