High Treason

Government tells what is allowed

Fortunately, by now, more people are waking up and realising that enough insight is being gained regarding the ongoing criminality and crimes by their own government.

Legally immune, governments conduct false flag operations against their citizens. It is now clear that the many initiated wars never ended, and that the military-industrial complex is stimulated by warring banksters to finance criminal activities; such as manipulating the markets for stocks, bonds and commodities; and above all, keeping the US-dollar alive which is on the verge of collapse.

All these actions are controlled by the Deep State shadow government – the secret state – which infiltrates through organisations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and institutions/organisations such as BIS, IMF, UN, central banks, TBTF banks, and many others.

The Deep State is firmly in control not only of the US Congress, and all national parliaments, but also of Wall Street, the financial markets, defence, healthcare, academia and the mainstream media. They control most businesses and entrepreneurs.

The running of businesses in the medical sector, insurance, ambulances, hospitals, drugs, private practices, medical devices and laboratories, among others, are experiencing the influence of the Deep State as an unwitting partner.

Politics has free rein

Because the government tells them what is allowed and what is not. For example, they approve drugs and determine how high their price may be. Through lobbyists, they can ruin companies, or make them prosperous. Thus the whole industry is politicised. A free enterprise that can provide better quality products and services with a new invention is at a disadvantage compared to its competitors. Politics can deliberately dup selected companies.

And, as is the case everywhere, the government has control over the economy. Politics has free play; economic growth shrinks, while relatively speaking the benefits for politics increase. In a free market, politics is self-limiting and hardly influential.

Important questions;

  • Who ordered the downing of a large number of passenger aeroplanes, like MH17/MH370?
  • What roles do oil, the banking cartel, the CIA and Mossad play?
  • Who are the real culprits behind the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre?
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXjrmR66Txg
  • Did the Saudis indeed play a role in the 9/11 attack?
  • Why was the Office of Naval Intelligence destroyed in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon?
  • Who is the mastermind behind the WTC and Pentagon attack, and what were the motives?
  • What role did the FBI play in the 9/11 investigation iz. the offices in the three destroyed WTC towers?
  • Why were all government agencies brought together in a newly created agency ‘Homeland Security’, which is supposed to be against terrorism?

Among other things, clarification is needed; of the theft of gold and national valuables intended as repayment to the White Dragon Families, Russia, Indonesia and the Philippines, among others;

The use of unaccounted revenues from heroin sales to fund activities for covert intelligence operations in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.; the use of illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs, the large financial contributions to the Bush and Clinton families, further clarification of the George Bush Sr. transactions iz. his illegal gold, drug transactions; and the laundering of dirty money.

Bush/Clinton family criminal syndicate

E-mails found, prove that the Clinton Foundation, and the secret CIA, have their own account in Switzerland, as well as other secret American CIA services maintain linked accounts with the German ‘Nazi Deutsche Bank’, the American Citibank, and nations like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, etc. with none other than CIA/Nazi-sociopath and Paperclip-signer Bush Sr.

Officials have been murdered to keep their answers out of the public domain;

The Bush and Clinton families have a criminal history of “covert operations” financed by the theft of gold during World War II from Asian treasuries, recovered by Ferdinand Marcos.

Proceeds from criminal and illegal arms and drug sales; involvement of the Bush Syndicate that facilitated this trade with criminal organisations, terrorist organisations, and mainstream political parties, for covert and illegal operations in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Albania, Colombia, Nicaragua, as main examples.

These funds destabilised the same countries in the interest of their control over oil and drug trafficking, while the Rothschild Mafia with the help of the Russian/Israeli mafia pocketed profits from local minerals such as gold and diamonds.

All these illegally suspicious activities are susceptible to disclosure

Although the decision to destroy the World Trade Centre may have been made much earlier, its implementation was delayed until September 11, 2001, with the aim of obtaining a cover-up iz. the WDS gold bond fraud, whose maturity ended on this same date. Originally, these had been issued by the Federal Reserve in exchange for the WDS gold, with redemption on 9/11-2001.

Declaring a national emergency following the attack on the World Trade Centre, all gold deliveries to the White Dragon Society were postponed.

The world undergoes a gigantic change

The world is under martial law by the army of the White Hats; in all countries members of parliaments and congress will be hanged for treason to the people and attempt to sell their nation to Chinese communists, treason by trafficking of children, tissue, organs and Adrenochrome blood.

Under secrecy, a photograph was shown of a congressman being hanged with a green cover over the body and the rope next to it so that identification was impossible. Many made a deal with the military in advance to protect their legacy and future generations. All their wealth will be distributed among the people.

Further explanation of what will happen to the Deep State and their fake companies, puppets, perverts, the awakening of an ancient world called Atlantis and a new way of life without massive government and satanic atrocities will follow later.

Many of the human-looking robots will turn themselves off, which can lead to traffic accidents and more. For optimum safety, it is best to stay at home or away from large cities. The Reptilians’ plan to take over our planet and rule it as the Nazis did has been soundly defeated after a long battle of over fifty years.

Had we lost this battle, the United Nations troops would hunt you down and kill you or lock you up in one of their FEMA camps set up to keep 10% of us enslaved. It is safe to say that in that case, most of the survivors would rather be dead than be tortured or eaten by these aliens.

Expect a ‘trend change’ soon that should lead to a Depression. Look at the Real Estate market collapsing. Sold houses are being cancelled with the highest share ever. If this happens it will be a massive tectonic shift among the markets. Afterwards, everything will be different.

Currency markets go down, economic boom ends. Countries and companies go bankrupt. Banks and governments stop lending money. The whole world economy is destroyed. That is the moment the gate is opened for the new QFS system and Gesara.

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