The Group: Help is on the Way

Greetings, dear ones.

The world is moving at a new pace and you’re right there changing every part of it. The magic is right in front of you, because you’re making a huge difference. I am eM and I join you with great pride today, to bring you balance.

What you have been seeing lately in your news is the male energy surfacing everywhere. Feminine energy does not rise in the same way, it does not work through force. You’re starting to see that take place and it will turn. You’ll actually see that in the forefront of your energies and your world. So, dear ones, celebrate that as it comes to be.


Welcome Home. Right now, let’s create a time bubble. We’re going to open the healing circle, but before we do we’ll create a time bubble to place that healing circle inside of. Why? Because that creates the opportunity for people to come at later time and add their energy to the time bubble. Then all the energy combines together in the now moment, which is really the only one there is.

Take a breath, everyone, and release all of the negativity that you’ve got going on. Know that your world is coming together in a very magical way. But before we open the healing circle for everyone to come in, we’d like to talk about an important aspect of what is occurring. Yes, you have wars on your planet. However, you especially have a challenge coming up that has to do with the wheat and other products that are being held up. You see, Ukraine feeds a large portion of the world, as does Russia. Those areas have now been cut off from many parts of the world. Although there’s a lot of shuffling to try and cover the vacancies and the missing supplies, many people will go hungry. As typically is the case, it will be the people at the lower socioeconomic levels who will feel this the most. It’s incredibly sad, but kind of how things usually happen on planet Earth. So, with that understanding, let’s envision potential resolutions to this problem. And let’s not try to solve all the problems in one move, dear ones, let’s just work on this one. Let’s release all this stored grain that is being blocked and cannot be shipped out of Ukraine right now because of the war. Let’s focus on that together. Take a deep breath. And as you release it, see the light, see the energy, see the freeing of the restrictions that are holding it back. Excellent. And now take a deep breath and let it go. Good.


Now, let’s open the healing circle. There is one other issue that we’d like to mention, for it is coming up time and time and time again. It has to do with what you call mental illness. Well, by your own definition, every single person on planet Earth has some form of mental illness. In reality, dear ones, it is only one of the many imperfections that humans have to carry. And yet, there are times it would be very helpful to know, and to be aware of, that different forms of mental illness that are taking place. Except for those who deal with mental illness, most people are completely unaware of it. Of course, the challenge is that when people reach that level, they act out and often they’ll pick up a gun or weapon if it’s available. First of all, be aware and speak out when you see something. Now, does that mean that you have to know what a mental illness is? Is that up to you to diagnose that? No, of course not. All we’re asking you to do is to note anything that is out of normal order, because it does show up.

Yes, it’s hard to watch. But we’ll ask all of you, please open your eyes. See those places where even your own mental illness may affect others around you. What is the typical mental illness? Well, it ranges from schizophrenia, depression and anxiety to all sorts of different illnesses still unknown. The reality is that everyone’s ill on planet Earth. Quite simply, you all have a terminal condition because you’re in a physical body. But in reality, dear ones, you’re not in danger. Take a breath, everyone. Let’s send love to all mental illnesses, so that we may deepen our understanding and be open the possibilities of massive healing on planet Earth. So, take a deep breath and center that light right now. Excellent.


Open your eyes, and come back into the world for a moment. Since last month, you’ve carried around all these bumps and bruises in your torus from dealing with planet Earth and other humans. The beautiful straight lines that make up your torus now have little kinks in them. So, now we’ll ask any of you that need healing in your torus, to take a breath and step into the healing circle. Allow us to heal you, open your hearts and receive all the light that you can. And for those of you who did not step into the circle, open your hearts and beam light into it. Fill it full of all the energy that you hold and let them convert that energy into a healing form. Take a breath and release. Beautiful, well done, dear ones. Do you have someone that you care about who you’d like to put into the healing circle? Obviously, it has much more of an effect if you have their permission or their awareness that you’re going to put them in the healing circle. But even if not, it will still help you to do it. So, take a breath and place them into the healing circle. Once again, open your heart. Open every aspect of who you are in this moment, and beam light and love into that circle. Feel it bouncing around all around inside the circle, so that every aspect of everything in the time bubble is now filled with light and glowing brightly. Beautiful.

Well done, dear ones, well done. I am the one that works with you around the big table, the Tavern of Light. It is my job to make sure that no one gets too serious. Because when humans become too serious, you start thinking too much instead of feeling. Right now, feel all that you can; open your heart and take in every aspect of it. With that, let us bring the time bubble to a close. Going forward, at any moment it can be re-opened by anyone to add their energy to what we’ve just added. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together, as you create this beautiful new game. Well done, dear ones.

I am eM and I love you dearly.


Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer, and I join you this day with great pride. You have moved your planet already. You’ve moved the outcome of many things that were ready to take place, and more is happening every day. It’s fascinating to watch as we bring you ideas. Yes, we give you concepts. But all we’re really doing is bringing them to your attention, for you are the conscious creators. Take those ideas and bring them into your being. To be able to manifest and bring them into your life in some way, work with them to express that love. It’s truly a magical time. We know there are many difficulties on planet Earth. But these are also the times when the human heart rises, when you see more stories of heroism. You’ll see more and more stories of the heart take place, which bring out the true light of planet Earth.

Yes, it’s a beautiful time to be there. So with that, dear ones, know that each and every one of you have a piece of this. There are many things that are going to take place in the next few years. There are critical moves that will affect all that is, not just planet Earth. Why? Because you’re all connected, everything is connected. When you are able to actually use and feel that connection, and working with it on a regular basis, there is nothing that you cannot do. And that time is here now. There are all these challenges on planet Earth, with more to come. The reality is that when you step up, you create something unique. You can create where you live; you can create the environment that you work with every day. And we invite you to do exactly that. These are the times for you to create your world around you. Often you create your own sacred space, perhaps a room in your house where you meditate. Or maybe you even have a very sacred space in your office, where you can just close the door and be by yourself for a few moments. Let us elaborate on your base belief systems, for you can actually see many of them in your environment. That’s true. Take a look around, noticing all the things that are on your desk and the pictures that are on your wall. Consider the words that you’ve said or written, saying “This is me, this is who I am.” And then dare to change. Dare to move other things into those spaces, and to bring in new thoughts. Dare to manifest from a higher position even than you have before.


The time is now, dear ones, for the magic that you have created is starting to manifest over and over again. On top of that, you’re getting help. We’ve mentioned this before, but it is starting to happen more and more. You’re on a free choice planet, people cannot just come to planet Earth and say, “Oh, I’m going to help! I’m going to go in and fix things.” Well, that doesn’t work. It simply is not possible to do on a free choice planet. There were beings there in the beginning of planet Earth, six parental races that actually formed the physical bodies you use today. Of those six parental races, only four are left. The others are gone for the time being, although they will return. They will reincarnate in unison as you tend to do; you tend to reincarnate in groups. There are times when spirits incarnate together to accomplish things that you may not even be aware of consciously. Well, that’s happening now. There is an alignment taking place to offer more direct help, but they have to figure out how they can help without interfering. They are actually able to reach into your world sometimes. Not to change things or alter your path, to give you ideas, to open doors and let you feel the wind of the new energy.


Those are the things that we do from this side of the veil, we bring you opportunities. And we tell you, you have had more opportunities in recent times than you ever had before. For that you can thank the difficult times, because the difficult times are when humans come alive. They see something and they move past it one heart at a time, yet also in unison. You’re about to reach such a level of awakening on planet Earth. And it’s interesting, because you may strongly be on one side of a political argument or social issue or another. Although now it may even be almost impossible to talk about, when you take the next step up none of that matters. None of that is even important when you look at the larger picture, because all of those things are self-correcting. Oh yes, sometimes it takes a few years or other times it takes a hundred years, but they always self-correct. That is humanity, for you balance you. You challenge and balance the energies. You have help, dear ones, be aware of it. Know that you’re safer than you think. And that these are the times for you to speak your heart. Not that you have all the answers, because hopefully you’re still searching and open to possibilities. But it’s time for your heart to be heard. You’ve carried in something from Home that only you could carry. It’s a beautiful time to be here.

Soon we will bring you the next level of the game, that next part that you can all create together. Know that when you hold hands, dear ones, you create exponentially. It happens at an incredible pace and all it takes is a connection that you already have. To strengthen that connection you simply need to acknowledge it and grow it, and know that you’re never alone on this planet. Not ever. And quite honestly, we wish you’d stop trying so hard to be alone. We’re here around you all the time. We hold you when you can’t hold yourself. We help you re-member when you can’t. And yet we don’t actually direct you, for that’s your job. Our job is simply to be here to help you re-member who you really are and why you came to Earth. These are grand times, dear ones, and you are very grand beings. We sit before you with the greatest of honor, for your place has been reserved. Welcome Home. Know that you’re never that far from us. We’re right over your shoulders. It’s with the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you now step


**Channel: Steve Rother


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  1. david k gates

    The PM of Italy has resigned, so that is another corrupt WEF member out the door!! Normally……these corrupt people would never relinquish power and wealth……why now? LOL, we KNOW why!!
    (White hats)- “Resign or be arrested-Your choice. Have a nice day =)”

    Macron is in BIG trouble for personal enrichment using his position
    Boris Johnson – still kicking and grabbing at anything as they remove him
    Kallas in Estonia- resigned (or else!)
    Angela Merkel Stepping down in Sept (or else!)
    Trudeau is in hot water as well
    Sri Lanka threw out their corrupt leader…only to have DEEP STATE replace him with someone worse. He wont last long
    The Irish Government has failed a vote of NO Confidence
    The Dutch Farmers are holding massive protests THIS WEEKEND over something SNEAKY being done with Fertilizer prices…….(Great Reset)
    Biden is just about done. Hunter is toast
    Even Trump wont survive getting caught up this as he has his OWN skeletons in the closet that he will have to answer for. I think he definitely switched over to the LIGHT but still has to answer for all the negative things in his past (He HAS been to Lolita Island)