Acclimation To Acceleration

The “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) level of Earth/Gaia on Sunday, July 17th, 2022,is currently “67” which indicates that “Her” inner and outer fields are being highly charged with cosmic energetics that are activating planetary vibrational frequencies and amplitude.

The Sun is harboring a delta energy for “X-Class” solar flares while an elevated “C.6” flare (almost “M-Class”) has exploded as of 1227 UT which is 7:27 AM EDT.

Solar winds are slightly above normalcy traveling at 426.7 km/s as of 0350 UT or 10:50 PM (EDT–Saturday evening) and are a mixture of slow, medium, and fast movements which can still carry energetics into our planet with great strength.

It is likely that these wind speeds will elevate during the afternoon and evening and possibly into tomorrow.

The magnetic field surrounding our planet is more powerfully dense with plasma particles than it has been in several past days even though in those past days, the magnetosphere has been very pressed with the plasma particles.

These particles today, however, are strangely enveloping our planet without a strong pressing-into it.

They are hovering and billowing but not pounding into the planetary realm.

This could change if the strongest of flares—“X-Class”—does indeed occur along with more powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs) than the CMEs that happen with all flares—only in varying strengths.

“Energy Fluxes”—continually occurring cosmic energetics beginning slowly, then picking up speed, then being fast in rhythm, then slowing down again, and picking up speed again—over and over—are occurring.

As has been mentioned previously, this is like performing a slow waltz, then a quicker fox trot, then a fast rock and roll and then back again to the waltz, etc.

All of this can, of course, lead to increased “Light Activation Experiences” (LAE) which are also called “Ascension Symptoms”.

Also as has been discussed previously, these cosmic forces will not let up. They will periodically decease, but they will not stop.

Our planet is constantly being leveled-up to faster vibrations and brighter LIGHT and so are we. As we move through our daily activities, we must do so with focus upon acclimating to the acceleration of our transformational process as HIGHER KNOWLEDGE comes into our DNA in every cell which is also allowing cleansing-out of old paradigms.

Thus, as consciousness shifts, as feelings change, so do our actions.

Yet, as is always mentioned because it is important to repeat certain principles, FREE WILL is the key to the crystallization “re-birth”. We can welcome the LIGHT or reject it.

Therefore, people can remain attached to the “3d” choas or rise above it.

As we rise above it, we acclimate to the incoming LIGHT because our “Divine Sense” guides us.

We do not want “common sense” because this involves the confused “3d” population.

Those seeking HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS—connection to the SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS—cannot be “common”.


**By Dr Schavi M Ali