Tunia: I Love Men/Women

I Love Men

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you all so very much. I am a human, just like you. I just happen to have been born on another planet than Earth. I currently reside on spaceship New Jerusalem, close to your planet.

In this message I want to express how much I love and appreciate men.

I absolutely love and adore men. Their strength and masculinity and persistence and masculine presence and their laugh and silliness and beauty are all mesmerizing to me. I can (and sometimes do) just look at men for hours, even if they’re just “normal guys” doing “normal things.” I’m a lucky girl that staring isn’t considered rude in my culture!

From my point of view, Earth men especially are unbelievably, jaw-droppingly courageous and strong.

Earth is one of the toughest planets in the galaxy to be born on. Indeed, since relatively recently only the strongest and oldest souls are allowed to be born on earth at all. I couldn’t even imagine being born in such a place. I don’t think I would survive, frankly. Just feeling the energies on Earth for a minute is enough to cause me considerable stress and anxiety. From my point of view, “ordinary” men are incredibly strong.

Perhaps you think of me as wise or kind. I think of myself as the equivalent of someone who was born into a wealthy family (a loving heart-centered post-scarcity society), while Earthlings are the equivalent of people who were born into abject poverty (Earth society). I’m beyond impressed that so many people are able to create an okay existence out of basically nothing. After all, most Earthlings didn’t get many of their needs met as a child, and your society is so very poor in love, and yet you manage to survive. Again, I don’t know if I would be even able to survive if I was born as an average guy on Earth.

I also can’t imagine what it would be like to be born into a society that basically considers you “suspicious until proven otherwise” just because of your gender. Men get shockingly little support, sometimes not even basic needs like material security or love from a mother. Certain systems are stacked against ordinary guys while they’re simultaneously told that they’re privileged villains. From my point of view, guys have to fight and scrap to struggle just to get their basic needs met, and often have virtually nothing handed to them. It’s heartbreaking, but simultaneously impressive beyond words that so many of you manage to become decent, kind people.

As I have stated in the opening message: it’s the average person, who isn’t “perfect” but who just does their best to live their life without needlessly hurting others, who are the backbone of society. It’s you Earth men who laid just about every brick you see around you, and it’s the average decent person who is energetically going to transform earth into a much better world relatively soon. To me, the average decent person is the hero of this tale of Earth.

When I think of the Earth man, the picture that comes to my mind isn’t some kind of movie star. It’s that of a “normal”, kind, decent man, who is the backbone of society. They get little to nothing handed to them, sometimes they don’t even get their needs met as children — and yet they persevere and create something out of the nothing that was handed to them. It’s miraculous to me, how you manage to do that.

This is to you, “ordinary” men. To me, you are heroes.

I love you so very much.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.

* * * * * * *

I Love Women

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you all so very much. I am a human, just like you. I just happen to have been born on another planet than Earth. I currently reside on spaceship New Jerusalem, close to your planet.

In this message I would like to express my support and appreciation of women, and of femininity.

Life on earth is, unfortunately, often unfair and harsh. As you know, women are being expected to do everything – have children, have a career, look amazing, have a rich social life, travel, et cetera et cetera. Meanwhile there’s next to no support for women, there’s lots of danger all around and when you say this out loud, you’re often gaslit.

Femininity often wants to be supported, seen, cherished, protected and be a member of a community or a tribe. Unfortunately, often this doesn’t happen. People who should be our protectors – men – are often the cause of our pain. This is an intense betrayal.

In general, men also don’t hold other men accountable, as they should.

And so, women often harden up. They often block their feminine energy, because it’s not safe, and adopt a harder, more masculine, more guarded exterior.

I absolutely do not blame you for this. If I was born on earth, I probably would bottle up my femininity as well.

Yet femininity is actually stronger than masculinity.

To be clear, I’m not saying that femininity is better or more valuable than masculinity. I’m not saying that we should depower men or masculinity. I’m not saying we should blame all men for the crimes of certain individual men. The truth is that society can only be harmonious if both men as well as women, are in their power and are working together.

However, I am saying that femininity is stronger than masculinity. It’s femininity that creates life. It’s femininity that has greater access to spiritual powers. And the most powerful force in the universe — love — comes more natural to femininity.

To an extent, masculinity is actually the energy that is supposed to support and help femininity.

Here is a secret – men desire feminine women, yet they’re also terrified of them. After all, if you have a soft and loving and wise and strong woman in front of you, a lot of shadow-masculine bullshit, simply becomes untenable. It will just blow away, like leaves in the wind.

If you have enough soft and loving and wise and strong women on the planet, then shadow-masculine bullshit becomes untenable on a global scale.

That said, femininity is soft. What your society calls a strong woman is something like a woman who actively tries to outcompete or outfight everyone, and who always has a snarky putdown for the people around her. In our eyes, this is a masculine woman.

Now, being a masculine woman is a choice that we honor. We have masculine women and feminine men in our society and they are just as much Children of God as we are. If you want to be a masculine woman, you have all my love and respect.

However, most women want to be feminine.

From our point of view, a stereotypical rural stay-at-home mother embodies feminine energy more than a stereotypical “strong woman” top lawyer, who tries to outcompete everybody and who sacrifices everything for her career.

Again, there is nothing wrong with being a masculine woman. Also, you absolutely can be a feminine woman who has a good career, or who doesn’t have children.

Yet I would say: femininity is soft and loving, not hard and competitive. And for the vast majority of women out there, living in feminine energy feels much better than living in masculine energy. For a lot of women, living in masculine energy is a survival mechanism, not something that actually makes them thrive.

Yes, I do understand that being soft and loving is incredibly difficult in a lonely, dangerous society. I did not say it was easy. In fact, considering the harsh circumstances on Earth, you’re doing amazing.

That said, femininity is awesome. It’s what Earth desperately needs right now. And for most women, living in feminine energy also feels amazing.

My amazing and beautiful earthling sisters, I long for the day that I can embrace you. I send you all my love and well-wishes. You are the future.

I would like to leave you today with two questions:

One: If you were safe and in a loving community and had everything you needed, what would you do with your life?

Two: What would you like to add to your life, once your safety and communal and basic needs are met?

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S

41 Replies to “Tunia: I Love Men/Women”

  1. Franciely

    I’m also with AJAH. I can’t wait to meet some interesting galactic nordic who are also interested in meeting sweet Earthlings <3

  2. Franciely

    I think not only the Pleiadians but ALL galactic family can see that we are living in a hell.
    And our tiredness has become universal.
    Things could become a little lighter and easier at least.

  3. star_strucksarah

    Thank You A.S. using your gifts to send the message from the Pleidians . Thank you Tunia and Hakonn. Tunia your energy is very strong and nuturing. You really left an impression on me with your divine feminine energy where the earth is in a diring need of it right now. Much love to you all.🥰🙏🌎



  5. AJAH

    Tunia I am looking for a girlfriend and your so beautiful. We are all heading towards a paradise world soon. Or if you know of any other ladies. I am currently not comfortable
    with dating women from this planet. I could use someone as both my loving companion, teacher, healer, and protector. I am sure you can show me wonderful places through out our universe. You could show me your favorite things/place to visit. I have lots of fun ideas. I am also sure I see the mothership new Jerusalem flying by at night. Very bright and large. My mother still convinced its a satellite! lol. I am also a good cook.

      1. A.S.

        From my personal perspective, AJAH’s approach would work poorly on some Earth women, but actually pretty well on your average Pleiadian woman. For one, it’s authentic, which is a huge plus. Pleiadians are energy readers and mind readers (although they understand that Earthlings may not like being mind read without being asked for consent). So if your words line up with what you’re actually thinking and feeling, well that helps.

        It helps here that AJAH presumably is an Earthling, and in general Pleiadians are already very impressed with Earthling lightworkers. Pleiadians live in what we’d view as a Utopia, and we live in what they’d consider to be a sort of hell (not that they have a religious concept of hell). So anyone who can live in such a place and maintain a good heart is a very impressive person to them.

      2. TruthfulBliss

        Get off of this site! your nothing but a shit disturber. Try and get your facts straight you moron!

    1. A.S.

      I’m the one channeling Tunia. Sorry that you’re not comfortable currently, but I’m happy to hear that you too really resonate with the Pleiadian energy. (Both Tunia and Hakann are Pleiadian.)

      Tunia herself is in a happy committed relationship and has children. She’s not open to dating other men.

      However, there’s are a good number of other Pleiadian single women and men out there who are open to and sometimes actively interested in dating Earthlings. Tunia has said that she was shocked that was chosen to give these messages because she considers herself to be an average Pleiadian woman. Others have chucked at this and said that she is a bit kinder and more wise than the Pleiadian average, but not massively so. In other words, there are single Tunia-like women out there who are open to dating Earthlings, and the same goes for Hakann.

      Very generally speaking (this will not hold for every Pleiadian), they’re attracted to Earthling’s good heart and strength even in dark situations, to Earthling’s perseverance and to Earthling’s integration of darkness in a positive way. If you’re a lightworker, you’re probably really good at those things already. Just raising your vibration in general will also help make you more compatible to them.

      That said, once Pleiadians and Earthlings can openly walk among each other (which may be years or decades away), neither I nor Tunia can guarantee that you will find someone. Although anyone reading this site and any lightworker will have a pretty good chance at that — lots of benevolent galactics genuinely do think Earth lightworkers are pretty attractive.

      I’m not open right now to telepathically trying to find someone for you, but if you want, you can learn channeling yourself. If you can’t do that yet, once you raise your vibration enough channeling becomes easy.

      I wish you all the best, and in time I hope you’ll find what your heart desires. I love you, A.S.

      1. A.S.

        With “the same goes for Hakann”, I mean that he too is in a happy relationship, but there are single men similar to him who are open to dating Earthlings.

      2. Gustavo Frein

        Maybe we can start a new dating site? Pleiadean Cupid? Pleiadean Plenty of Fish?

        Just a thought

        1. A.S.

          Haha, great idea!

          Although I think it would only be a sensible thing to do once Galactics are walking openly among us. I don’t want to telepathically interview dozens of Pleiadians to create dating profiles for them, and then have to be the go-between to have them be able to communicate with Earthlings who aren’t yet able to telepathically communicate themselves.

          Plus it could be years or decades before galactics can openly meet us and it might not be very beneficial if an Earthling decides “okay I want to be with that Pleiadian” but then it takes 20 years before they can meet. At that point, the dating site might do more to hinder than help Earthling’s development.

          But once galactics have landed openly, sure, that would be a great dating site.

  6. Carlos Jose Duarte

    Mensagen de seres que dizer estar dentro de naves com nome terreno (Nova Jerusalem) é um tanto quanto forte para eu entender que se trata de uma mensagem em parecida conosco, cheia de dualidades. Acho que essa mensagem tem o viéz de separação. Cuidado pessoal!

  7. Keith

    Average men are weak and have been made leaders in these systems on Earth which is why there are so many weak/average men on this planet. The real men that have built this planet conquered it is the harsh reality of 3-D earth. These men understand the 9 Laws…average men do not.
    Average men do not acquiesce to authority and blindly obey, which means average men are in fact not strong. Everything built in modern society is because powerful men created and conquered….while average men did the physical work.
    If you constantly give your power away to another….you are not serving your purpose and I am not impressed at all with average men.
    The harsh reality of the dark world is that it is fatal to be average.
    Thriving is never a guarantee but your death is.
    Therefore one must learn to become your greatest version. You didn’t come here to be average.
    -No Laws

    “The laws of men, lords, kings and nations are false, empty and unreal. As there are infinite universes and infinite laws, there is no governing Law and there are no boundaries on the Way.”
    -Ivan Throne “The Nine Laws”

    1. Finch

      This incarnation is illegal in that we are being kept against our will by negative ETs. I’ll level up nothing and annihilate whatever spiritless entities I find on the other side. I will not dance or sing for my captors. Furthermore, I REJECT ALL KARMA. YOU be their slave and their entertainment while you struggle in their rigged game. Your “purpose” is extremely amusing to them while it keeps you in fatal samsara life after life. Keep trudging up that hill though, guru. You’ve got this Stockholm syndrome stuff worked out perfectly. Loosh cow.

    2. Jonny

      Get off of this site! Your nothing but a shit disturber. Try and get your facts straight you moron!

  8. Gustavo Frein

    As a man, I can say I loathe these masculine women. Khazar propaganda and feminism has turned women into bitter harlots. American women are particularly unappealing. Overweight, raised on poisonous feminist lies, that somehow despite all their lack of appeal, feel entitled to be treated like Cinderella.

    Women pass on their genetics through their looks and femininity – that nurturing, kind and loving energy. That is practically non-existent today in America.

      1. Gustavo Frein

        So sayeth an American feminist. I said nothing about a woman needing to be frail and dumb, that’s you speaking, that’s your Khazarian Feminist poison bubbling up. You are the one full of hate, hatred of genuine femininity.

        And here’s some news for you: women are frail compared to men. Even a woman with above average strength is much weaker than a man of average strength.

        Have you been binge watching Hollywood movies where emaciated little actresses beat up 6’2″ Navy Seals?

        1. S

          I’m not american and you still confuse softness with being a doormat. These continued negativity borderline violence you exude is in itself the result of societal norms and toxic masculinity. I don’t need you to use specific words to read between the lines and feel what you truly mean. Strong Feminine has nothing to do with body image and physical strength, that is twisting my words. Why is this need to label everyone and everything that is seemingly different from you? In my honest and humble opinion you define a woman based on your presepective as a man and to me it has nothing to do with what a woman really is.

          1. Gustavo Frein

            I freely admit to being topically masculine. Any woman who uses that term is hopelessly “woke” and anti-family, anti-life, anti-femininity and is thoroughly in the grip of the Satanic NWO.

          2. S

            Again with the labels? I cannot be bullied into non-existence despite your ongoing wish to mold everyone to your will. If you wish to decide what I stand for, it will always and forever remain your own projection.

  9. AzureLeaves

    A welcome change in messages compared to what I’ve been seeing as of late; e.g. “Praise/Worship/Empower the Divine Feminine” “it’s all about the Divine Feminine now in this coming Shift because she’s been oppressed for so long” and all that drivel.

    What these people don’t seem to realize is that Divine Masculine AND Divine Feminine are both important and must be maintained in Balance and Harmony with each other, for both are aspects of all creation; they complement each other and are more powerful when working together, and one cannot exist without the other–the Hermetic Principle of Gender.

    Focusing on just one will outbalance the other; while the ignorant rally on with their battle cries in favor of the Divine Masculine on one side and the Divine Feminine on the other, they don’t seem to realize the Oppressed is starting to become the Oppressor; becoming the very thing they are trying to destroy.

    Amusingly enough, this “becoming the very thing you’re trying to destroy” seems to apply with a lot of “opposing sides/division” nowadays; instead of ending the Cycle of Hatred (and promoting Balance and Harmony with each other) once the role to do so landed on their hands, they perpetuate it instead.

    An eye for an eye truly makes the whole world go blind, huh,

  10. john

    Thank you Tunia lovely message and as Don says do keep them coming all best much love to all.

  11. Don Spectacularis

    Really love and appreciate Tunia and Hakann’s messages!!! Please do keep them coming!!! 🙂

    1. A.S.

      Thanks! I was actually a bit irrationally anxious about possible reactions to this episode, so it’s really heartwarming to read positive replies.

      1. Don Spectacularis

        Lol don’t worry about people’s reactions too much (you’ve probably already seen some of the comments I get). There will be good ones, there will be bad ones. What really matters is that you’re bringing in some of that beautiful Pleiadian energy through, and we could use just about every last bit of energetic assistance that we can gather at this time, from Pleiades or elsewhere!

        Out of curiosity, have you ever attempted to channel an Arcturian or a Sirian being? That would be super interesting and exciting too! 🙂

        1. A lightworker

          Yeah, good point.

          Thanks! And also thanks for the posts you’ve been sending in.

          I have talked to Arcturians but not Sirians. I just did and they were very nice too. I appreciate the suggestion.

          Though I don’t plan on publishing more than weekly Tunia and Hakann channelings for the foreseeable future, because those channelings + my regular job + keeping up my own spiritual practice is about all the things I currently have energy for. And to me, Tunia’s divine feminine “you are loved” + Hakann’s divine masculine “you can do anything” do feel like they make a nice complete whole.

          Maybe someday though. It wouldn’t be too much work to add a third galactic to the mix.

          1. Don Spectacularis

            I agree with you completely. However, would love to have JUST ONE channeling from said Arcturian just to know what that energy / being-ness feels like when it comes through you? I say this because I can intuitively sense a lot of connected-ness and resonance with your channelings, so just wanted to hear a word from our Arcturian neighbours for a change lol, that is all. I do understand that such won’t be possibly beyond a single channeling at best or so, but I’ll take what I can get 🙂

          2. A.S.

            Don, I appreciate your enthusiasm and the feeling of kinship, but well, I’ll get to it when I get to it. Which might be tomorrow or might be never. I really don’t have the energy for it right now, unfortunately.

      2. Claudia

        “Irrationally anxious” comes from not being aware of the deeper/higher/bigger meaning of our actions. Like when I wrote my comment yesterday I SAW EXACTLY what deeper meaning I was 🙏🙏🙏 you for. Afterwards I had a tough time integrating the energy that came thru that door.

        Now TODAY and via your feedback I realized the even deeper meaning behind yesterdays comment… (🤪🤪🤪), so I owe you another 🙏🙏🙏 for that.


        1. A.S.

          Thanks for sharing, Claudia. And great point about my irrational anxiety. 🙏

          Of course it’s fine if you prefer to keep this to yourself, but I’m curious — what meaning / deeper meaning are you referring to?

          1. Claudia

            I’m so sorry A.S., but I simply CAN’T put that meaning in words for you. I’ve tried several times, but it only seems to be getting bigger with each attempt. Then I found your Anos channeling today which really got me on my knees (“THANK YOU DON” too) because it totally resonates with what I awoke to this morning.

            But I also know that THESE words will deliver my gratitude for how you’re serving just as well.


          2. A.S.

            Thanks, Claudia. Your words are making me feel loved and appreciated. Not to mention motivated to do more channelings. 🙏