Akatu of Pleiades: Change Adapt And Survive

Friends Of Earth!

As You Observe Life In This Waking Dream, It Might Be Easy For Some To Feel Or Assume That The Magnificent Force Of Creation Has Abandoned You, Was Never There, Or The Doctrine Of Your Choice Is Proving Not To Match In The Promises Given Since The Beginning Of Division Through Written Word.

Indeed, The Way Of Humans Is Blame And More Solutions By Throwing Money At Nature And Making Schemes Of Changing The Very Landscape Of Your World.

Understanding You Are Spirit Having A Temporary Human Experience Should Give You Wisdom To Know That Issues Are Never Created On The Physical Plane Of Existence.

Earth Was Created To Change, Adapt And Survive.

This Intention Was For Every Being That Would Arrive.

The Intention Was Never To Remain On Earth, But To Learn And Grow With Expanded Consciousness And Progress Through The Ages With Technology And Abilities.

Humans Were Never Meant To Alter The Earth, Pollute The Oceans Or Emit Toxic Gases And Chemicals To Poison Food, Animals Or To Block The Natural Flow Of The Relationship Between The Sun And Earth.

Without The Sun, You Would Not Exist.

There Would Be No Discussions Of Climate Change.

You Would Not Be Here.

There Are Natural Cycles That Have Always Occurred.

Fifty Six Million Earth Years Ago, Sea Levels Were Much Higher.

There Were No Polar Ice Caps And Rainforests Were Abundant.

In These Moments The Earth Warmed Naturally From Both Poles And The Seas Warmed Greatly.

There Was A Sudden Spike In Carbon Monoxide From Thriving Forests And Plants.

Different Types Of Carbon Caused Methane To Be Released Which Caused Further Change.

These Gases Came From Mass Forest Fires And Changes Continued.

Methane Was Released In Oceans That Became Suddenly Warm.

The Release Into The Air Caused Changes In All Life Forms.

The Rate Was Subtle And Life Adapted.

Compared To Today, The Levels Were Safe For Life.

But The Carbon Emissions Have Continued With No Thoughts Of Changes On Earth Until Now.

The Often Spoken Of ‘Greenhouse Effect’, Is A Large Political Phrase That Has Little To Do With Any Remedy.

Indeed, The Shift Will Change All Of This And There Will Be No Issue At All.

As Life Has Continued, Heat And Humidity Allowed Some Life To Thrive While The Effect On Human Life Is Devastating.

Now You Find Yourself Living On A Planet That Is Being Destroyed By Methods Of Living That Will Not Sustain The Planet As It Was Created.

Carbon Dioxide And Methane Trap The Sun’s Heat In Earth’s Atmosphere.

While Some Of This Is Normal, There Is No Remedy In This Lifetime To Correct The Damage Done.

Regardless Of The Political Talking Heads With Ridiculous Answers As They Fly In Jets That Fill The Air With Gases That Slowly Fall On Your Food And Body, We Say Enough!

There Has Been An Effort By The Elites To Destroy People, Animals, Crops And So Much Of The Sacred Place You Call Home.

In These Moments, Fires Have Been Deliberately Set, Weather Has Been Tampered With To Change The Atmosphere To Create Droughts And Starvation.

You Only Have To See The News For One Day To Understand The Plight Of Earth.

Cattle And Horses Are Dying.

Chickens Are Being Destroyed Intentionally.

People Are Dying From Heat Stroke And The Elderly Are Suffering In Lack.

So What You Are Experiencing Would Be Partly Natural And The Rest Would Be Amping Up What Is Possible To Sustain And Survive Over Time.

Things Will Grow Worse.

Prepare With Water And Supplies.

Be Prepared For Blackouts With No Cooling.

Purchase Fans With Batteries.

Assure Animals Have Food, Water And Shelter.

These Will Be The Times Spoken Of As The Great Tribulation.

But Do Not Give Up!

The Galactic Federation Is Always Adjusting And Saving Lives.

None Of This Is A Surprise.

We Have Always Known That Our Intervention Would Be The Light That Covers Life.

We Are Here Now!

There Are Not Enough Years Left To Change The Damage Done.

This Will Allow You To Understand The Shift Will Be.

We Do Not Share Times Or Dates As This Would Prevent You From Living Your Lives And Continuing In Growth!

You Are Safe And So Loved!

You Understood Before Arriving That All Of This Would Transpire.

Do Your Best And Love Others!

We Will Take Care Of The Rest!

Indeed, I Love You So!

Yes, We Will Dance As Promised!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


4 Replies to “Akatu of Pleiades: Change Adapt And Survive”

  1. Gustavo Frein

    Sure, thanks for all your help as you just admit they are engineering a famine of biblical proportions.

    I don’t expect any Pleiadeans to bail us out.

    Humanity has become a species that deserves what it is going to get.

    The dark elites only have the power we give them, and the majority just keep giving it away.

  2. Vicki

    Well I’ve obviously missed the Ascension as we’re going through the tribulation. I’m old fat and tired and don’t remember signing up for any of this and wish I could just walk away. My soul might be strong but I’m not. Please let me come home