Ashtar: The Diamond Light

Do you want to go to the higher frequency of the new earth? Then it is now time to prepare for a frequency increase of the diamond field.

A field of high diamond light is created and this field opens a great spiritual portal to the fifth dimension. Those who want to join the field of higher love can step on board. We then make the spiritual journey to the new earth together, it becomes a special adventure.

The preparations are set in motion and they come to you at a wonderful moment of awakening. Focus your attention on this phenomenon and it will come to you.


It is simple, turn your heart to divine love and ask if you can be included in the field of diamond energy, it is a pure and pure energy. The primordial source from which the diamond light is born will flow and will be infinitely and abundantly present.

The Mary Energy has prepared all this and through the holy grail the energy vibrates higher. Much more can now open up in your consciousness. The etheric vehicle is going to perfect itself and with this vehicle you can travel in different dimensions. The diamond vehicle of mine, Ashtar will join it and welcome you.

Meeting other life forms is not so far away from you anymore

In order not to become overstimulated, your frequency is often increased during sleep. In this way you learn step by step to make a connection with this higher field of transmutation, so that this new knowledge comes to you in a natural way.

Contact with the other civilizations from the Light dimensions will soon increase. Do not be afraid and just ask if it can arise quietly. Ask for a sign of love and harmony so that your fear is resolved and your eyes can begin to perceive the Divine connection. A psychological interaction can take place in your brain. The brain will look for a recognition and where it can place this experience in your memories. It opens the hidden layers. These experiences are unique and tailored to the person. Every person has a different talent and a different language. The heart is connected to the symbolisms of the dreamtime, but also to your DNA and blueprint.


Every blueprint is different in tone, every person carries a unique code. This code can only be opened by yourself. Have you forgotten how the blueprint works? Remember who you are again! You can ask for help, but know that your permission is needed to retrieve the memory. In many, missteps have been made and the code has been placed in the illusion. To restore all this, you can ask for a reset. Surround yourself with the diamond light and ask your own inner gate of the heart to give your blueprint a reset of the original state of being.


The connection with your cosmic star brothers and sisters is touched when you restore the original blueprint. After all, you are part of the big picture and they will hear your call of recovery. They want to help and support you. The cosmic connections are like energetic strings that run through the cosmos, like a musical instrument, and these respond to your thought waves. Your cosmic family is beside you and from the Divine love light they will answer your question. They can place you in the diamond light. This diamond light only works if you give permission, this field works from your free will.


When you enter the field of diamond light, you experience a great power. During this reset, a deep conversion is observed, in which emotions can also come into movements.

Thoughts and images come along and sometimes you receive a download, this download contains knowledge that belongs to you and has arisen from many lives. This is who you really are, remember what your original state of being is.

The truth emerges in all areas and
opens up where you focus your attention


If you focus your attention on politics, you will begin to see the truths of it. Or if you focus on another regular area, such as the assistance, then you will see how it is. Maybe you are more interested in economics, art or your own work, then this book will open up before your eyes. You don’t have to make big movements to make a change somewhere. Open the other person’s eyes so that this seed will grow. See the gaps and solve them together.


Re-pass on the new insights formed by the Light and talk about them. Share these with each other and come together to discuss the solution. Once this is set in motion, a new spiritual energy begins to flow into the hearts of man.

Concrete plans will emerge from this and somewhere in the silence, in the background, a new basis is formed. Once you have reached the point where the spiritual Divine Light in you has opened up again, you will be directly connected to this invisible field. This field is going to work together with your etheric vehicle.

The frequency of this invisible field is high and loving, you will see: everything suddenly starts to flow automatically and many circuits are made into a whole before your eyes. These seem like miracles.

Don’t be discouraged if a lower vibration comes up right next to you and distracts you. Certain nasty situations also go along with the conversion. Follow your heart, in what you can do or not do. Protect yourself well, because everyone has their own responsibility.

Charity is beautiful and good to propagate, we support this from the loving starlight. But there are exceptions, when the situation becomes too dangerous and one’s own safety comes under pressure, bring yourself to safety. In those difficult moments, ask for the help of the Brothers of Light and sisters so that your safety is guaranteed.


Difficult times are coming and many are coming under pressure. Despite all the influences and opinions you feel coming in, always stay true to yourself and provide a secure foundation.

Stay in a relaxed atmosphere as much as possible and nurture the compassion in your heart.

The groups that have been involved in the fallen earth want to continue in their own way to carry out the artificial plan. They cannot fight the high Divine light from an artificiality, the reflection of the diamond will blind their eyes and they will become rudderless.

Adonai Ashtar

I greet the Light in your heart.

**Channel: Arthura Hector

**Translation by


13 Replies to “Ashtar: The Diamond Light”

  1. Geoff Turner

    This isn’t Ashtar, it is just someone repeating what they have read elsewhere and feeling important about it.

    Please, either channel Ashtar or shut the hell up, we don’t need another wannabe telling us what we already know.

  2. jane2415

    Why is humanity having to get such a big kicking in order to Ascend? I realise people have to wake up to the dreadful evil control –but are we even going to survive, being attacked on all fronts, food chain, poisoning the air, poisoning the water, energy bills sky rocketing, they intend to finish us off, poison vaccines … we need some hope…where is that hope?

    1. Baila Cosmin-Theodor

      From what i read in other sources humanity needs a big kick in the nodge in order for us to unite. Although there is so much info out there ppl are still separated and segrageted as you can see as vaxxed and not etc so until then there will be no ascension. The chanelings are good for hopium since nothing concrete can be extracted from them. We have to wait and see what is going to happen in the near future and from how situation is developing the huge scare event may be around the corner until then just hopium and patience. Be well.

      1. VAARRR

        it’s not a blow, it’s an event that will stop everyone, just to get ready to move to a higher state of consciousness some like a solar flare….

      2. jane2415

        Thank you I see where you are coming from HOPIUM is find if humanity is working together en masse to take down the dark, not there yet, and sadly a very big scare event is the only solution –Channeled messages are all so different and can be very confusing its best probably to go within…although that does not necessarily protect us from fear all the time.

    2. exploringandconnecting

      Well, most people just want to be comfortable. That’s it, that’s all they want out of life. They just want comfort.

      How do you make a collective ascend if most members of that collective just want comfort? Well, you make the situation so uncomfortable that ascension / waking up / asking “what the hell is going on” becomes the least uncomfortable option.

      1. jane2415

        Yes that is true, and people need the shift of consciousness, which will not happen if they stay in their comfort zones. The incoming energies are pushing the awakening of course.

    3. exploringandconnecting

      As for “where is that hope”: well, anyone who survives is very likely going to have an amazing life. Humanity’s future is unbelievably bright, in the medium term.

      If you die, well, your soul is free to reincarnate again. The only thing that’s at stake is your current costume / your current vehicle of experience. Your soul is completely safe (well, unless you decide to sell it to demons).

      So yes, the short term is probably going to be uncomfortable, although it doesn’t have to be if you’re particularly heart-centered. But in the medium term, you’re probably going to have a better life than you have now, no matter what happens.

  3. Swan

    “The cosmic connections are like energetic strings that run through the cosmos, like a musical instrument, and these respond to your thought waves.”


    Our living planet, Gaia, and Her plants/animals/crystals/waters/Nature Spirits, etc. are one with the Cosmos and together create a great symphony. They are all ascending now.

    Only humans are given free will to act independently of Divine Order. Our destructive choices have wreaked untold havoc over the millennia – which makes learning from our errors and freely choosing the Light an immensely powerful force!

    During this tumultuous phase of Ascension, our ET and Celestial guides urge us both to go within, and to spend more time outdoors in nature.

    As we reconnect to the living world around us, our little “string” joins all the others, the cosmic music swells, and our thought waves become ever more loving and ecstatic.

    Thus we move from 3D separation into 5D oneness. This is Ascension.

  4. Diamond Black

    “Meeting other life forms is not so far away from you anymore”

    Done this hundreds of times, shit you not.
    Never once asked to encounter them though, they just initiated the contact. Doesn’t bother me except for the interferers like the $nakes & vulture$

    Anticipating an apocalyptic event.


    Re-pass on the new insights formed by the Light

    when you connect with nature
    nature is empty – it is the path of one, uphill to the exit, or in the 13th octave
    you are absent
    for grounding, tune in to the society around you
    in a store, in a cafe, just on the street
    just feel their energy
    dissolve in them – it will give you a skill
    connection with the creator and the one
    automatically. you will begin to influence the world around you
    to change for the better, to your level, this will bring freshness to people from the 3rd grade rather than waiting for the opportunity in inactivity,
    you will have vision to see the changes, and we will change and raise this reality to 5D faster
    it will be a swimming pleasure and joy walk
    start to feel the people around you consciously and constantly,