New Reality of Light

Greetings to You. From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

In the coming days and weeks you are to see greater change on Earth. From politics, to economy, and even in the dark elite controlled media. Though they stand to fight to the last breath, refusing to admit defeat, knowing well they have lost, their goal is to still wreck havoc through manipulation with the little time and illusory power they have left, should humanity let its guard down. This is the final showdown if you will.

Friends, what you are seeing now are not signs of the end times. What you are seeing now are signs of a new world emerging. All that is falling apart and dissolving, is creating an opening for the new reality of light constructs to take its place.

The world as you know it now, is to be decomposed. All that was built on lies, with the manipulations of the dark’s puppets, is to be dissolved.

Wherever there is an imbalance of energies, there will be transformation occurring. This applies to family, work, educations and belief systems, financial and economical, and of course the political arena.

All the ways of life of the third dimensional existence are to shift into higher energetical versions of the said aspects. For some it will be a gradual transformation, for other areas it will be destruction, and rebuilding anew.

The honoring of all life on Earth, and Mother Earth herself, as a sentient being, is key to shifting in consciousness, and anchoring higher light into your being. This is an inner knowing.

It is within the blue print and innate of every Soul the truth and wisdom of life’s purpose, the purpose of existence itself is to grow and expand, to give life, not to take it, to create life, not to end it.

However, when a society is bombarded 24/7 via television, by unnatural and sadistic ideologies of a dark elite group who for thousands of years have been out to destroy human life, the opinions of those with a limited consciousness tends to change. Read this paragraph again.

This is why as a society you find yourselves in the current situation. The majority simply want everything spoon fed to them, and whatever it is, they will consume it, without realizing its shattering effects. This is how the dark’s ways become accepted as normal.

You have arrived at a point in time, where not only the dark’s ways are to be dissolved, but also the ways and beliefs of the ‘liberal’ and the ‘conservative’ are to go through a dramatic shift.

The brightest light shines from within. And it is in the Heart space that you must return, to strengthen the connection with that Higher Version of You, the Soul Self, and seek guidance, in order to have an easier transition during this process of upliftment.

For those who return to the Heart Center regularly, you can feel the changes unfolding, not only local, you know these changes are cosmic. You cannot perceive anything different in the world if you only rely on the five physical senses of the third dimension.

The new reality is within your DNA. As you work on raising your frequency, the more DNA unlocks, with expansion in consciousness, you will find yourself ‘becoming’ your Soul Self, the fifth dimensional version of you, in a fifth dimensional plane of existence.

The shift to the fifth dimension is not something that’s going to happen ‘sometime’ in the future. It is already happening now. You can see this mostly by observing yourself, your personal growth, and the changes you are making in your life.

The way of access to the fifth dimension is via your Heart Center. The location of the Light Matrix of the Soul. Sovereignty, discernment, deja vu, intuition, wisdom, gifts and talents, and merging with your Divine Blue print starts here, at the Heart Center.

The cycles of the old frequencies on Earth are coming to an end. As these old energies leave the world, room is created for higher light to anchor itself in the physical. You are to see many more events transpire just ahead, for it is time for the light and life to thrive on Earth in the way it was originally intended.

That is all for today.

20 Replies to “New Reality of Light”

  1. Swan

    Dear Lightworkers

    Please please remember the powerful words within this post:

    “The honoring of all life on Earth, and Mother Earth herself, as a sentient being, is key to shifting in consciousness now, and anchoring higher Light into your being.”

    The belief that Climate Change is just a ploy of the ‘globalists’ to control humanity, or has nothing to do with pollution – is itself a cynical strategy of the cabal!

    They’ll do anything to bind us to 3D materialism, treating “Earth” as just a planet to be plundered, rather than a Living Being to be loved and protected by ascending humanity.

  2. Dan

    SHAMBALA is probabely a Lemurian word, means Palace of Beauty. That reality is the base for Lemurians&Atlanteans. Also true heritage for us human beings. Once you are in that SHAMBALA reality, you will find why Lemurians and Atlanteans love Crystals so much, because Crystals are just ‘Outside Appearance’ or ‘Outside View’ before you enter the inner realm of Crystals, or shall we say, SHAMBALA reality. This means you can either follow the technique I pointed, or use Crystals just like Lemurians and Atlanteans way, to reach inner realm of Crystals, aka SHAMBALA. Hope will help.

    1. Lara

      Now you helped me this morning, Dan. Maybe those of us who deeply ‘see’ the trees and the crystals, those of us with the closest ties to Lemuria, are the hardest hit by these times, right? I often feel myself crying with sadness now, like you described…. Like I can sense the veil getting thinner and thinner, and feel so impatient and yearning to pierce through…. Thank you, Dan.

      1. Dan

        In fact, as you know, we are all descendants of Lemurians, or put another more clear word, Pleiadians. So in essence, we humans are pleiadians, a species of emotions. So yes, probabely those with those highest emotional response are finding themselves very difficult to deal with current situations/times. But it will pay off. Once you overcome the difficulty with help from various sources, you will at least harvest all the goodies from Lemuria and ever coexisted Atlantis. Now you can see I can share those techniques from my Lemuria&Atlantis incarnations, YOU can, Others also can. So Lara, Be strong, the better and the best things are yet to come. We will reach a new height as a race, the first 5th dimentional race native to the Planet Earth. Cheer up. I know sort of out of topic, but my sincere words.

  3. Dan

    I have a technique for everyone here, I know that’s recorded in the collective consiciousness and you can feel it. But I put it here. Find yourself in the shadow part of the trees, not the part under the sun. Then gaze at the stem for several minutes, remember the stem not the branches. Of course the first you see is green stem, but with time pass by, you will find yourself in a blury vision, now congratulations to yourself, that blury vision part of you is your slightly higher self than yourself, the ancient masters call that reality SHAMBALA hopefully I spell the word right! And if you can gaze at furthur longer, you will find that vision becomes WATERY, then I must give you a hug, because that reality is higher than SHAMBALA and it means something, something you worth to find by yourself. Hope this will help you. I have other techniques of course, but either to lazy&busy to share, or self sensed that it’s not the right time to share. 😂

  4. Lynda Bruce

    Very well done! Anticipatory Joy. We are watching the dissolving of 3D for over a year.

  5. Tammy

    A wonderful synopsis of where we are now and where we are heading and the magnificence of the process of dark to light. The road has been challenging and difficult but we persevered through it all to bring back light to this special place in the universe. Job well done and more to come.

  6. jane smith

    I came here to anchor the Light. Now we learn that the human genome has been changed forever unless you guys can get your act together and reverse their reverse MRNA technology. Up to you now, I think.

  7. Dan

    If that’s that easy like you kejraj said that changes are coming from outside, then we won’t have suffered for thousands of years… Breaking the yoke of ruling top is hard, harder than you think. The blindy vast majority are like android, wherever the commands ruling top input, they follow. The corrupt system like a spell, casted by witches, any being inside, will be limited. The more awake you are, the more energy suffering you will experience. Whenever I see you guys posting with a joyous attitude, I will know you still not awake to experience the denser suffering currents from ruling top, from our fellow human’s dumbness. Just my words and feelings…

    1. Lara

      Some of us who choose to be hopeful have suffered a great hell for more and longer than we could ever put into words, friend. As you say, it was never going to be easy. Sometimes, all you have left is the choice: “Let every hindrance to joy become the soil out of which joy blossoms.” Godspeed, to victory and hope.

      1. Dan

        Glad to see you still have hope, me? no in fact even theoritically should be yes… The outside really tells us all because it is just reflection of level of spirituality and how much degree them falling into 3rd density lives. As you can sense from words, I nearly have lost trust, hope and other good expectations for humanity. Standing from my view, they are typically money-driven, blind-to-good-options humanoid beings… Many qualities are absent to them… Day after day, month after month, year after year, much devotion are spent on necesities, following their animal like guts, I can write further those bad feeling words but I stop here. I know maybe their way should be one of many thousands of ways to deal with life in the New Earth, or maybe not… I can not stand/tolerant such meaningless lives. Sadly for vast majorities… You know.

        1. Lara

          Dan, I get where you’re coming from. We have a ways to go. But there are higher quantum forces at work. The seeds are quietly germinating in the soil…you’re just not seeing the growth above ground yet…. We don’t need huge numbers to achieve our aims. It is happening. I send you warmth.

          1. Dan

            I’v recovered from sadness , sort of. Sometimes the outside situations and the challeges you face beat me down, then I have to find time to recover and rise again. Like this time I was beated down, then now I am up again. Challeges are hard, but I know one must stand up to find those solutions. So there I am. Thanks for your encouragement, thank you honsty. I know I will have next time down then up, but that’s life right? How can you expect one move on without challeges? That’s the law I understand. Thank you lara.

  8. Rosa

    Thank you, Kejraj. This is filled with light, love and hope. I think we all needed to read these words. You are a person who knows our heart. God bless you.