New Moon July 28th; A New Beginning

Here we are at the beginning of another New Cycle! The New Moon is in Leo and is on Thursday July 28th, 2022 at 2:54 pm ADT. This New Moon cycle ends when the next New cycle begins on the New Moon on August 27th, 2022.

We experience many new cycles; with the seasons, the Lunar cycles and breaking this down to Day and Night and further yet to the smallest cycle, each in breath you take and each exhale.

All the cycles in your life including your childhood, adolescence and adulthood all represent the changed you. You are constantly changing. When you step in and embrace the changes, from the largest shifts right down to the smallest changes (in breath and out breath) you begin to really live life more fully. As you are consciously in THE CHANGE.

The only thing that is definite is CHANGE. Everything is constantly changing and evolving. To be present in the change through your heart, you embrace all that is. All that is now. All that you are.

If your mind is wandering with thoughts of a future, YOU literally miss Now.

So with this New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) this new cycle of change and new beginnings, I encourage you to STEP INTO NOW. Be present and start now with your breath, right here right now.

Breath in slowly, pause and then exhale slowly, then pause. If possible do this rhythmically and consciously for as long as you are able to now. Do you feel this?

Now, this New Moon has energy with it that is exclusive in its reaction TO You and through you. Meaning this is an interactive EARTH experience on all levels. Even if you have not been aware of this. As you step more into being present now and only now you will SEE how you have created your own reality. And how this reality flows through your consciousness.

The cycles which time was designed to represent in clocks, doesn’t really exist. It is a counting measure based on cycles. So also be aware of the larger cycles in your existence and again down to the smallest, your breath. This will help you to be conscious of what goes through you. Eventually your subconscious will become conscious and there will be nothing that you are separated from in your awareness.

That is; the awareness of you, BECOMES the you that you are. As you become more aware of YOU ~ you then know MORE of all that you are. That in itself is a grand cycle. The cycle of your TRANSCENDENCE.

Now, let us look THROUGH and with your awareness of your breath (did you forget?) the new potential influences of the cycle of this New Moon.

Mercury square Uranus uniquely interacts with you. The influence may be of excitement, surprises or misunderstandings and disagreements. LOOK within through all of your experiences and break everything down to the breath cycle. This will help you to be here and present now. So you SEE more of YOU. The real you. More of the real YOU. The one that flows through this, with the breath.

With the New Moon trine Jupiter (again personally interactive with you) this is a more mild influence which OFFERS expansion on many levels INCLUDING the expanding of your awareness. Your presence. You BEING here through all that you are! As the sacred Divine flow of you. Remember your breath.

Many changes, many shifts, this is ALWAYS SO. Going with the natural flow of the cycles you become more conscious and aware of You. This is where the harmony of the heart is. This is the space of releasing all fear.

And now blessing you as you inhale (new beginning now) pause (the space of the eternal) exhale (the letting go) pause (the death) and now repeat the Inhale new beginning….And so it goes and is NOW.

In sacred love I hold you forever in my heart blessing all of you. No distance only Now, eternally.

**By L’Aura Pleiadian


3 Replies to “New Moon July 28th; A New Beginning”

  1. Harrrie

    Rachel, I’m not saying you can’t ask for help, of course you can ask for help and support. But you can do all you ask for. You can do this yourself! Imagine having financial abundance. Imagine seeing it appear in your bank account. Imagine using the money to help others. Feel the energies of having this money, helping these people, the goodness and positive energies that come from it. Be determined to have this ability to help yourself and others, to feel the wonderful energies and the pleasure of helping your people.
    Now do this with your other needs. Imagine looking for your sister Dara, finding her, the happy reunion, the love you exchange with each other. Think about doing this with all your most important needs everyday.
    Reinforce your intentions everyday. Know in your heart they will come true. Know in your heart the love, compassion, caring, and happiness all this entails. Know the healing and joy you will all feel. Do this every day.
    Make it happen with your heart.
    They also call it manifestation. This is real now. This is the New Golden Age. We can all do this now.

  2. TheNOWTeam



  3. Rachel sandoval

    I’m here cause I know I am needed for doing Reason.. i have few questions and I need help.. I am gifted and I mean my gifts are so strong that I shut them down most time I need help from who ever I’d like me.. I glow a bright blue and some people have seen it my eyes too. I hear there other being in the sky I see that something Is I’m the sky.. I know that where ever I’m from and what powers I hold are powerful.. help me understand how I’m to live my purpose and some how save allot of people.. why am I gifted and yet blind?? I hang some one who is not from your world waiting to communicate with me I feel her and she very powerful she is sweet and kind and also she is intelligent and beatify energies I am ready to learn My purpose but understand that my life of you can see me I am struggling please protect me and my family on this earth and keep evil away from me and the people I care for.. and help me stay out of jail or prison put a veil
    Of love luck and protection over me and my family l. Communicate with me and I am listening. I for some reason believe I have some one misses me ?? That not from here. Please help me win millions of dollars so I can give my mom and dad a vacation and my sisters a home and find my sister Dara I also need a car and help with being happy please just look at my life. I know you can watch me I give u permission and also can u have some one who been on my mind to come see me right now J and give M loves and kisses and help me keep my relationship ok I know Josh isn’t for ever but I must help him and heal is heart I already know that and heal my dad and my mom and T and a and uncle D and myself and my animals and my boyfriend and his kids and my friends and let me know what you guys want me to do.. anyways email me ..