The Next Awakening; August 2022

Hi my friend,

It’s a blessing for me to be able to connect with you this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

We are currently moving through a highly active energy cycle that began at the end of July, and will continue throughout the fall season.

During highly active energy cycles, there’s a great deal of electricity in the air, which can be felt even by those who aren’t generally sensitive to energy.

This kind of “electrified” energy creates the environment for transformational growth to occur, also known as an awakening.


We have now entered the next cycle of personal and collective awakening.

Awakenings come in different forms, and mean different things at different times in our lives.

There are numerous teachings, viewpoints, and writings on this subject from many different spiritual and conscious communities.

An awakening is not so much a destination we reach, but rather a way of being and becoming.

Whenever a particular group or culture reaches a certain level of awareness, an environment is created for an energetic opening to occur. This is known as a portal or doorway we travel through to experience great shifts in consciousness.

This doorway of awakening is open and available to us right now.

We are all being given the opportunity to move through this opening now, in order to awaken and set ourselves free.

This opening never shows up outside of ourselves.

It is not about being saved by an outside presence, person, or culture that is greater or more evolved than we are.

Of course, some may still be in the place where they believe that an awakening is a matter of being saved by something outside themselves, and that’s absolutely OK.

There’s no right or wrong in anyone’s growth process, and there is always individual choice about how growth happens.

The question to ask is, Do we want our journey to awakening to go as smoothly as possible? Or do we want it to be more challenging?

Because the choice is ours.

Each of us is exactly where we are meant to be right now. That doorway leading us to a more awakened version of ourselves will not close before we are ready to move through it.

It will not leave you or anyone behind.

Each of us is simply moving at our own pace. There’s no judgment as to which pace is “the right one.” Every pace is perfect and Divine for whatever path of growth and expansion we are on.

The opening we’ve personally and collectively created is as close to us as our next breath.

Many who have stepped through the doorway of awakening don’t even realize they’ve done so, until they reflect back to see how much they have shifted in the past few days, weeks, months, or years.

To find out if you have stepped into your awakening, simply think back to where you were six months or one, two, or five years ago. Also think about how your world was back then, and how it is now.

Is everything the same? Or has your life experience changed?

The current doorway to awakening may be showing up in a number of ways:

  • Feeling a strong desire to strengthen our connection to Spirit
  • Seeing deeply rooted memories and belief systems from our past resurfacing to be addressed and resolved
  • Having a strong desire to begin something new
  • Experiencing more daily synchronicity and moments of déjà vu
  • Experiencing our extra-sensory abilities of Inner Seeing/Feeling/Hearing/Knowing heightened to new levels
  • Becoming highly aware/mindful of our surroundings
  • Having lucid dreams that feel very real, almost as if we’re living in other worlds simultaneous to being in this one
  • Seeing new ideas blossoming that may impact the direction of our personal and professional lives
  • “Living out loud” more often by expressing ourselves more fully, and no longer hiding who we are
  • Desiring to build new soul-based friendships and connections, while completing previous ones


With the powerful influx of light flowing into our planet every day now, it’s important to honor our integration process.

Many of us have come to recognize the signs of these integrations as Awakening or Ascension Symptoms.

For those who may not be aware of what these symptoms are, the list below offers some clarity about what millions of people are experiencing right now.

If you are experiencing a physical or emotional symptom you are not sure about, always check with your holistic healthcare practitioner to make sure everything is OK.

If we do experience any of the following symptoms, it’s important to give ourselves permission to feel them rather than resist them. Feeling them allows us to move through them more easily, rather than continue to recreate them in our reality.

By feeling them, we will allow the integration process to occur much more quickly, so we can get back to being our optimal selves again.

Awakening symptoms may show up physically as:

  • Anxiety
  • Change in appetite
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Memory loss
  • Ringing in one ear
  • Vertigo
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Pressure in third eye area or temples (similar to a headache)
  • Muscle cramps
  • Heightened senses and awareness
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Stomach aches
  • Hot flashes
  • Tiredness
  • Being hungry all the time

Awakening symptoms may show up emotionally as:

  • Emotional ups and downs
  • Crying
  • Anger
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Bursts of laughter
  • Worrying
  • Depression
  • Over-analyzing situations or events
  • Lots of unexplained, unfocused physical energy

Whatever comes up for you, please take good care of yourself now, knowing that all will pass as it is fully embraced, felt, and honored.


During high energy cycles, attachments to fear often come up to prevent change from happening. This is the mind’s preferred coping method of choice when it doesn’t feel safe.

One of the things that holds most people back from truly living their life to the fullest, is an attachment to fear of the unknown.

So a good question to ask ourselves is:

What if there is no such thing as the unknown, because the part of us that is Spirit already knows everything?

Would we still need to fear the unknown, if we grasped that part of us already knows everything about our path?

Could this be more about strengthening our ability to listen to and honor the wisdom of our Spirit, rather than buying into fear over something that doesn’t really exist?

My friend, our Spirit is in fact a “know-it-all,” in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with the ego.

Our Spirit knows exactly what It desires to do to take the best care of us, and the only thing asked of us is to create enough awareness to be able to honor the guidance our Spirit shares with us.

Knowing this, let’s give ourselves permission to let go of the attachments we may still have around fear of the unknown.

Imagine the extraordinary possibilities we open ourselves up to, when we let go of fear of the unknown!

Right now is the time to release this fear. Because while the heightened energies are bringing many old issues to the surface to be addressed and resolved, we are also being energized to go beyond any of the previous limitations we’ve set for ourselves.

Who are we, without our old fear of the unknown?

Let’s ask ourselves this question often, and be open to the expansion that comes from asking these kinds of questions.

Now is the time to notice the opportunities that begin to present themselves, that can enrich our lives.

And when something feels right to us, now is the time to go for it!

Whether it’s in the areas of relationships, environment, career, our health and well-being, creativity, etc.—this is the time to be available to the expected and unexpected opportunities coming our way!

It’s also important to be flexible and adaptable right now, because it will make navigating these energies much more enjoyable. This is the time to let our Spirit guide us on the journey It desires to take us on.

This is not the time to hibernate.

This is the time to go out in the world, and engage in the love, life, and freedom available to us!


The next few months will offer us a time of Divine Completion.

A Divine Completion is a sacred time in our lives that signifies profound closure. It is the end of an old chapter, and the beginning of a new one.

Divine Completion is not about getting rid of anything or anyone from our lives with force. It’s not about fixing anything.

It’s actually about understanding that we have come to a point in our lives where certain contracts, vows, and obligations we’ve had with certain people, places, experiences, and ourselves, have been fulfilled.

A Divine Completion means that we have chosen to not run away or avoid something that has felt uncomfortable or scary to us, but rather faced whatever challenges needed to be faced full-on. We have learned our lessons, and are no longer in need of recreating those experiences in our lives.

Divine Completion can even occur among Soul family members, and Soul mates. These seem to be the hardest for most, especially because we can remember feeling so connected to these beautiful Spirits at one point.

When a completion happens on a Soul level, a compassionate love still remains. If anything less than compassion remains, completion has not yet fully been achieved.

If you are experiencing a Divine Completion at this time, know that you are not alone.

I am fully holding the space for your integration process to be smooth, gentle, and rewarding.

The wonderful thing is that these completions help us grow tremendously, and to become more of who we came here to be.

August is a big change month, so take good care, my friend, and know that we are all in this together!

As always, I’m profoundly grateful for you, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Till next time,

Miraculously Yours,


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  1. Holistic

    This is generally a very helpful commentary. However I do not understand the concept of ascension symptoms. Those stated here are quite often experienced by many people on a daily basis. Does this writer mean that people who do not normally experience such symptoms are now experiencing them? And how are the symptoms connected to the awakening process? No-one who writes about the symptoms explains this.