Putin ‘Was Replaced by Body Double’ for Iran Talks Ukraine Claims

The-Sun | Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin may have used a body double for his arrival at a summit in Tehran this week, the head of Ukrainian intelligence said.

Putin, 69, bounced along the red carpet with his arm hanging limp by his side after shuffling down the steps of his presidential jet.

But the animated warmonger – who is rumoured to have Parkinson’s or terminal cancer  – appeared to walk faster than usual, and seemed more alert than in previous public appearances and footage, Ukrainian sources said.

Major General Kyrylo O. Budanov told Ukraine’s 1+1 news channel he was sceptical about Putin’s energetic appearance – in a nod to reports the president may already be using body doubles and pre-recorded appearances to hide his poor health.

“I will only hint,” Budavov said in the interview.

“Please look at the moment of Putin’s exit from the plane. Is it Putin at all?”

The Russian leader met Iran’s leadership and hardline Islamist tyrant Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with whom he was expected to discuss war plans and weapon exchanges in their coordinated campaign against the West.

It was Putin’s first trip outside the boundaries of the former Soviet Union since the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Khamenei – sworn enemy of the US, UK and Israel – is one of only a handful of world leaders still willing to do business with blood-soaked outcast Putin.

Turkey’s strongman president Recep Tayyip Erdogan – blasted over human rights abuses and strained relations with NATO allies – joined the pair for talks.

But a humiliated Putin was forced to wait an excruciating 48 seconds for Erdogan to enter the room for their photo-op – seen as a withering dig at the Russian leader.

Putin has described Western sanctions as a declaration of economic war – and is also attempting to build bridges with China and India.

Suspicions over Putin’s use of body doubles come two years after he first admitted he had considered using them, but has since then said he had dropped the idea.

“I discarded the idea of any doubles,” he said.

Putin’s health has been subject to huge scrutiny in the wake of the war in Ukraine, and rumours continued to mount in the wake of last month’s military parade when the tyrant was seen with a blanket over his legs.



14 Replies to “Putin ‘Was Replaced by Body Double’ for Iran Talks Ukraine Claims”

  1. Harrrie

    It’s possible that Putin really is fighting the Cabal and Deep State in Ukraine, keeping the US away from its borders and destroying the labs. For starters he asked the Ukraine civilians to leave before it started. He also announced that some damage to Ukraine was not done by Russian fighters. If Russian fighters are not doing this damage, who do we think it is? Its very unlikely the Ukrainians would, unless they are bombing areas already damaged. It could be that Putin’s at war with the Cabal and Deep State and it’s the Cabal and Deep State that are bombing Ukraine to make Russia look like the bad guys.
    I wish the rest of the world would increase their love, send it to all troubled places, so the Cabal, Deep State and evil people will leave. Just fade away, none of them able to tolerate the higher, faster vibrations of love.
    What means do we have to ask the whole world to send an intention of love at 1200 noon each day to all the troubled people living in turmoil and unrest? Facebook? YouTube? Wiki? Billboards? Flyers? School announcements?
    If all people do it at the same time with the same intention in love, it would actually end all violence. I think about this often. There is so much power in us. When all our power is used at the same time it can change our world overnight.

  2. Jan

    “Western propaganda?” No mention of this nonsense in the Western news media… at least not what I watch. The very mention of it being misinformation by the western news media is itself misinformation. No place for that here!

  3. david k gates

    Are you STILL caught up in the third dimensional nonsense of politics and war?

    It is just “more of the same” manipulations yet too many, even HERE on these pages, are STILL caught up in the manipulations and STILL living in the OLD SYSTEM

    1. david k gates

      THIS SUBJECT and the story itself SERVES NO HIGHER PURPOSE!!
      It is designed to keep humans ENSNARED in 3D BS

  4. Emmanuel Mnguni

    Welcome to the Western propaganda! This writer says Vladimir Putin is still alive, but terminally ill with whatever ailment (of which none of my business). At some point the very same Western (or worsened) propaganda told us that Vladimir Putin was killed in 2019 and was replaced by an Avatar (whatever it means) or CGI. Please stop believing the Western media lies.

  5. LJ

    In a world where truth is touted as lies and lies are put forth as truth (a la “1984”) I can only sit back and watch the “show” play out. I do not believe any real “truths” will be known (and accepted by all) for a very long time…maybe not even in my lifetime. The only thing I will say about Putin is…haven’t many of us had illnesses that left us weak and unsteady for a period of time, only to resolve later? And, many times, we feel regenerated when the illness passes. There are also some diseases…that are not “life threatening”…that relapse and then remit. Like MS. Sometimes I wish world leaders would be more forthcoming with health issues but, then again, people (and MSM) would just twist the truth around, blow it out of proportion, claim it’s a lie, etc, etc so what is even the point? The outside world is a mess. Nothing is as it seems. But we can pray, meditate, get out into nature, connect with others like ourselves, remain calm, joyful and protect our inner peace. Blessings to all!!

  6. Vicki.

    Boy a lot of hateful talk .I don’t think anyone in America knows what is really going on being we are not well informed.

  7. Vincent Gorman

    This is Western Propaganda. Averyone knows Putin is fine and most of the world has sided with Putin as he liberates Ukraine and the Planet of the Globalists Nazi Zalensky as he takes his orders fro Biden’s controllers. Frankly i’m surprised to see such nonsense from an organization calling itself Era of Light. These writers are completely in and of the dark.

    1. Daedalus

      Yeah, absolutely … he sure “liberates” Ukrainian civilians from their lives and they obviously cannot wait Russian bombs, tanks and soldiers to as soon as possible to “liberate” them.

      I have seen so many horrors that Russians made in last several months in Ukraine, that it isnt even fathomable how some things could be even done to other human beings.

      The “people” like you are completely insane and out of mind. In 21st century, supporting wars, genocides and ethnic cleansing, while civilians die in mass, just so you can keep your dellusions intact, it shows how completely broken you are. Folks like you have zero idea what is a war and what effect it has on civilians.

      Good guys never invade other countries, never escalate conflicts into full wars, never target civilians. Is that hard to comprehend ?

      1. Iris

        Yes, I’ve often wondered how those who rejoice that Putin is “liberating” Ukraine would feel if Russia was pounding THEIR cities and towns into rubble.

        I marvel that anyone can watch an endless flood of apocalyptic images – the haunted faces, starving animals, children’s bodies amidst the smoking ruins – and think this is somehow a “good thing?”

        These are not fake photos, but the haunted record from millions of cell phones taken by folks like us.

        Where’s the compassion, or even common sense? How will such murderous 3D rampaging help our Ascension into 5D love, peace and harmony??

      2. Vrdio

        It is thought of people who all still victims of “Divide et impera”. They don’t see out of the box, yet.