To Heat Wave, With Love

Dearest lights,

Many upon our planet – Europeans in particular – are currently facing the wrath of an extremely powerful heat wave situation. Now, regardless of whether the said heat wave is natural, man-made, or straight up manufactured, we can all lend an (energetic) helping hand here to those who are suffering the most from it. The men, the women, the children, the elderly, the animals, and the trees — all could greatly benefit at this time from our collective energetic intentions, prayers, and blessings no less.


Now, many of you might be tempted here to say, “Well, but don’t the humans DESERVE what is coming to them for all that they’ve done to nature?” and things like that — and to that, I’ll say —  that at this time, most humans upon our world are actually doing their best to HELP (and be FRIENDS WITH) nature, and NOT hinder it in any way whatsoever. You can see that in how much awareness has increased regarding things such as recycling, green energy, sustainability, and things as simple as planting trees and being kind to animals ALL ACROSS our planet, even in places where you’d least expect it, at this time.


Please note here that HUMANS, as a species, are actually VERY kind and loving beings. The TRUE culprits behind the destruction of nature (and the destruction of kindness etc.), are usually the rich elite and politicians who own ALL of the resources, polluting corporations, weapons, and other such dark and depressing things. And they will ride out the said heat wave in the cooling comforts of their Air Conditioned homes and offices, well, at least until they’re all taken out anyways. In other words, the only ones to bear the wrath of the said heat wave are nice and kind human beings who only have everyone’s very best intentions and interests at heart.



Now, is this heat wave truly essential for awakening SOME (still asleep) members of our planet? Most certainly. And that job it (this heat wave) is doing quite so successfully ANYWAYS. As for the rest, we can all assist them by visualizing experiences such as a calming burst of rains everywhere (that is facing this heat wave), to cool down our beautiful planet and its peoples. Because remember, this heat wave is doing practically NOTHING to those RESPONSIBLE for it — it only hurts the common people such as you and I, and THAT only makes things WORSE.



And with that being said, please do join me every day at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM GMT to take out just 2-5 minutes for sending all heat wave affected areas upon our planet your love, your light, your joy, and your peace. Furthermore, you can imagine pleasant light rains cooling down all of these affected areas all over the planet. And to imagine this successfully, I recommend that you watch some rain videos on YouTube, and tune deeply into the sound and the FEELING of the said rain, as it rains JOY and COOLNESS everywhere (use headphones if needed!) And then, simply project those feelings of pure joy and coolness OUTWARD into the affected areas upon our planet, and IMAGINE / VISUALIZE / INTEND that ALL BEINGS are joyfully enjoying the weather, playing in the rains as little children do, and what-else-have-you! Truly, DEEPLY feel into those frequencies, and then, just let go and let the universe take care of the rest.


And, as a BONUS add-on, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to invite EVERY LAST HIGHER BEING that you can think of to ASSIST YOU in this process, from Angels and Archangels to the Galactics, Inner Earthers, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Higher and Future Selves, Soul Families, all Higher Beings and God no less! For this help is free, and all you need to do to get it (as per Divine Law) is just ASK for it!



Finally, do remember to take out tiny moments (of 2-5 minutes) each day to send the very same energies, prayers, blessings, intentions and thoughts to all affected areas upon the planet, and ASK that ALL be assisted in the very highest of ways here, to get safely and soundly through it all into a more BEAUTIFUL, more “chilled-out” world.



PLEASE DO SHARE AND TRANSLATE THIS MESSAGE EVERYWHERE that you possibly can, blog about it, video about it and speak about it with your loved ones and communities (and get them involved too!), and let us show the universe the sheer RAW POWER of what TOGETHERNESS and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS can even do!


In INFINITE Love, Light and Gratitude,

– Don Spectacularis

3 Replies to “To Heat Wave, With Love”

  1. S

    I agree that the elite along with MSM deflect their responsiblity when it comes to pollution. Most men and women seek to live in harmony with nature. It is our default mechanism.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Indeed. Most people are actually also very loving and kind, but 3D life (and its many cruelties) tend to harden or break them. And STILL most people continue to do their best to be as good as possible, which in itself makes ‘human-ity’ something of a miracle.