Mars, Uranus, North Node Stellium; Liberation, Movement

Welcome the extremely rare and powerful conjunction of Uranus/Mars/North Node in Taurus.

The triple conjunction is exact at 18° Taurus late on July 31and early on August 1.

So it bridges July’s 13 Universal Month of inner transformation with August’s 14 Universal Month of Freedom and Fun.

It’s a strong invitation to release lingering emotions to lighten your load and fire up your life.

Freedom-loving Uranus joining fiery, passionate Mars has a major liberating impact.

These two planets speed up the pace of life – and you may express the electrifying energy in surprising ways!

Intuition (Uranus) and instinct (Mars) help you break through resistance and heaviness by inspiring you to listen to your inner navigation system – which is only active in the present moment.

Adding the NORTH NODE to Mars and Uranus means, the more you flow with the forward momentum, thegreater the blessings.

The North Node reveals our personal and collective destiny.

The union with Mars and Uranus is exciting, changeable and fast-moving:

  • Don’t fight the natural flow of the river.
  • If you feel a quickening, remember you are discovering a NEW path.
  • Everything will begin to feel more destined now.

Gravity is what causes a river to flow from higher to lower elevation, and the same flowing ease is being born within you during this once-in-a-lifetime conjunction.

As you stop resisting the natural flow, you realize that life does not have to be hard.

  • You can be going through a challenging situation, but you don’t have to linger in the suffering of it.

Fortunately this triple conjunction is happening in Taurus, which helps you see the value in everything that you create for yourself!

Everything shows you how you are expressing OR suppressing your divine light.

Once you see how a challenging situation is serving you, you move out of suffering and into LIVING.

You step into being empowered.

Taurus is a fixed sign, so the shifts may come out-of-the-blue in order to loosen up the “fixed” energy, remove any impediments, and stimulate flow.

Mars’ courage and fire play a big role by stimulating you to be open to explore life to the fullest.

While Mars’ natural passion is ignited by Uranus and the North Node it’s a great time to see how Mars (along with Venus) are transforming how you create joyful outcomes in any situation.

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Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


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  1. Dude

    If you look at the sky you will see the conjunction happens in Aries (not Taurus. This channel uses the natural sky and has the right info: Predict your future by looking at the past. North Node conjunct Uranus (and Mars!) 2007 versus 2022