Lions Gate Ascension Update

Beloved Ones,

As we approach the Galactic New Year on July 26th, we will begin to feel the intensity of the fiery Lion’s Gate portal, occurring on the 8/8 of August, as never before. A portal of expansion and conscious creation in which our intentional focus is pivotal to manifesting the desired outcomes.  A gateway that is supported by other planetary forces coming from the energies coming from the Sun in Leo, together with the New Moon, triple conjunction, Mercury, and Ceres in this same sign. Very potent energies that depending on where we are will help us to burn/dissolve the ego, or to show us where we are still governed by it.

This year the Lions Gate brings frequencies of massive change within our DNA, for there are many who are ready to begin the process of Sirian code activation, although for this to occur first we need to heal our DNA, so we can begin the conscious process of reconnection. Wisdom codes were placed within our DNA by the Sirians, for they were also deeply involved in humanity seedings, for when we awaken our consciousness and begin the process of conscious remembrance, and DNA rehabilitation.

It is essential to leave aside magical thinking, illusions, and other distortions that were implanted upon us or that are self-created, and begin to restore our wings portal (right and left shoulder portals) to begin opening ourselves to who we truly are – sixth-dimensional beings with the power to reconnect our DNA and exit from the matrix.

As I previously shared in the Sirian portal message, Guides invite us to continue working on our throat chakra, as Leo reminds us, as its main center is the throat, heart, and thymus. These body centers are the ones that help us express ourselves, liberating our voice and feelings from eons of repression.

Using the Blue Flame will help us to burn lower energies, distortions, and other debris from our throat portal in our body, allowing our true expression, and essence, to flourish again and opening ourselves to our fifth-dimensional self, initiating ourselves into the work with our fifth body. This is when we begin to understand and accept, that our journey is not about our egoic will, but about the Divine’s Will, embracing its designs for us and All.

It is important as well to work with the fifth orb within our 12D template, as well as its correspondent dimension. As multidimensional beings, it is pivotal to work on all levels and dimensions, not just in a superficial way, as we will not be reaching the core of what needs to be addressed.

At a 3D level, especially for the ones who are beginning on this evolutionary journey, Leo’s energies will help them work with the clearing and mastery of their egoic self, for this is the first step towards recognizing our Divinity and inner power, to clear egoic distortions and to awake to who we truly are, humbly and gradually, awakening Leo’s true virtues (honesty, Will Power and courage, etc.)

To support us in the process of conscious integration, and soul mission embodiment, Guides invite us to call upon the Six Ray, The Ruby ray which is for those who have been born with the mission to serve. This Ray will assist us in having harmony, the inner strength, devotion and will to follow our soul’s path, overcoming the many obstacles that come in our evolutionary path.

To open our hearts to the Lions Gate energies it is essential to work with our heart torus electromagnetic field, which has an annular shape, visualizing a bright green emerald torus surrounding our heart center, rotating and expanding from the inside out, as our heart does so too. This will allow us to heal and build a strong and healthy barrier around our heart center, as we continue working with it.

It is pivotal to work with our heart center, healing it and creating healthy boundaries, so we transform all the arrogance, anger, and other similar feelings that may reside in our heart center and emotional bodies, into bravery, and all the healthy attributes that the Lions Gate’s energies invite us to align with.

The crystal that Guides invite us to work with, to connect with the upper seventh-dimensional planes, and allow us to descend more wisdom, is Celestite, a delicate but very powerful crystal, that will help us connect with our Unified Self, Guides, and the many angelic dimensions that can help us bring more awareness and love.

It is a passage for us to continue working on regaining personal sovereignty, something that is achieved through many years of inner work and the constant choice of revising and clearing old beliefs, false ascension timeliness, and everything that disempowers and impedes us to see the Truth.

This is why it is so important to work in our heart center, to remain in the love that we are, confronting and overcoming through our personal power all challenges that may distract us from achieving our personal mission of ascension, as well as the global one that we too brought with us.

This is a crucial time in the history of humanity in which we all need to transcend the ego, move into our heart’s space, discern what is false and what is true for us, and create the future timeline we desire to navigate, as every personal achievement is a step forward for the ascension of humanity.

I wish you a loving passage, Beloved Ones.

May you all remain in the Illumined Essence of your Hearts.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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