The Age of Love is Here

The Age of Love is here, as we are now asked to concentrate and truly start to meditatate, about what we truly wish to co-create in the New Golden Age and in the New Earth.

If is time to let go of the old: all of it. All you ever were before, and what you believed yourself to be.
Simply let go!

In this very moment, you are already co-creating the future you, the ascended you, and your new life in the New Earth! You cannot take any baggage of the old you, nor the Old Earth with you!  You are being born anew!

All the old systems, structures, etc. are disintegrating and will disintegrate. This is their final death throws. Their powers are no more, except in those who still believe in them and cling onto them out of fear.

From now on, start focusing on what you truly would love to have in your life, to manifest into your life, for the greater good of all, and the highest good. The focus now shifts from ME to WE.

What is it that you are most inspired to co-create with great love, for the greater good?

Open your heart and go deeply into your sacred heart temple, and then simply connect with your soul, and the Divine, and ask yourself: “Standing in the fullness of my Soul Mastery, and by fulfilling my purpose, how can I best serve the greater whole, with love? How can I assist to co-create the Age of Love, Unity and Harmony, with great love and inspiration? How can I serve from the heart and soul? “

Do this every morning on arising and every evening upon retiring.

See how your whole life changes, as you now start to co-create in the highest and most loving ways.

More interestingly you will find that that those inspirations, and what you are inspired to co-create will not be steeped in material desires – as it will be more to find ways to co-create holistic life and forms of love, where everyone works together to co-create in loving ways and uplifting ways, lifestyles and environments, which work as one with the New Earth, and are life enhancing and where everyone has more than enough as all is shared equally and all work together AS ONE for the highest and best and greater good of all.

Thus communities of love and light. Inclusive of working with the elemental animal, the plant, the mineral, the tree and other kingdoms. Indeed with Intergalactic Counsels and Federations of Light. And with the Divine.

A totally new life is dawning for all of us.

What do you truly wish to create with great love and devotion?

**By Judith Kusel


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