Sain Germain: Different Flames

Question 1: Dearly beloved Master,

Are there other flames, different colors for different uses?

St Germain: There are indeed. There is the blue ray of power, the yellow ray of wisdom, and the pink ray of love. Each have their symbol to utilize: the blue ray is that of St Michael’s sword, the yellow ray is that of the lamp of illumination or Light. And the pink ray’s symbol is the heart or the diamond.

Question 2
If so, would you please give us a brief overview?

St Germain: You ask for brevity, very well because this subject can be spoken of for more time than Sharon has.


St Germain: Very well. You understand that you are comprised of all of these rays of course because you are a Light being, a white light being, and all colours make up the colour white.

So when you are feeling disempowered, you ask for St Michael’s ray of blue to strengthen within you. You ask him to attend on whatever matter you are currently dealing with. If you are feeling disempowered then ask the ray to teach you what it is you must know, however you must be willing to submit to it.

For the yellow ray of wisdom, the procedure is the same. You do not know how to decide on a particular matter but you desire the best outcome, the wisest outcome for yourself. Sit in quietness with eyes closed and visualize the yellow ray shining upon you as you sit. Notice Archangel Jophiel in attendance and ask his help in this matter.

Visualize the three-fold flame within your heart and see the yellow flame growing stronger as it entwines the blue and pink flames.

Who do you see as being a wise person? Wisdom was brought to you as a philosophy by the buddha, who was a yellow ray, and perhaps draw on any understanding you have of this philosophy.

There are many ways to access and strengthen the rays within you but ultimately it has to do with making the correct choice. However there is much guidance to be had.

For the pink ray, understand that you are feeling unloving and desire not to be so in a particular matter. Ask the pink ray to shine upon you, envision yourself sitting within its crystal energy and draw upon this energy, breathe it in, in order to access more of it.

Ask for the Mother Mary to attend to you. She is master of many rays including the pink ray of love. Or ask for Archangel Chamuel to attend to you.

But for all, sit in quiet contemplation of your challenge and ask that you be given direction to do the right thing. Then forget about your worries; this only keeps one’s frequency low. It is in the highest frequency that you desire to walk and so you call on these champions in order to do so.

(he means champions like masters, not winners at games)

Question 3
And expand on how to use these other flames to aid in our ascension?

St Germain: The process is the same, my lady, as I have described above.

It is actually these flames/crystals that you can use to help the world in its collective ascension as you use the violet flame. All other flames/crystals can be used to accomplish the same as with the violet flame.

The violet flame eradicates negativity but the crystal of love and the ray of wisdom are other assets that are important in this ascension process.

Sitting quietly, breathe deeply. Whatever gift you wish to bestow more of to this planet, or to a part of this planet or to someone on this planet, breathe in that ray or visualize yourself sitting within the crystal as you breathe. Allow the ray to be released through you through the appropriate chakra: Either pink ray through the heart, blue ray through the throat, violet ray through the third eye and the yellow ray through the crown chakra.

You are most welcome. Happy travels!

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