New Moon in Leo and Jupiter Stations 7/28

You, your art, is astounding because it is a window to your inner fire. A fire that burns brighter than the stars…That is why I noticed you then… Why I was enraptured. You stood out among artisans. Among mortals. And I have known many. (Star Father) ~ Charlie N. Holmberg

Today the Sun enters Leo and returns home to his throne room. And on Thursday,  July 28th, we have our New Moon in Leo at 5º Leo 39’. In Leo season we are given permission to be the epicenter of our own universe, to uncompromisingly embrace our own truth and not have to deviate from that. We all have a connection to the one central Sun of our Solar System, and that same connection can also be found within our own hearts.

Artists know this divine center. This is where they get their creative energy and drive. So do children, performers, athletes, leaders and masters of the universe. It is with the child’s fresh perceptions that we are able to see potential and possibility, and with the confidence of royalty to take command of our domain. Leo is the place we go to in order to laugh out loud, and to flaunt our own unique personal self-expression.

Leo is also a very hot and dry sign. Fiery, hot and fixed, Leo is High Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. With a trine from Jupiter in Aries this can further exacerbate the heat this week. During the years that Uranus is in Taurus we are often confronted with issues surrounding climate, the environment and sustainability. And as we approach the New Moon next week, Uranus is perfecting its conjunction to the North Node and Mars, stoking up the furnace. We have already clocked some of the hottest days on record over the past few weeks.

It probably does not help that the New Moon is conjunct Ceres, the goddess of our environmental resources, food production, and agriculture. Droughts are threatening supplies. Farmers are being bombed in the Ukraine. And our Mother the Earth is simmering in the sweltering heat. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was in the middle of the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, when a series of droughts decimated the already fragile top soil, killing livestock and crops and destroying livelihoods.

But what also happened in the 1930’s was something called the New Deal, which included public works programs that employed millions of people, but also initiated new farming practices. The Soil Conservation Act of 1936 would prevent another Dust Bowl from occurring again. However extreme weather events are not only persisting, but also increasing. But more on extreme weather, the economy, earthquakes and the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus next week.

This week we are celebrating the virtues of Leo, while negotiating the retrograde station of Jupiter that also occurs at the New Moon. And there is much to celebrate in the joyful and expressive sign of Leo. If you like to make intentions or affirmations with the New Moon, the best time to do so would be during the New Moon phase [after the New Moon on July 28th, 1:55 pm (EDT); 10:55 am (PDT); 6:55 pm Greenwich (UT). And up until the Crescent Moon on August 1st].

The New Moon in Leo is traditionally a good time to: 

  • Laugh out loud. Find your inner joy. Connect with that heart center, and let it roar.

  • Be proud. Show the world what you can do. This is not a time to be shy. Conjure up your confidence from the depths of your heart and soul, and give it full rein. This is your time to shine, for whatever!

  • Do you. Dress the way that makes you happy, dance in your own style, speak your own truth.

  • Begin a new creative endeavor. Take an art class. Redecorate your home. Express yourself in whichever way feels right for you.

  • With 6 planets in fixed signs, this is a good time to begin a long term project that requires a lot of determination and follow through.

  • Planning or initiating a fun outing, filled with recreational activities, or places of amusement. Perhaps somewhere where you can cool off!

  • Attending creative events, going to the theater, attending a show, or going to a nightclub.

  • This is a time to play, and who knows better how to play, than children. Make time for the children in your life (young and old).

Leo has domain over: The Sun, the Life Force, Chi, the Heart. Love, Romance and Courting. Passion, Spirit. Charisma, Radiance, being in the Spotlight. Joy, Laughter, Enthusiasm and Inspiration. Children, Play, Recreation and Games. Celebrations, Parties, places of Amusement, Theaters, Night Clubs, Arenas, Gyms, Sports. Dignity, Pride, Royalty, Heads of State, Leadership and Regal Bearing. Loyalty, Steadfastness, Dependability, Will, Determination. Self-confidence. Being an example for others to follow. The Ego. The Arts, the Stage, Creative self-expression. Fame. Lions and Cats. Trend Setters, Stylists and Influencers. Hair (lots of it!). And the Spine.

The general feeling of the New Moon in Leo: A surge of self-confidence, a bit dramatic, and an all-encompassing desire to live out loud.

What is needed: See if you can locate your joy. What are the things, people, experiences that make your heart sing? Who are you hoping it is, when your phone rings? What makes your heart skip a beat? When and where do you feel a little larger than life? What makes you shine inside and out? Those are the things that are needed at the New Moon in Leo.

Some good intentions for this Moon might be: 

  • When I believe in myself, I walk with both radiance and confidence. It shows.

  • May any resistance to joy and happiness be lifted from me.

  • May I speak from the heart, and with the courage of a lion.

  • May I be a channel for the creative intelligence of the Universe.

  • Remember what it feels like to wonder, and look at the world through the eyes of a child.

  • I want to see all obstacles to love and happiness lifted from me.

  • May I invest every day with Joyous Enthusiasm, Laughter and a Happy Heart.

  • I am the Sun around which all else revolves, therefore like the Sun, may I bring inspiration and light to all.

Joy is not in things. It is in us. ~ Charles Wagner

New Moons are times of New Beginnings. And the New Moon in Leo is prime for new beginnings in all things that Leo has domain over. With 6 planets in fixed signs, initiatives begun with this New Moon are in it for the long haul. And you may need that tenacity and determination, for with all those fixed signs, it could feel as if we are stuck, or working at cross purposes with others or circumstances. And then there is also the retrograde station of Jupiter.

Jupiter’s stations are always accompanied by a trine to the Sun, bringing optimism and promise for what could be. Jupiter is a planet of hope. But when it stations retrograde, it seems to redirect the promise for abundance in the outer world, to a search for fulfillment within. It can even feel like our outer prosperity and opportunities are drying up after Jupiter enters its retrograde phase. But these are often only temporary bends in the road. By the time Jupiter stations direct again the fulfillment of the promise will once again be directed into the outer world.

Just as Jupiter can exacerbate existing issues, it can also bring solutions. Even if it means having to go within in order to find those solutions. Even if it means that we may have to put some of our hopes for the future on a temporary hiatus.

The retrograde phase of Jupiter which lasts from July 28th thru November 23rd are best for the sorts of things that promote internal growth. It is a particularly good time for spiritual journeys, philosophical questions, or any learning opportunity that will increase understanding, wisdom and knowledge. People consider going back to school, reviewing a subject, re-evaluating their core beliefs, or looking for ways to become more informed.

In the external world, Jupiter is associated with luck and abundance. Internally it is associated with ethics, moral judgments, and beliefs. It is not unusual at these stations to be confronted with moral dilemmas, or judgments about the behavior of others. And Jupiter in Aries can heap on a whole lot of moral righteousness. However, these retrograde phases of Jupiter are less about the judgment of others, so much as whether or not we are living up to our own moral standards. In this way, these 4-month annual retrograde phases of Jupiter are essential for our own moral and spiritual growth.

The desire for truth and understanding is an archetypal quality of Jupiter. There may be some winding roads to travel before we get there, but the journey to understanding is as important as the destination. We can learn through exploration, through questions, through study and discourse. And as we strive to be more ethical, kinder and better versions of ourselves, then true altruism can finally be achieved.

**By Lauren


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  1. Matilda

    Leo born 6/8 . I am the Light,I am the Love ,I am the Truth ,I am. Looking forward to receive all the abundance and be able to travel back to England.