Hakann: Humanity Is One

My dearest brothers and sisters,

I am Commander Hakann, speaking from spaceship New Jerusalem. I am a human, just like you. I was simply born on another planet than Earth.

I am one of the Commanders overseeing the operation to free Earth. We are making steady progress and we will succeed, that I can guarantee 100%. And once we succeed, your lives will become much easier and much more pleasant and joyful. However, we cannot give a date when the operation will be finished.

When the operation will be finished, also depends on you, Earthlings. As Tunia has said, it is the good-heartedness of the average Earthling that is making this process possible in the first place. And how quickly this operation will be finished, depends in large part on how much kindness Earthlings show to another in these coming months and years. It will also depend in large part on how much positive action that Earthlings undertake. And it will depend on how much work Earthlings do on themselves, both in a practical and in an emotional sense.

In truth, all humans are one. That means that helping yourself and helping other people, is ultimately the same thing. Both actions benefit the human collective. If right now you feel that you need to work on improving your own situation, that is completely fine. That is helping the human collective. If you feel called to help others, that is great also, and by doing so you are helping yourself at the same time.

Now, please do not hear “all humans are one” and conclude that it is okay to steal from someone else, because “hey I only stole from myself, right?” Stealing from another would be like selling one of your shoes and letting your foot get cold. It is counterproductive. That person you stole from is you, and you are not helping the human collective or yourself by stealing.

Also, it is important to be able to look at things from multiple perspectives. Yes, from one perspective, all humans are one. But from another perspective, humans are individuals and they have individual rights. The perspective of “all humans are one” does not overrule the perspective that all humans are individuals. That perspective should still be honored and listened to when appropriate.

Still, that is the primary message I wanted to communicate today: all humans are one. Helping others is helping yourself. Similarly, helping yourself is helping others, so long as you are helping yourself in a way that does not hurt others.

So if you feel guilty about not doing enough to help others, then I hereby give you permission to release your guilt. Just taking care of yourselves in these crazy and harsh times is already a very big task. You are already doing great, even if you’re not helping others.

Now, if you do feel called or guided or feel an intuition to help others, that is of course also a beautiful thing and we do support that completely. Your heart can guide you what the appropriate actions are to take in this moment.

If you think: “Heart, what should I do today”, it might give you an answer. It will arise as a thought in your mind in your normal inner voice, but it will be an answer from your heart.

The answer that arrives immediately is the one that comes from your heart. Answers or thoughts or doubts that arise after a few seconds, do not come from your heart.

Thank you for listening. I know that times are tough there on Earth. You are doing great. I love you all so very much.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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    1. A.S.

      Hello Ken, sorry, I only saw your question now.

      Today / yesterday (depending on when you read this) there’s an article “Tunia: the collective vibration.” In a comment directed at Paveen, I go into some ways to escape suffering.

  1. Kirk Stmoritz

    I would have thought a commander on the new Jerusalem would have a more interesting message than this. First of all he could tell us how come he’s the commander and what happened to commander Ashtar. He could go on to explain his relationship with Sananda as he’s often up there on the bridge looking down on Earth.

    Then he could perhaps explain why he feels the need to send such a small message which for any other channel would have been part of a much longer message. Perhaps he could also explain why there is a gigantic space ship up there full of people perfectly happy to watch untold suffering going on down here.

    Maybe this commander could explain why he is a commander, what his role entails, how did he rise to this rank, what his daily duties are, how many people he is responsible for, who he answers to, what is the purpose of his contact, who authorised it, where he came from, why he chose this path, what his spiritual beliefs are and are they the same as the others on the ship.

    Could he explain just exactly what it is he is doing and why it has taken over 50 years of the new Jerusalem being in orbit to get to a position where the people of Earth are orders of magnitude worse off than they were 50 years ago. Perhaps just a clear explanation of exactly what they are doing – because as a casual observer caught up in some interplanetary conflict that nobody actually knows about it’s quite disheartening to read that despite all the steady progress we are now in desperate circumstances rather than being pretty well off 50 years ago.

    Unless of course that steady progress is the destruction of the human race, in which case I guess you are making good steady progress.

    1. Gustavo Frein

      I have heard that Lord Ashtar was court marshaled and forced to get a haircut. He now washes dishes on this New Jerusalem spaceship and that keeps him pretty busy.

      I think he had some questionable erotica on his hard drive and Pleiadean Police arrested him.

    2. P.S.

      Why don’t you ask him yourself?

      Why don’t you go in search of these answers yourself?

      Why do you feel the need to point fingers, complain, moan, and otherwise act like Eeyore?

      How weak do you perceive yourself to be that you cannot take the bull by the horns and go look for yourself?

      1. Gustavo Frein

        Is there some way Kirk can add Hakann to his contacts and call him from his cell phone to check the veracity of what he allegedly said? I think since this is a public post Kirk has every right to ask questions.

        Wouldn’t it be better if Hakann opened up a YouTube channel to give us weekly or daily updates?

        Why are you trying to shut Kirk down? Very low vibes, P.S. very low!

        1. P.S.

          I’m not shutting anyone down. I am asking legitimate questions of Kirk. He is perfectly capable of going within and seeking these answers. He can do this himself. There is no need to drag out the slow dripping sarcasm as he did.

          Unless you don’t think he can. In which case that is enabling his own belief that he is feeble and incapable.

        2. A.S.

          I’m the channeler.

          I agree that Kirk’s questions were fair. I’ve channeled Hakann to answer them and posted the answer below.

          Hakann does have a youtube channel where every week there’s a new video by him. See the link under “source.” Or just tune in every week to era of light, I’ll send in these articles weekly.

          It’s a fair point that up until now the format has been “Hakann gives a message to Earthlings” and not “Hakann answers questions that Earthlings ask” (except for what I just posted below). Good point, I’m not yet sure what a good way to answer reader questions would be (in separate youtube videos or just answer questions in the comments here as they’re placed?). I’ll discuss it with Hakann. Thanks.

          To avoid a potential miscommunication though, Tunia and Hakann and I are in general not primarily focused on giving intel / updates about how the operation to liberate Earth is going. Our primary focuses are expressing love to Earthlings, empowering Earthlings, encouraging Earthlings and giving a few useful suggestions to Earthlings.

          That’s because 1) us Earthling lightworkers are the rescuers, we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, and focusing on “are those guys over there rescuing us already” may put people in a victim / disempowered mode, 2) I know everyone wants to know when this situation will be over but neither Hakann nor Tunia nor I can answer that because it depends on the actions that Earthlings take, 3) intel is interesting but it doesn’t directly contribute to us either healing or being able to help humanity.

          Or well, that’s the perspective of Tunia and Hakann and I. If you look at things differently, that’s of course completely valid, and there’s plenty of other channelers out there.

    3. A.S.

      I’m the channeler. I channeled Hakann again and here’s his reply:


      Dear Kirk Stmoritz,

      Thanks for your message. “Why has the situation on Earth be allowed to deteriorate for 50 years” is a very valid question indeed. I think nearly every lightworker has asked some form of that question, at one time or the other. I appreciate you posting it, so I can address it.

      I agree that life on Earth is incredibly hard and unfair. I really am sorry that some of the best and brightest souls in the universe — namely you Earthling lightworkers — are being put through hell. While I regularly feel into the Earth energies, I admit that I don’t genuinely know what it would be like to be born in those energies and to live in them day and night for my entire life.

      It’s also very unfair that in some ways, the Earthling lightworkers are actually having a rougher time than the Earth sleepers. Lightworkers often didn’t agree to be jabbed and so some of them have lost their job. They’re often gaslit by false intel providers. Most people around them think Lightworkers are insane, even though in reality they’re often more awakened and more advanced souls than the Earthlings who are judging them.

      The core challenge that us Pleiadians, Earthling’s souls and Source are facing is: how can we help humanity without violating Earthling’s free will?

      The unfortunate truth is that most Earthlings don’t want disclosure. They don’t want ET contact, because most of them associate ETs with hostile invaders due to your movies. They don’t want change. They want things to stay roughly the same. They’re terrified of change, generally, and they’re not consenting to anyone making big changes on Earth. The dark ones don’t care, of course, but we do care about consent.

      You Earthlings are part of the human collective yourself, so if you work to change society, that doesn’t violate anyone’s free will.

      We refuse to violate anyone’s free will. It goes against the laws of Prime Creator and it would deny soul growth to you. And while we empathize with your situation, there are more people on Earth who want things to stay the same than there are people who are openly asking for intervention by positive ETs. And the free will of the willfully blind counts just as much as yours does. In the eyes of Prime Creator, all are equal.

      It would violate Earthling’s free will if we were to land openly, try to arrest the corrupt (which might lead to an all-out war with at least one of your militaries) and try to install a Pleiadian-like society from the top down. Not to mention that this could very well backfire. We know from experience that trying to install an advanced civilization from the top down often goes poorly. And while you may know that certain people are corrupt, lots of Earthlings don’t and so it wouldn’t go over well if we were to arrest them.

      And so, our strategy is “work with and advice Earthlings, work to increase the energy on the planet, work behind the scenes to remove certain non-Earthling beings and directly intervene to stop things that would be absolutely catastrophic.” We have prevented nuclear war, for example.

      The channeler I’m speaking through recently put it in a blunt but clear way, so I’d like to quote him: “most people on Earth just want comfort. Under what circumstances will a collective freely choose to have an uncomfortable awakening, if most people in that collective just want comfort? Well, the only way to achieve that is if the situation becomes so uncomfortable that waking up becomes the easier path.”

      Of course us Pleiadians are not the ones who are making the situation on Earth uncomfortable, but it is the path that your souls have collectively chosen. And frankly, we don’t see another way to achieve collective awakening on your planet.

      We do understand that it’s frustrating that it’s taking so long. Some Pleiadians among us have also gotten disappointed or disheartened or frustrated at times — including myself, when my brother passed on (“died”) during an operation to help humanity. We had expected that the operation would go more quickly, because we had underestimated just how much the average Earthling refuses to change and clings to what’s familiar.

      That said, we are convinced that things are going in the right direction. One crucial variable is “how many people are awake” and that variable keeps increasing, day by day. At some point you will be living in a utopian society. I promise.

      I also want to remind you that you Earthlings are incredibly powerful. As I have stated in my opening message, your potential is greater than that of us, Pleiadians. So instead of asking a question with the underlying tone of “why haven’t you saved us helpless humans”, you could also ask yourself “I am one of the strongest souls in the universe. I have been prepared for this exact life for centuries. How can I contribute to Earth’s liberation and the awakening of humanity? I am the cavalry that everyone has been waiting for — how can I help?”

      I offered three suggestions in this article. One, be kind to other people. Each and every act of kindness greatly helps humanity, much more than you’d think it does. Two, ask your heart how you can help, by thinking or asking “heart, what should I do?” Asking your heart is an incredibly valuable technique, because living from your heart aligns you much closer to Prime Creator than living from your head does. And three, either work directly for the collective or work on yourself, because in both cases, you’re helping yourself as well as the human collective.

      You are easily powerful enough to turn your planet into a utopia-like planet. In fact, you human lightworkers are already doing that. It’s just that such a process takes time.

      You will also very likely find that if you work to either hear yourself or help others, that you will be assisted. You can ask for help directly by saying or thinking something like “wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, please help me.” You probably won’t get a direct reply and the help will be subtle and perhaps non-immediate, but you will be helped.

      So let me summarize the message:
      – We empathize with you, because yes, life on Earth really is incredibly tough and unfair. You are the strongest of the strong for being able to bear it.
      – We’re helping as much as we can, but most of the human collective doesn’t consent to big changes and especially not to ET intervention. The operation has been taking longer because we refuse to violate free will.
      – You are the cavalry that’s there to save humanity. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

      Finally, the channeler is getting tired, so I’ll briefly answer the other questions:

      – “First of all he could tell us how come he’s the commander and what happened to commander Ashtar. He could go on to explain his relationship with Sananda as he’s often up there on the bridge looking down on Earth.” — Commander Ashtar and blessed Sananda are still here. In Earth terms, both are what you would call my superiors. I command people (during times when immediate action is necessary and consensus-building is too slow), but in Earth terms, Ashtar and Sananda are further up in the hierarchy. Sananda sometimes mentors me and at times I ask him for advice. I love him dearly.

      – “Then he could perhaps explain why he feels the need to send such a small message which for any other channel would have been part of a much longer message.” You’re free to not listen to my messages if you don’t like them. However, I think there’s plenty of information here. Namely: 1) the importance of kindness, 2) humanity is one, 3) how to listen to your heart. Nearly all of humanity would benefit from practicing more kindness and more living-from-the-heart. It may be helpful to read messages not with a passive reading style, but with an active reading style of “what in this message can I bring into practice in my daily life?” Try asking your heart what to do for a month and follow that, and very likely your life will transform.

      – “Perhaps he could also explain why there is a gigantic space ship up there full of people perfectly happy to watch untold suffering going on down here.” I promise you that we’re not happy with the situation on Earth. Although I do agree that most of us Pleiadians don’t really know what life on Earth is like, no matter how much we feel into the energies and go through the memories of consenting lightworkers to try and get a feel for what it would be like to live on Earth.

      – “Maybe this commander could explain why he is a commander, what his role entails, how did he rise to this rank, what his daily duties are, how many people he is responsible for, who he answers to, what is the purpose of his contact, who authorised it, where he came from, why he chose this path, what his spiritual beliefs are and are they the same as the others on the ship.” Properly answering this would take a long time and would exhaust the channeler further, for in my opinion not that much benefit to humanity. Once you learn to channel yourself, feel free to ask me and I’ll happily respond.

      Thanks for your question, Kirk. I appreciate the opportunity to address a common question that lots of Lightworkers have. I’m leaving you with all my peace and love.

      Your star brother,

      1. Gustavo Frein

        I don’t think people want to suffer and die by the billions. I think they are under a spell that has been woven by the whole dark system of control – the education system, the government and media. I think many people just want to be left alone, not harassed and have tyranny forced upon them. These creatures, the Schwabs, Bill Gates, Bourla, these monsters are very weak. I could end any one of them with my bare hands if I could get ahold of them.

        I for one bristle with furious anger at the tyranny being foisted on me. I want these weak creatures brought to justice for their genocidal crimes against humanity and to see them summarily executed. I don’t think justice is something our source is against. If these creatures have souls(and maybe they don’t)let them try and learn a lesson whereby they are the slaves, the oppressed. Let them reincarnate into conditions they created for us.

        I have tried and tried to wake people up to what us going on. I have not had much success. The sleep walkers do have a vague awareness that things are going terribly wrong, but they just can’t grasp the whole extent of it. Take germ theory for instance, when I try to explain to them there are no viruses it is beyond their level of comprehension. Yes I studied Biology in college but you don’t have to have a background in Biology to grasp these concepts.

        Unfortunately, unless we can somehow get control of the MSM to break the programming that has gone on for decades I think there is very little chance of reaching the sleep walkers, they’re like Zombies.

        So while these absolutely evil demonic non-human entities will ultimately fail in their quest to completely genocide us off of the Earth, they will do a lot of damage and cause much suffering on their way out.

        If you want to help, Hakann, break the media stranglehold on the minds of the people. There can’t be free will if they are continuously bombarded with lies and are presented with no choice. Free will can not be exercised without choice.

        1. A.S.

          Speaking as the channeler and not as Hakann, I’m frustrated too. I also hate that most people around me think I’m insane and that I can’t get through to them.

          I agree completely except with your last paragraph.

          I really don’t think that would go as well as you’re picturing. How do you think the US military would respond to aliens who landed and tried to arrest the president and take over television stations? They’d probably figure this was a hostile alien invasion and would start shooting. Certainly Biden or Biden’s handlers would order the army to start shooting and a portion of the army would think this is like the movie independence day and would obey.

          I completely agree that the media should be taken over, but why are we saying “people from another culture, arrest the cabal” instead of saying “positive Earthling military, arrest the cabal” or “how can I help”? Clearly galactics aren’t going to directly do that under current circumstances (I’ve asked them too), but the positive Earthling military actually could. Why aren’t we asking them?

          Imagine being a Pleadian. You’re on a pretty unpleasant and dangerous mission to help people from another planet. Your loved ones are dying on said missions. It’s obvious that good-hearted Earthlings have the capability to arrest the bad guys and take over the media. But they don’t. And Lightworkers are asking you instead of their fellow Earthlings “please help us”. Wouldn’t you be scratching your head a bit? Wouldn’t you be like “hey Earthlings, just get off your ass and clean up your own mess, you easily have the capability to do so”?

          Hence Hakann’s central theme of him trying to empower and encourage humanity.

          Again, I’m writing this as the channeler, not as Hakann.

          1. Gustavo Frein

            No I am not advocating Pleiadeans landing and taking over the planet. But, if as they say, they are so technologically advanced as to have this massive spaceship orbiting earth, I think they could play it a little smarter. Why can’t they work with positive Earthlings to hijack or create a broadcast system to show the people of earth what has been done to them. I know movie analogies are goofy, but think of or watch the John Carpenter movie “They Live”. An alien race has made itself our overlords through use of control of propaganda and suggestion, and by being able to disguise themselves as human. Not unlike our current situation. The aliens recruit humans into their ranks through the allure of money, power and sex…sounds familiar.

            The human resistance breaks into the broadcasting networks to give the people the truth.

            Remember what Bush Sr. said: If the people ever learn of what we’ve done to them they’ll chase us down in the streets and hang us.

          2. A.S.

            Fair point, taking over the tv without landing would be smarter.

            But still I ask: why are we looking to Pleiadians to do that, when we Earthlings are perfectly able to take over Earthling broadcasts ourselves? “The human resistance breaks into the broadcasting networks to give people the truth.” Yes exactly, let us Earthlings do that. Or let’s ask our positive military to do that.

            If we want to be accepted in the galactic community and if we want galactics to openly walk among us and treat us as equals, it would behoove us to start solving our own problems. (I’m saying this as an Earthling, not in the name of some galactic being.)

            It’s frankly getting kind of ridiculous that we’re this immensely powerful race with amazing psionic upside and all the immaterial help from the entire universe, and we can’t even kick a few corrupt politicians and immaterial leeches off the planet. We’re basically the equivalent of an elephant who has been chained to a pole when he was little, and now we don’t realize that we can just easily rip the pole out of the ground that’s supposed to be holding us in place.

          3. Gustavo Frein

            AS, for us to take over the broadcasting networks we have to launch a military operation known as an armed revolution. It’s getting to that point, and I don’t see any other option unless Hakann and our Pleiadean cousins could lend a hand as I suggested.

          4. A.S.

            Well, we Earthlings could start telling our policemen and military “you’re supposed to be protecting us civilians. Well, please start doing that. Here’s evidence of the covid crimes that have been committed against us.”

            I agree that an armed civilian uprising isn’t ideal, but what we could do insist that our military starts taking their oaths seriously to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. From the Pleiadian’s perspective, it’s the positive Earth’s military that is supposed to do the bulk of the arrests.

            I get that you’re frustrated. I’m frustrated too. But I’ve already asked them to intervene as much and as quickly as possible. And I also promise you that they’re well aware of how much lightworkers want them to intervene more quickly and more directly. I don’t have a “Pleiadian intervention now” button that I can press.

          5. Gustavo Frein

            I won’t belabor you AS with another post, but we don’t have access to the top of the pyramid at the Pentagon. I can tell you the officer Corp and senior NCO’s have been replaced with the worst “woke” personnel. Cops will do anything to protect their paycheck and pensions. Most of them are psychopathic in my opinion, so no help there.

            The military is soon to be completely useless as a fighting force, unless high heeled
            11B’s scare us. Not me.

            Sheriff’s departments now there we have hope.

            And we outnumber them 1000’s to one.

      2. C

        Talk of “free will” is interesting to me…
        When a child, for example, is abused, the “free will” of the abuser overrides the “free will” of the abused. When a nefarious faction wants to poison water, air or soil – the “free will” of all others who choose clean unpoisoned, air, water, soil is overridden, in favor of the “free will” of those of nefarious agenda.

        If the free will of the willfully blind counts ‘just as much’ – then it stands to reason that the free will of a child counts “just as much”, or the free will of those who choose unpoisoned air and water counts “just as much”, and countless other examples. The free will of the “awake” counts just as much as the free will of the “unawakened” – yet… it doesn’t in actuality of how things have played out, and are still playing out.

        Those of free will choosing for disclosure must “wait” and bow to the “free will” of those who don’t want it. Those who free will choose a reality of peaceful providence, are to “wait” and bow to the free will of those who choose parasitic wage enslavement.

        By free will one can choose not to be monitored, spied on, or made to “pay to live” – yet the ‘free will’ of those both on planet, and watching from the skies seems again, to supersede and take precedence.

        Go within – Seek Creator, God, Divine Spirit. Question everything and seek within again. None of any of this is what it seems.

        *I intend no shit nor shade to this channel, nor the overall message* Just… “being an earthling” and sharing a collective perspective.

        peace, love and blessings everyOne 🙏🕊

          1. C

            Exactly- choice to exercise free will. And the example of children being abused – illustrates free will being trampled, dismissed and disregarded, thereby not “counting the same”.

            And yet – many (channelers, ‘entities’, etc) claim we “draw our experiences to us by our thoughts and frequency – we create them”. I wonder if they realize that they’re inadvertently implying pretty much that abused children “asked for it”.

            Again, no offense to any who channel these entities – but I much prefer to ‘bypass’ all of the extraneous conversation, Seek GOD, DivineCreator and the Grace of Discernment, Peace and Compassion.

            It’s odd to repeatedly hear the equivalent of “well, we’re here watching and monitoring – the building is burning, we won’t help anyone because you can help yourselves, we love you, but don’t worry we won’t let the fire destroy the building”.

            Or lifeguards gathering on a beach to watch people drowning while they yell “we love you and admire you, save yourself”

            Or… children trapped in a school with an active shooter while the police stand down outside.

            All this seems strangely similar.

          2. A.S.

            I’m talking here as the channeler and not as Hakann.

            If you want to use a lifeguard analogy, it’s like us lightworkers signed up to be lifeguards (before we were born). Then we see someone drowning, and instead of us lifeguards saving that drowning person, we’re picking up the phone and saying “hey person from the lifeguard training that I followed, there’s a person drowning here, come over here and save them.”

            You want the cavalry to come save humanity? We lightworkers are the cavalry.

            I do get that the situation is a bit more complex because you and I can’t really initiate mass arrests, but we can do our part and make a big contribution. Just being kind to other people or indeed working on your own spiritual progress is making a big contribution.

            Of course if you don’t resonate with this message, that’s completely fine.

            And I think Pleiadians would cheer on anyone who goes looking for God and works on their own discernment. If that’s what you want to do, that’s fantastic. You have all my love and well-wishes.

    4. Liz Nieves

      Collective negative thoughts create great amounts of negativity. Then, that energy develops into wars, natural disasters, etc. causing devastation, desperation, poverty, deaths. Commander Hakann is telling us that is important that we understand that WE ARE ONE by our connectivity with Source but individually, our souls have free will and must respect that. It would be interesting to read about commander Hakann’s history but a more important message is that we we must create our own reality with our collective minds for this planet to be free. Everything that has happened during all these years is our own fault and WE are the ones who need to change it. On another note, I believe that Ashtar is not a person but a group.

    1. A.S.

      Don, you asked me yesterday to channel an Arcturian. Here you go:


      Dear humans,

      I am very happy that I am able to communicate with you today. I am Anos, an Arcturian. I greet you in peace and love.

      I am also honored that I may speak with you. Human lightworkers are some of the strongest and most advanced souls in the entire universe, and you volunteered to do one of the hardest jobs that there is, namely be born on Earth during this time. It is very impressive that you were brought up in the darkness of ignorance, yet you have found the light regardless. You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope to all good-hearted beings in the universe. You are deeply loved and honored.

      In my observations of humanity, I have noticed that humans start out with no idea of how to reach Source and no idea of what to do with their life. Then often, they find one path towards Source, or they find one meaningful and in-alignment activity to do with their life. And then they often label that one path or that meaningful activity as “the sole good path” or “the sole good activity.”

      Again, we are genuinely impressed whenever someone is raised in the darkness of ignorance, and then finds one path towards the light. This is an amazing achievement. And it is very understandable that at this point, those humans feel the urge to tell others “here is a path towards the light! It is awesome! Do this! Anything else you can do is worse than doing this!”

      However, we would like to remind you that just as Source is infinite, so too are there infinite paths and infinite meaningful activities.

      Many people prioritize comfort and success, which is very understandable. However, many people’s soul prioritizes soul growth, and every experience leads to soul growth. Even actions that don’t contribute to people’s success, may lead to great soul growth for those people, because it may help them understand a new perspective.

      Even if we want to think in terms of “what’s best for the world”, then it may be quite possible that one person has found the best way for them to help the world. But that doesn’t mean that this is the best way for everyone to help the world.

      Of course you can offer help and advice to anyone. Yet the greatest gift you can give to another, is to help them reconnect to their own heart or, even better, to their own soul. Once they have made that connection, a new phase of their life starts, because they will be able to walk the best path for them. You cannot determine what the best path for someone else is: only that person’s heart and soul can determine that. Hence the greatest gift you can give someone is to help them reconnect to their heart and soul.

      The easiest way to do this is to ask “my heart, what should I do today?” The answer that you receive immediately is the answer that comes from your heart. Any answer that arrives a few seconds later does not come from your heart.

      It can be a very good practice to do this every day, for say a month. See how your life transforms. And once you have reaped the benefits of this, you can suggest this to other people as well.

      Thank you for listening. I enjoyed being able to give this message and I love you dearly.

      This was Anos

      Channeling Anos was an interesting experience. The Pleiadians (Hakann and Tunia) felt basically like very loving, wise and strong humans to me, but they still felt fundamentally human. Anos felt more like a Zen master to me who is so enlightened that he’s beyond suffering. While he didn’t explicitly say so and this is my interpretation, to me Anos felt like someone who was so enlightened that he didn’t even see suffering as something bad, it was just another experience that a soul could choose to have.

      I got the sense that if a sufficiently advanced being were to ask Anos “how can I stop suffering?”, he’d reply with “why do you want to stop suffering?”

      It’s a very high perspective, but I think that Hakann and Tunia will resonate with Earthlings more so I’ll focus on channeling them. Still, it was fun to channel Anos and I am grateful to him.

      Thanks for your question, Don.

      1. Don Spectacularis

        First of all, I’m so very HONOURED and GRATEFUL that you channelled Anos only for MY SAKE that words can’t even BEGIN TO describe what this means to me. Secondly, I ABSOLUTELY loved the channeling, and felt that Anos would love to say more, given a chance. So with that, I’d just like to make a suggestion – take it or leave it – that if possible at all, if you could give our dear Anos a platform to speak, say, just ONCE every one or two months if nothing less? I’m sure MANY on here could potentially benefit from his Zen-level wisdom, even if it comes through to us just once a month or so! Please at least do give this suggestion a thought at least, because I’m sure we all will absolutely LOVE hearing more from Anos!

        Thank you SO MUCH once again for doing all of this for us. Truly means SO MUCH more than you know. Cheers!!!🍻🥂🍻 ❤❤❤

      2. Don Spectacularis

        Well first of all, Thank You SO MUCH dear A.S. for doing this whole channeling entirely upon just MY ONE REQUEST!!! Cannot even put into words how very truly HONOURED, HUMBLED and GRATEFUL I am for your doing this!!! Secondly, I truly love Anos’ wisdom and resonance, he indeed feels like a master for the ages!

        I only wish to make one small suggestion here, if I may (take it or leave it!) but I do indeed feel that Anos TRULY deserves a platform to be heard…even if it’s like just once in 1 or 2 months or so! For one, his energies and wisdom are truly WORTH all of that wait, and secondly, it would be a refreshing change every once-in-a-while to switch over from Hakann and Tunia’s (more grounded) takes, to something that can help us all grow further spiritually, even if (initially) we feel his ways to be a tad bit too challenging for us all to follow! After all, staying in our comfort zones can only take us all SO FAR, and so, every once in a while, we could indeed do with some kicks up our butt from our dearest Arcturian friend Anos!

        Please do give this suggestion some thought at least. Though in any case, much, MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE for doing all of this for us all in ANY CASE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

        Cheers and Light!!! 🍻🥂🍻 + 💡🕯️💡

      3. Claudia

        It’s probabably the highest perspective, which I am connected to mentally since some bizarr experience I had >2500 days ago. From that contact I know that there is an advantage/a gain, that only comes from suffering, which is why we’re choosing those experiences before incarnating. See “how almost” Anos told you that?

        But “Life is a Game”, which means it’s a risk to plan those victim episodes. [And here I can FINALLY see clearly what I sort of couldn”t believe until now! 🙏👏🙏]

        “Life is a Game” btw. contains ALL trivial board games we all know and play “over here” just like EVERYTHING we’re doing here has an equivalent/counterpart “over there”. (So if somebody is addicted to gambling, this is why.)

        Of course that game does not allow for “real loosing”. Loosing won”t hurt more than not being part of “We are the champions”, that’s all.

      4. Don Spectacularis

        Well first of all, a huge THANK YOU to you for even as much as CONSIDERING to do this incredible channeling for me! Means so much more to me than you can even as much as imagine!

        Secondly, and this is just a suggestion take it or leave it, is that it would be super awesome if you could give dear Anos a platform of his own, EVEN IF it was JUST once in a month or two! TRULY feels like his voice deserves to be heard, after all, there is great merit indeed to many of the higher spiritual teachings; teachings that kick us in the butt and pull us out of our comfort zones, both vibrationally as well as spiritually! Otherwise, we’ll only ever make it so far (and no further) in our evolution as spiritual beings having a human experience I guess.

        Please do give this idea a little thought at least, as it could potentially help and assist so, SO many! As it is, every once in a while, we’d all need a new and refreshing perspective anyways which would be something of a detour from the ordinary Pleiadian one!!! 🙂 🙂

        Thank you SO VERY MUCH once again for doing this just on MY ONE REQUEST! Truly, TRULY means a LOT!!! Much, MUCH love, light and gratitude to you for this. Cheers!!!

        1. Claudia

          Hey Don, I hope you don’t think your comment got posted 3 times “by accident”. 😍

  2. Tammy

    Kindness can change the World 🌍 and we all have the power to do that easily regardless of appearances of the World.

  3. Gustavo Frein

    Well….right now I am seeing a brutal fight for survival to the bitter end. What rules on this planet right now is the “law of club and fang”.

    I don’t want it to be that way, but that’s reality.

    Better to be a man with a club, than a man without one

      1. Gustavo Frein

        It’s a literary reference to Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” whereby Buck, a captured dog, is taken to the north of Alaska to be a sled dog. Two things Buck learns is that he cannot beat a man with a club, and the law of the fang where dogs established a pecking order based on ferocity and physical strength.

        It is is of course a metaphor for humanity.

        1. Claudia

          Thx Gustavo. Makes more sense than I feel able to handle but you might be awfully right. It’s hard for a woman who’s so not into competitioñ and fighting to realize the meaning of that struggle inside of her, next to having to understand various other currents/structures at the same time.