Message from the Star Arcturus: All is Made of Love

The essence of Being

Love is everything, love lives in every being, love is in every phenomenon, love is the raw material and building block of all Being.

Thus, God is the love from which all love originates. Created by God, alive through God’s breath, everything exists for one reason only: LOVE.

Everything that veers away from love, moves away from love and denies love, will one day find its way back to love, the foundation of all life. This is a law of nature, because a being’s longing for love may be covered and buried and remain completely hidden – but it is indestructible and, deep down, waiting to be awakened.

It often occurs that many people need many lives to remember – to remember who they truly are and who they were.

Challenges, drama, pain and suffering are often companions – until one day, a person suddenly gets the idea of wanting to leave the carousel of transience.

This first idea is the beginning of change, return and awakening. Once a person has gotten to that point, everything else can happen very fast. The right people come into their life and the necessary circumstances are created. The longing for truth, purity, happiness and love gets everything well on its way.

Often long periods of time pass until a person realizes or is willing to realize, but once the process has started, the train into the light is unstoppable. Heaven pours its cornucopia over this person and they receive everything that supports them in their self-discovery.

That is the explanation for profound and life-changing events. This refers to anyone who is facing situations that seem unmanageable – they will be granted the strength, wisdom and courage to master the situation.

Those whose love for truth and love for self is active will receive the guidance necessary to master the tasks and find their way back to themselves.

Pure blood

Today, a great number of people – older souls – are on the verge of perceiving life in a completely new way. The wars of the past, conflicts and arguments no longer exert fascination, and so these people turn away from this kind of fight. A different kind of energy is flowing through their veins – the blood is pure.

Now the problems of this time, of humanity facing ascension and earth facing the greatest shift of all times, need to be resolved in a new way.

This is where love is applied:

Love for everything that is without denying anything, forgiveness in any given situation without forgetting, and compassion with every being without ignoring the suffering that was caused.

What this earth needs now is human beings with courage, clarity and truthfulness, and they exist – abundantly.

This is why many of you will achieve mastery of themselves and this level of being during the course of this lifespan, and this is why your ascension and entrance into the new reality will be successful.

This is why the celestial powers are standing by you – and so is God in HIS light in perfect love.

So go ahead, beloved human, and follow your yearning!

With endless love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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