Resurrection of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

My dreamtime has been very prolific over the past few weeks with the same recurrent theme. Although the dreams themselves have differed, the crux of the dreams has been the same.

In each dream, I have been in a relationship with a man who was subtly attempting to control me. It became obvious that we have been playing this “game” since the beginning of the relationship and he expected it to continue as such. However, in each instance, I had awakened to the Divine Feminine within me, no longer willing to continue the role of obedience and subservience. At some point when I was directed to do something that was not in alignment with my Soul, I withdrew and refused.

In the first few dreams, although I was never physically abused, the men became angry and verbally combative when I was no longer willing to comply to their demands. Since there was no middle ground in which to communicate, I eventually walked away from each of these relationships.

Later in this series of dreams, several of the men were willing to listen to my concerns, but unwilling to make any changes in their lives, assuming they could placate me with gifts and sweet talk. Again, I choose to walk away.

Although there wasn’t any physical abusive, there was emotional injury to both parties in all of these instances. Each was simply following society’s patterning without any awareness of a true and equitable relationship between the Divine Male with the Divine Female. Nor, did either of them have the tools to make the necessary changes in their lives to heal the smoldering unseen wounds to create more loving relationships.

In my most recent dream, the man was not only willing to listen to my concerns, but was asking how to be supportive in creating a more loving, open, and equitable partnership.

As I was contemplating this sequence of dreams, I realized they began with the US supreme court’s overturn of Roe vs. Wade, on June 24, 2022, which attempts to remove women’s rights to her own body.

With that announcement, I initially became very angry. But I also realized it was Love, not anger that would eventually heal this deep wound of separation inflicted upon humanity eons ago. A wound which has finally been brought to light via this government’s attempt at supreme control.

With this awareness, I sat in communion with my Soul asking how to heal this deep wound with Love rather than anger. I now realize these dreams have been the answer to that prayer. Each night in my dreamtime I have been clearing antiquated timelines and programing that have been held in place for eons of time, both personally and collectively, for the resurrection of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

After each dream, I awakened to the expanded consciousness of more Love within me and released all that no longer serves me in BEing that Love. Perhaps, the expansion of my Love during these dreams over the past few weeks has effected the players in all of these dreams. Perhaps, there has been an Awakening on the etheric/subconscious level for them personally and collectively as it ripples out into all of humanity.

I have been a “dreamweaver” ever since I was a child. Whenever I don’t know how to approach life from my human perspective, I take my questions into dreamtime in communion with my Soul. It is in this alternate reality, free of any interference from my human mind, that my Soul and I weave new potentials for the highest good, where Love heals all.

It is with deep Love for all of humanity that I share my experience within these dreams and offer this Sacred Gift that has been brought to light as the Resurrection of both the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine. May all of humanity expand in Love and Compassion for each other as we learn new ways of being in relationship with each other in all areas of life. Blessed BE!

**By Sharon Lyn Shepard


4 Replies to “Resurrection of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine”

  1. Ana

    I’m a woman, I love a masculine protective male with his own mind. He had been through wars, he has lived through packs of males fighting him because of his white skin and he won and not only won they bent to him. A true alpha male will crush any male around and win, he will lead them, as he is alpha. Alpha males are not docile. They are unmatched on every front. Physically, mentally, spiritually, they are rare and your heart will skip when they are near. Alpha wolves are alpha because they fight physically and mentally and win at both. Treating a woman as a queen and above him means you are playing alpha and he is beta, your servant. He is there to make you feel you are strong because you lack internal strength to stand for yourself without a cowering smitten slave. He cannot protect you and he cannot think for himself. He will be a male girl friend. I mean no hostility but I am trying to open your eyes. And killing anyone who has formed a heart and brain is murder and you waited too long. You realize they are killing babies after 9 months and it of the womb as abortions? It’s vile. They can hear you recognize your voice when they come out of the womb and are aware from an early time. Reports of abortions where the baby was physically trying to dodge the doctors sharp instruments have been reported. They feel pain, more than we do, their nerves are very sensitive like a fish. I won’t eat fish for that reason. I truly hope you take no offense, I was you a while ago and have come a long ways.

  2. Geovanee

    The alpha male will always put his woman first. The better he can make her comfortable/happy the better she will perceive him as strong. Sharon describes the very definition of a beta male whose desire is to come first in a relationship. The only compromise
    would involve both partners equally level in regards to who should come first. Otherwise known as taking turns. But from experience the middle ground rarely works anymore surprisingly. For men the best advice is to treat your lady like a queen, put her first with every decision. Angry men severely weaken her image of you and the woman may look for someone stronger. Now about abortion, this actually did find compromise recently and I will explain how. The supreme court gave each state the power in determining whether the individual can receive an abortion. Almost every blue/democrat run state will allow abortions and some of them even offered to pay travel expenses. 3 weeks should be the maximum amount of time for a woman to receive the abortion. Anytime time after that you are realistically killing your unborn child. Do not wait until a child has actually developed. Regardless of being raped that does excuse the fact that you killed an unborn baby. It will not weigh very well on your conscious for as long you live. In conclusion, the time has come for women to seek only alpha partners and time for women to realize that the supreme court did not abolish abortion. They merely sent it towards each states decision. Please stop acting like it was completely taking away. It was not.

  3. derek

    “As I was contemplating this sequence of dreams, I realized they began with the US supreme court’s overturn of Roe vs. Wade, on June 24, 2022, which attempts to remove women’s rights to her own body.”

    Trying to think of the most loving way to say this. Does this really go with the rest of the message?