Pallas Athena: Let Go and Surrender to the Divine

I am Pallas Athena and I greet you this time from the Karmic Council. As you know, we meet from mid-June to mid-July and then again in December to mid January. I send you greetings and also our love, for we look to you with confidence. We see your pure light and this light that you carry within you in every cell of your body is your divine light. We perceive you from the higher levels as these divine light bearers. You are sons and daughters of God! You came here to this planet to be a part of this special time. But we also see that you do not yet fully perceive this divinity within you. You can’t accept it yet. There are too many blockages in you that were instilled in you.

How can a human be simultaneously divine to such an extent that he becomes a co-creator? We see that right now you are concerned about what is about to unfold. It is spoken of the sun flash. There is talk of nuclear conflicts and there is also talk of the particle accelerator in Cern, which is supposed to be active again. We want to tell you, do not focus on this news that is now being brought out again to stoke fear in you. For the foreseeable future, we do not see any such events that could in any way endanger the existence of humanity or of Mother Earth. This will not be allowed on a divine level, so don’t worry about it. Nothing is as it seems. It’s the well-known games that are being played. But we see events from our higher vantage point. There will be a collapse of the systems. You have known this for a long time, but it will not happen to the extent that you need to worry about it.

Surrender and trust everything according to the divine plan. We won’t allow it!

So many ascended masters, angels and beings of light are at work to mitigate what was planned for your world by the demonic side. Trust! That is what we ask of you today in a special way. Remain confident that the divine plan is manifesting and that the light is victorious. Everything is decided at our level. And we see that the light is showing itself more and more in your world, also in you.

You are in a great transition. Your light increases daily as you open yourselves to these influxes of light. That is your job now, to be in trust and to do your service that you are committed to as light bearers. What still stands in the way of your ministry? When you make the change within yourself the world changes. It’s that simple, simple and yet so difficult for some. Absorb this divine light more and more and radiate it out into the world.

This is how you change the world. That is your task now and you are not alone. We are always by your side and we are watching you. We give you impulses on what to do. We trust in the perfection of the divine plan and we urge you so much to do the same! Be in deep confidence that you are where you are unless you wish to change it to suit your plan. It also depends on the HOW. How do you become active? If you are not comfortable with what you are doing, change it! If you are not satisfied with the work you are doing, give it up! Be brave! Take the steps that it takes on your part to reach the perfection of ascension. The ascension process is unstoppable, but it is up to you to take each step.

Change what blocks you. Give it up! We said in the last video it’s time to let go and I want to remind you of that now. Let go of what no longer fits into your life! You may find it difficult to make certain decisions. But once again. Have the courage and go in the direction where your feelings and your intuition are pulling you. This is the way into the light that you are.

I said in the last video that the Temple of Truth over the island of Crete is highly interconnected and that we are interacting with the Temple of Ascension in Luxor. With us there is no separation, only cooperation and that is what we want so much for this world and for this time. It is important to let go and take a close look at what is not consistent. You feel in your heart what is no longer right for you and then change things. The Ascension Temple in Luxor has a special meaning at this time. The flame of ascension is also at work in your heart. You feel the longing now to ascend. This is a longing that you brought with you into this life and you now recognize it. This longing wants to convey to you that it is necessary to take action now.

Walk, as I keep telling as a reminder, walk every step you feel you must take and you will see you are being guided, you are never alone. And in a special measure you are now supported by the ascension flame, which my beloved light brother Serapis Bey keeps active. We want nothing more than that you master the ascent in this life! This will also lay the trail of light, which I have also spoken about, for the people who perceive you. They see your radiation. They see your progress and so they can awaken or master their own tasks better.

We are dependent on your actions from the light side. You are our pillars of light. And so radiate into the world, radiate your light so that the world becomes full of light in this time when the law of darkness obviously rules on the outside. But that is in fact only the last tidying up and so please give yourselves to the soul power that you feel in you. Your soul power now wants to unfold to the full.

Trust it. Trust in what you are, divine beings in action.

I thank you.

**Channel: Gabriele Schmitz

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  1. Andrea

    I had a dream last night that I was wondering why there was no female version of ascent in French. Odd dream for certain, but this article resonated with me. Thank you!