Tunia: You Are Loved

My dearest brothers and sisters:

This is Tunia speaking. I love you all so very much and I want to express that in this series of messages.

I am a human, just like you. I just happen to have been born on another planet than Earth. I currently reside on spaceship New Jerusalem, close to your planet.

Aside from that, we are the same species. If I wore your clothing, I could walk across your streets and people who saw me would think of me as a normal woman. It’s not only that I look like you, I’m also biologically the same species as you: an Earth man could bless me with a child, via love making in the normal way.

By the way, I love the English term “love making”. It is beautiful to me that if two people engage in “love making”, they can make a child. Making love, indeed.

The situation on Earth deeply touches my soul, as well as the souls of my sisters and brothers here on our spaceship. On one hand, our heart breaks whenever we choose to feel into the collective psyche of Earthlings. It is distressing and gut-wrenching to us that you, our brothers and sisters, are in so much pain and fear and confusion. As a result, I’m trying to help via this series of messages.

At the same time, here in New Jerusalem we are rejoicing in the progress that we see humanity make. I understand that it does not look like that on the surface, and I do not wish to minimize your pain or suffering in any way, but we are convinced that Earth is heading in the right direction. “What is done in the dark shall be brought to the light.” We feel that this is a very painful process – and I mean *feel* literally, for we can literally feel your pain. At the same time, this is the painful and insight-giving part of the healing process that is going to lead to a better world.

We are already working to improve the situation on Earth, as quickly and as thoroughly as we can. A few Earthlings are consciously working with us and the majority of Earthlings are unconsciously on the same side as us. Just by being kind to another person, or by giving a smile to a stranger on the street, or by doing your best to live your life as well as you can, or just by being a good husband or mother or friend or sister or son, you too are part of the solution.

If the average earthling was not basically a good-hearted person who tries his or her best, then we literally would not be able to help you. Fortunately, the average earthling is just that. Yes, sometimes people are confused or misled and sometimes they are hurt and this can cause them to act in non-heart-centered ways. Hurt people hurt people. However, most people are fundamentally trying to live their life as best as they can, without hurting others. It is this fundamental decency and goodness of most humans that is the critical part of this process. It is fundamentally the kindness of the ordinary person that is ultimately going to create a better world there on Earth.

We recognize that you have been suffering a long time and unfortunately we cannot guarantee immediate short-term visible and obvious results of our help. There is a lot of darkness on Earth and resolving it in a non-destructive way that does not take away Earthlings agency or free will, is a very delicate process. We would do more damage than good if we moved too quickly. Nevertheless, we are directly and indirectly helping Earthlings, as fast as we can. And we together, your galactic family as well as the group of Earthlings that wishes to live in peace, will eventually succeed. That, I can promise you 100%. I just cannot give you a timeline.

Also, it could very well be years or decades before us non-Earth humans can openly walk among you or meet up with you. I can’t give a timeline for that either, but we are eager to shake hands with and hug our distant cousins, namely Earthlings.

My series of messages, however, will not be primarily about intel or politics or about the state of the operation to help Earthlings or about what is true and what is false. I’m also not focusing on giving practical advice.

My focus will be expressing my love and appreciation and gratitude, towards my earthling brothers and sisters.

You are all so much more amazing than your culture has led you to believe.

From my point of view, you are brave, you are courageous, you are strong and you are resilient. It’s unbelievable what earthlings have gone through and you are still standing.

Even people who don’t think they’ve had a traumatic childhood, have often had parents that weren’t always able to show unconditional love, or they were never taught how to properly deal with emotions, or they were forced to sit still in a classroom for years and study things that they didn’t want to study, or they were just lonely at times.

Yet in spite of all of that, most of you have turned into kind, decent people who are doing their best. Most of you are kind to the people around you and are fundamentally good-hearted. I think that’s really impressive and inspiring.

When you say a kind word or lend a helping hand to someone else, we are cheering you on. Even if it’s all just too much and you do something that you don’t think is productive like watching a lot of television, we completely understand. Especially in these times, even just existing on earth is very challenging.

We think you’re doing great. Better times are coming, at some point in the future (although in the short term there may still be more darkness that becomes visible).

So: I aim to express my love and appreciation and gratitude to you in a series of messages. I am hoping that my words will hug your heart.

I love you so very much,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A. S.


3 Replies to “Tunia: You Are Loved”

  1. Dan

    The concern Tunia, despite this very well expressed sentiment, is that you could be AI. It’s the reality of the world we live in. So despite wanting to take comfort in your message, unfortunately we have to consider the possibility that it’s created by an algorithm.

  2. Geoff Turner

    “At the same time, here in New Jerusalem we are rejoicing in the progress that we see humanity make”

    What absolute BS. Humanity has made zero progress and has done nothing but go backwards for the last 30 years. We now live in a world that is orders of magnitude worse than it was even 20 years ago.

    What progress are you talking about? Smiling at someone in the street isn’t going to remove the toxins from their bodies or the programming in their brains.

    It really is time drivel like this is called out for what it is. Plagiarised words copied over and over by one charlatan after another. The first messages from the 1950’s that talked about ships and the new Jerusalem were original but every time someone “new” discovers someone else’s interpretation of this and “finds themself” and then feels the need to pass this tired old message on the more the faint glimmer of truth originally present is diluted and undermined.

    No Tunia, you are not on board the new Jerusalem with Ashtar and Jesus, you are just another lonely person who won’t reveal their true identity wanting to feel better about themself by pretending they are in contact with extraterrestrials and that you are therefore in an exalted position because you have “information” that others don’t have. Kind of like a catholic priest.