Why Don’t Channeled Messages Agree With One Another?

As an awakened or awakening soul, you may have asked yourself the following question at one point or another: How is it that two or more channeled entities, energies, beings or groups (with whom you may otherwise be resonating highly) appear to be so VEHEMENTLY disagreeing and divergent on so MANY issues? And HOW is it that ONE entity or group (that you even RESONATE with!) comes through with one specific opinion, and yet, ANOTHER entity or group (that you resonate EQUALLY with!) say things that are entirely in OPPOSITION or CONTRADICTION to the FORMER?

So I’ll (attempt to) make this answer as simple as I can: There are (exactly!) infinite realities. As also are there infinite PERSPECTIVES. All of which are EQUALLY valid and loved in the eyes of Source / God / Creator — for Source is nothing but Unconditional LOVE itself. Which also includes things such as unconditional acceptance, unconditional compassion, unconditional forgiveness, and such.


Furthermore, anything that you can (or cannot yet) imagine ALREADY EXISTS somewhere, for Source contains it ALL. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called All-That-Is, it would be called All-That-Is-MINUS-This-One-Thing.



Please think about this for a second: If everything is a dream anyways, is it that shocking to you that one dream (illusion) allows for a round earth, whilst yet another dream allows for a flat one? And so what if the physical laws don’t allow for such? It’s a dream, folks. A dream. A dream, a dream, a dream.


ONE aspect of the creator can well dream that light travels at 299,792,458 metres per second. And yet ANOTHER aspect of the creator can well dream of light in THEIR reality travels at well over at 300,000,000,000,000 miles per nanosecond. And so, WHO’S going to stop them from dreaming such (in what is entirely a made-up ILLUSION)? You?


If we are all (seemingly) living upon a round Earth right now where something such as flying is easier said than done, it is only so by collective AGREEMENT and nothing ELSE. And yet, even THOSE agreements can be broken under special conditions and clauses of the contract. Hence the floating monks and the masters walking on water. And you can bet your LIFE ON IT that if enough of us decided to make a collective agreement to shift over to a Flat Earth reality / universe tomorrow (and if making such a contract doesn’t interfere with our other life contracts and soul agreements here); then, in NO TIME whatsoever, would all of us be waking up in a FLAT Earth reality (with, potentially, entirely different physical laws and such) the very NEXT DAY even. Because THAT is how powerful we all are, as creator GODS.



And thus, it is imperative here that we understand these simple facts about the dream / hologram / illusion that we all call life as we prepare to move into ever higher and higher dimensions, densities, planes and realms of existence shortly – and more importantly, as our individual and collective soul contracts begin to expire and change accordingly. Love living in an inverted universe? Go for it! Wanna live in an universe where gravity only activates on Fridays? Go for it! There’s a universe in which Hillary Clinton saved the world from a Nuclear Holocaust and there’s a universe in which the Pope is secretly Batman. It’s all a dream, an illusion, a hologram anyways. How do rules and laws and restrictions of any kind even matter? It’s what the (said universe’s) creators make of it, really. For everything that you can IMAGINE already EXISTS.



Now, I understand that the above information might just be a tad bit “too much” or “(way too far) OUT THERE” for some folks on here, but well, this is a SPIRITUAL growth and expansion website, not a mollycoddling one. It can’t be that we just keep on SAYING and REPEATING and CHORUSING and PARROTING things such as “all of reality is an illusion”, “everything is maya”, “the matrix is real” and other fancy spiritual quotes like that all day long — but when push comes to shove, be like, “Yeah that’s all good but the Reptilian Demoncrats are the ONLY ONES behind of all evil in existence.”


Nope. Doesn’t work like that, exactly.



If reality was as truly FIXED as PEOPLE thought it were, we’d all have stopped at CLASSICAL Physics — and QUANTUM Physics wouldn’t even be a THING in here today. If reality was as “non-illusory” as (nearly) everyone said it was, ingesting LSD or DMT or Mushrooms would give all people the EXACT SAME replicable experiences, and not something NEW every single time. Also, you probably wouldn’t know who the fuck Einstein or Tesla was either.



So very fluid, expansive, loving and all ACCEPTING is this reality (illusion), that even those whom WE deem as being entirely selfish (and even cruel) by their very nature, have all been given an entirely SEPARATE evolutionary paths of their own back to Source. It’s called the “Service-To-Self” Path (unlike the Service-To-Others / Service-To-All paths), and you are free to read all about it (and more) in the Law Of One material by Ra.


So learn to let everyone’s UNIQUE little PERSPECTIVES be, and yet, LOVE THEM all the same ANYWAYS!



And THAT IS WHY you keep on getting channeled messages that ALMOST ALWAYS feel like they’re gladly echoing the social, political, philosophical and any other views and viewpoints and ideas of the said CHANNELLER themselves. Because the entities or groups being channeled – in almost all cases – simply do not DESIRE TO bring through their own thoughts and perspectives on things, for fear of accidentally influencing someone’s FREE WILL in one way or the other (or getting free negative Karma off of it). They would much rather let one make their OWN discoveries, generate their OWN unique PERSPECTIVES through their OWN choices and DECISIONS, and determine (the nature of) their OWN reality in the process accordingly. I mean, isn’t that what ALL OF US are here for, ULTIMATELY? To CHOOSE and MANIFEST and CREATE our OWN unique desired reality, instead of (futilely!) attempting to be someone else’s carbon copy?


And THIS IS WHY it’s said: TAKE what RESONATES and LEAVE the REST.


Be the happy and joyful DESIGNER of your own UNIQUE reality. Doesn’t matter if you take three cool ideas (that you RESONATE with) from channeled message #1, sixty-nine fun concepts from channeled message #2, and exactly ZERO things from channeled message #3, #4, and #5. For indeed, are YOU the grand Mixologist, the very Master Chef of your OWN unique and special “reality”. So feel free to take THAT which RESONATES, and leave that which does not. And so shall your (PERFECT!) “reality” be!



So, in closing and in conclusion, be like the Duck-Billed Platypus. The Duck-Billed Platypus has exactly ZERO PROBLEMS in having a Duck’s bill, an Otter’s feet, a Beaver’s tail, and some EGGS to lay at that — all whilst still being a MAMMAL (of all things) no less! Any and all so-called “laws” of “reality” and “acceptability” and “normalcy” be damned!!! The very creature is a TEACHER to all of humanity when it comes to understanding what an ILLUSION really even means, and how to truly, deeply, LIVE IT according to one’s own unique PREFERENCES and CHOICES here no less.


In summary:


With the feet of an otter and the bill of a duck,

He’s got feats of a champ yet he gives no fucks,

A creature, a teacher, a MASTER of pure FUN…

He’s got 99 quacks, but he ain’t ONE.


In Love and Light,

– Don Spectacularis

42 Replies to “Why Don’t Channeled Messages Agree With One Another?”

  1. Geoff Turner

    Don, why don’t you start your own website. You could call it Dons Spectacular Ego where you can write lengthy articles in a condescending manner and then reply to every single comment in a way that builds your ego and disempowers the person writing the comment.

    You’d have a large following based on the comments here.

    1. Claudia

      LOL Geoff. Shakespeare would love you for that comment. Besides: The Ego is the most missunderstood aspect of “The One” and so, not meaning to be rude, but, where do you think your comment is coming from? 🤭😉

      (But I agree. Don’s hard to compete with. 🤷)

    2. one

      He gives a linkedin link at the end of his “channeling” One thing is for certain, he will aid his followers in discovering that which is illusion.

    3. Gustavo Frein

      I kinda like Don and his ego. I think he and I could be friends, as long as he acknowledges that I am always right.

  2. Jon

    I feel you says it well. I think many people forget that we each have our own individual paths to follow and that we each create our own realities based on those individual paths. There are infinite parallel universes and so each person who channels something different will resonate to that specific parallel universe. There are no right or wrong ways that this whole process of ascension happens. I have a close friend that sees things happening very differently than what I do. Simply put, she will be in that parallel universe experiencing those events while I will experience it the way I see it. We all just need to respect each other’s choices and paths.

  3. Calgon Take Me Away

    Actually, channeled messages don’t agree because the PTW don’t want them to agree. They want us confused and at odds with each other. Channelers need to learn to set PROTECTION so only those with their greatest good can come through. I distrust channelers at this point, as they tend to let anyone use them as mouthpieces.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      So I’ve found there to be a grain of (what resonates with me as) truth in some of the darkest channelings out there. Unbeknownst to the powers-that-were, they’re actually ASSISTING US in sharpening our discernment skills lol

    2. exploringandconnecting

      Agree that it’s important to set protection and I also agree that some channelers are passing along information that’s not from benevolent beings. Although at other times the information is from higher beings and humans just go “this message goes against my worldview, hence it must be from a malevolent being.”

      On top of the protection you mentioned, another layer of security is asking “are you with the light?” If a malevolent being says “yes” to that, it has very real consequences for them, so typically it will either leave or try to give some kind of explanation why you can trust it without saying “yes.”

      1. Don Spectacularis

        Couldn’t reply to your comment below (the reply button vanished for some reason) but keep up that good work of channelling and keep those posts coming!!! Really resonated a LOT with both of your posts!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Brian Knave

    I’ve been studying channeled literature since the late 70’s (starting with Seth and Jane Roberts, whom I befriended) and in my experience most channeled material actually IS in agreement, at least on the core issues. I find it interesting that you’ve had such a different experience. Perhaps you just stumbled upon one too many fake channelers?

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I’ll give a simple example here to illustrate. Consider a topic such as war. For a channel such as Matthew (Suzanne Ward), it is a necessary evil, whereas for yet another channel such as Espavo (Steve Rother), it is the dark work of a power-crazy dictator. NESARA is an essential ingredient to our ascension as per the Collective (Caroline Oceana Ryan) whereas for the channeler known as Brad Johnson (Adronis), even the very IDEA of NESARA is utterly nonsensical (to say the LEAST). And where transmissions by numerous channelers speak openly of the “dark vs light” battle; those such as Bashar (Darryl Anka) and the 9D Arcturian Council refuse to even as much as ACKNOWLEDGE such a thing (to even as much as BEGIN WITH).

      ALL of the above mentioned channels OTHERWISE put out what one would call fairly “higher vibrational” content, and yet, on numerous CRITICAL matters, they stand entirely on OPPOSITE ends, for SOME reason.

      Hence the article.

      1. exploringandconnecting

        Good points.

        There’s a couple of things going on there, I think:

        – some channelers may have strong biases, which can lead to a non-pure message.

        – some beings that are channeled may not actually be benevolent.

        – we humans think in terms of “the future”, but in reality there’s lots of futures (timelines) we may end up in, depending on our choices. But humans don’t tend to like it when ETs say “so here’s ten possible things that could happen.” Hence ETs typically say “this could happen” and another ET says “that could happen” and they’re both right — we humans should just shift our perspective from “an ET said this so it’s 100% going to happen” to “an ET said this so it could happen.”

        – ETs / collectives can have different agendas, even if they’re all benevolent. Maybe one ET wants to encourage humans to turn inwards, so they refuse to even discuss “dark vs light” battles. Whereas another ET might be a soldier-type and they might focus on the “dark vs light” battle and encourage Earthlings to send love to specific places instead of focusing inwards.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Perfectly summarized! 🙂 Also, there appears to be some kind of a natural tendency (or psychological phenomenon?) within us humans to trust someone like CRAZY if even ONE THING they say comes true or resonates with us. It’s like a switch gets turned on inside of our brains – after which – we tend to start re-aligning our EXPECTATIONS to what the said being / collective SAYS is a possibility, in turn giving our power away and (unconsciously) creating through flawed expectation — by trusting a source which could well be entirely COMPROMISED.

          So I guess it helps to know this (rather unconscious?) tendency of ours, so as to help us thoroughly AVOID IT in the future. Cheers!! 🙂 🍻 🙂 🥂

          1. exploringandconnecting

            Yeah, great point. Malevolent beings often give 80% truth and 20% lies, which makes it easy to get fooled by them.

  5. Daedalus

    Because theyre all channeled through a human that distorts them, intentionally or unintentionally. When you have embedded themes and patterns that are very human-like, then you can be assured its not something authentically added by some “higher entity”.

    This means that every channel is unique – but every channel is also never 100 % authentic, and every channel embeds parts of its human channel into the message.

    Sadly, far too many people put the channels on the pedestal like some kind of personal saviour or simply because they “want to hear good news” so it can uplift them. And then it starts to resemble even like a cult or religion in some cases. Addicted to “good news”.

    While the truth is, every individual should become an intuitive beacon for themselves. Yes, its the “hard way”, but its the only proper way. No saviours coming to save us, no “alliances” coming to sweep the bad guys, no divine interventions with ships …

    Its all just a subtle individual tuning in to different frequency, and then making a quantum leap.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I remember the 9D Arcturian Council (channeled by Daniel Scranton) putting it this way:: (paraphrasing):: “The REAL battle between light and darkness is one that is occurring WITHIN you.”

      Really hit the head on the nail with that one!

      1. One

        There is no battle between light and dark but only in those who remain mired in the illusion such as you.

        1. exploringandconnecting

          There are multiple perspectives, each with a certain amount of value. From one perspective, there is a battle between light and dark. From another perspective, all is one / all is God / all is as it should be.

          In my opinion we shouldn’t discard “lower” perspectives once we access “higher” perspectives. We should learn to use either when appropriate.

          After all, we’re still physical beings living in a mostly 3d world. Having access to higher perspectives is great, but if you’re walking alone at night through a dark alleyway in a bad neighborhood, you still risk getting robbed. Lower perspectives still have some value and utility.

          That said, there’s certainly an argument to be made for: don’t focus on the “bad beings” outside yourself and focus instead inwardly / on the world you want to create.

          1. Don Spectacularis

            VERY well put. Furthermore, ALL of us – whether we like it or not – are BIG TIME under the veil of forgetfulness. We have access to such a LIMITED amount of knowledge, wisdom and understanding regarding the true nature of things that it’s only natural for us to not get all of it. Hell, even getting SOME OF IT is nothing short of a massive achievement on here.

            So, for instance, it may be very well for some 9th Dimensional or 5th Density being/collective to completely ignore mentioning the dark aspects of life, or vaccinations, and all of that stuff; but for US, such things are very, very REAL. Yes, maybe it’s because WE didn’t yet figure out our creative powers yet and whatnot, and yet, I’m not in favour of completely DISREGARDING them either. So as it stands, we listen to all messages, and take what resonates for us; and in many cases, take what WORKS.

            Thank you for your comment 🙂 🙂 🙂

          2. one

            What bad things? As above so below, as within as without. Where’s those bad things again?

            Of course Don would agree he’s a spiritual con

    2. Christed

      If you read the volumes of the Matthew Books by Suzanne Ward and contrast with The Law of One series, you would be reviewing the rigorous process of channeling in the latter case and the tendency of the material to be colored by the channelers’ belief systems. Thus in the Law of One you encounter the unwillingness of the entity to speak beyond the queries of the participants, keeping with freewill and non interference laws, thereby severely limiting the massive throve of truth that may have been available to the world at that time to the group consciousness level of the channelers. Now here is part of why you will take most channeled messages with a pinch of salt: The recipient may also be corrupted by contaminated energies from outside and within if not in a solid neutral or highly protected state of receiving. Strictly speaking, Matthew and his Mother’s are most unique on their own, not as channeled trance-like downloads, but active telepathic discourses in that the mother actively challenged so many concepts advanced by Matthew with skepticism and disbelief while Matthew insisted on the truth of his words. Several light sources and asended masters also spoke with Matthew and his mother. Now, barring the secret messaging systems of Tibetan lamas of old, such a feat as Matthew and his mother’s may have never been achieved in the history of our universe. At a point, threatened with interference threats of the dark forces, Matthew had to summon the supportive energies of Nirvana’s High Light Forces to protect the transmission between himself and his mother. That higher light protection is why his messages are corroborated by almost the entire realms of channeled truths streaming to our consciousness in these times. For me it helps to discern from the babel of discourses promoting egoic or outright misinformation in the guise of alternate timelines, or when a genuine lightworker occasionally spouts out some patterns that are more in alignment with personal idiosyncrasies and less with our Collective’s most consistent optimal consciousness of our ascension and liberation.
      Many thanks, Don Spectacularis, for your insight and for the mention of Matthew messages and the Law of One.

      1. Don Spectacularis

        Cheers Christed! 🍻🥂🍻 Also, Thank You for that truly insightful and well-written comment! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. exploringandconnecting

        I love Matthew’s messages too.

        That said, I don’t think they’re unique, because I too can have telepathic communication with ETs in a conversational way. And I can write them down and turn them into channeled messages just fine. In fact, I already have a youtube account and I’ve already been published on this site (just not under the name I’m posting this comment with).

        In my experience, there’s two kinds of channeling that are possible to do:

        1) some beings, including Matthew’s mother and I and presumably others, can just have a telepathic conversation with an ET or dead person or Archangel or ascended master. However, what’s actually happening here is that images and energy is being sent back and forth, not specific sentences. The channeler’s mind constructs the sentence based on said images and energy. So the channeler’s mind had better be pure and this isn’t a great method for sending highly technical and specific messages. Although of course the channeled being can always say “hang on, what you’re writing down isn’t what I meant.”

        2) the “normal” kind of channeling involves entering a trance and slowly getting one word after the other. This is a lot slower and more exhausting. The advantage of this is that it you can get the precise message, word-for-word. You see this clearly with the law of one: no human would use that language. If that channeler had used the first method of channeling, the message would have sounded more human-like and it wouldn’t have drained her as much, but specific information could have been lost.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Ah, you shouldn’t have said YOU wrote on here too coz NOW I’m so very CURIOUS to know more lol! 😀 😀

          1. exploringandconnecting

            Haha. Well, if you’re curious, I channeled the Hakann and Tunia messages from last Wednesday, in the conversational way (or method 1 above). Though I don’t think that method 1 inherently leads to higher quality channelings, it’s just faster and less tiring.

            By the way, I love your enthusiasm and energy. I had a bit of a rough day, so thanks for that.