The Great Quantum Transition: Operation In Bulgaria Part 1

Lightwarriors carried out the operation in the Balkans, in Bulgaria, in a reduced composition. On the spot, it was executed only by the head of the ground team. The rest of its members helped remotely from other countries.

Together with the group leader, the Pleiadian, incarnated on Earth, worked. His spiritual name is Elmerik. Unfortunately, he did not fulfill the assigned mission and almost derailed the entire operation.

The main task of Lightwarrior was to restore on a Subtle Plane the important structures created in the time of Eden and in our days, which are very important for the quantum restructuring of Earth and its transition to 5D.

The first part of the operation was carried out in Dupka, located about 30 km north of the capital Sofia.

According to the information received from Co-Creators, Lightwarriors knew that in this place is stored one of the fragments of the Eden’s Crystal (copy of the Pleroma), which was split into segments and hidden in different parts of the Arabian Peninsula and the planet. It was done to prevent Black Archons from using its energy after the closure of the Eden project.

The Bulgarian segment of the Crystal became part of the local branch of Shambhala and the national egregore, tied to the family of other Light egregores. On the surface, they were linked to many Power Places, ashrams and monasteries, located mainly in remote mountainous areas.

Dupka was a sacred inheritance of Earth and humanity when they were Perfect Divine Creations. Lightwarriors expected that the vibrations emitted here would be the same. Everything turned out differently. Energetically and karmically, it was one of the dirtiest places they had ever encountered.

For thousands of years, Black Archons and their Dark Hierarchy have used the force field of the Crystal to dump their karma here.

In the same place, they built a Demonic Portal, which they actively exploited together with Black Magicians. Over time, on the Subtle Plane above Dupka, a huge layer of karmic and necrotic substance formed, which covered the entire area like a sarcophagus.

To open access to the Crystal’s segment, Lightwarriors remotely pre-cleared the Dupka’s field. But it wasn’t enough. In the course of the op, Co-Creators changed its plan, instructing the group to continue working remotely.

Their task was to help the leader of the ground team collect the Eden’s Crystal part in his Radiant Body. Before that, Lightwarriors finished cleansing the Dupka’s space and destroyed the Black Portal.

The Lords of the local Shambhala divided the Crystal’s segment into twelve parts, and one by one, carefully, began to introduce into the Lightwarrior’s Radiant Body. All of them were to remain in it until the next stage of the operation – in Perperikon, at the site of the Cosmic Initiation of Alexander the Great.

With the introduction of another part of the Crystal’s fragment, the group leader suddenly felt a sharp, piercing pain in his heart, as if from a knife strike or a bullet shot. For a moment, his vision went dark and breath caught in throat.

Then, the heart began to pound wildly, the temperature and pressure jumped. This is how the body reacted to large portions of karma and necro-negativity that had accumulated in the Crystal. This state lasted for several hours while the Lightwarrior cleaned each segment’s part, bringing it to its former Divine condition.

After cleansing each piece, Lightwarrior literally fell off his feet from weakness and complete exhaustion. There was not enough night to recuperate at all, and some work was carried out during the darkness hours, which automatically became sleepless.

All twelve cleansings had to be completed in a matter of days. Thanks to the Ascended Masters and the ground crew, who supported and helped him in every possible way, this part of the operation was successfully completed.

The site of the next op was a Monastery founded at the end of the 10th century by the hermit monk Ivan Rilski, whose holy relics rest there today.

This Spiritual Heart of the country, which is also called Bulgarian Jerusalem, is located 117 km south of Sofia, on the top of Mount Rila, on the territory of the National Natural Park.

The Rilski Monastery crowns one of the main ashrams of the Balkan Shambhala, and serves as a projection of its Crystal. Ivan Rilski was the incarnate Light Hierarch of the planetary Shambhala.

The history of the Balkan Shambhala is well known, it was at the peak of popularity in the XIX-XX centuries, thanks to the famous White Brotherhood with its great teachers Beinsa Duno and Omraam Mikael Aivankhov. According to the plan of the Light Hierarchy, on the basis of the local Shambhala, it was planned to recreate the Eden’s Crystal as a prototype of the Pleroma (Absolute Reality) on Earth. A lot is being done for that today.

In the Rilski Monastery, on a Subtle Plane and under the surface, Lightwarriors discovered a part of the Balkan Shambhala Crystal, which simultaneously served as an egregore. However, it was splatted. It was unclear what was happened there: the sabotage of Black Archons, or Light Hierarchs had to take such an extreme step.

It turned out that, indeed, the latter did it so that the Darks did not seize the shrine. The Crystal was splatted in such a way that Black Archons could not use it, but it was possible to restore it later.

Co-Creators assigned this task to the ground team leader.

The technique of was the same: the Lords of Shambhala put Crystal segments one by one into the Lightwarrior’s Radiant Body where they were assembled.

The work was carried out directly in the Monastery Church, in the center of the complex. In it, as in the focus of a giant lens, the radiations of the surrounding mountains, which are pyramids, are focused. It’s their energy that makes this place unique, sacred and healing, a true Shambhala’s Abode.

The next operation in the Rilski Monastery was aimed at the creation of a single global network that unites, on a Subtle Plane, the DNA of Ivan Rilski and all the Saints, who have ever lived on Earth.

Everyone knows the phenomenon of miraculous energy of holy relics. Indeed, their DNA radiate, and will radiate high vibrations of Love, Harmony and Perfect Light until the end of our planet’s existence, brightening and purifying the surrounding space.

Higher Light Hierarchs decided to build a single crystal network based on the retro-DNA and use it to sanitize the illiquid karma of humanity.

Previously, there were no technical conditions for creating such a network. To do it, a man and a woman were needed who, being embodied in 3D, could link on selves this infrastructure.

These criteria were fully met by two leaders of the ground group – husband and wife, who together were a powerful dipole.

How did this operation go?

The network, like a planetary Crystal, was supposed to consist of the union of two Foundations – Masculine and Feminine. Those Saints who were men in their Earthly life, including Ivan Rylski, through their Higher Selves and the DNA, were looped into the Lightwarrior’s heart.

Then, through him, they were connected to the Absolute’s Male Manifestation.

After that, the circuit was activated in reverse order. An impulse of Absolute Light emanated from the Pleroma passed through the heart of Lightwarrior, the DNA of Ivan Rylski and was distributed via the Saints’ DNA network throughout Earth.

During the day, while all this was going on, the ground team leader experienced an incredible Spiritual state of Love and Perfect Light. Their vibrations tore his chest. Upon contact with the relics of Ivan Rilski, Lightwarrior burst into tears, surprising the priest who happened to be nearby.

Later, a similar op was carried out, only remotely, by Lightwarrior’s dipole, working with Saintesses’ Higher Selves and retro-DNA, also from one of the Monasteries.

After the successful completion of this part of the operation, in the evening of the same day, the team leader and his partner arrived at the Sandanski’s balneological resort, which is located near the borders with Greece and Macedonia. This city is located on the site of ancient volcanoes and is famous for its thermal springs.

Lightwarrior chose this place because from there it was very close to the village of Rupite, famous all over the world thanks to Vanga. Here, for 30 years, she used her Divine gift for helping people and all mankind, and here, according to her will, she was buried. Right there, during her lifetime, St. Petka Church was built.

There is a lot of information about Vanga’s life in the Internet. But only a few men know who she really was, and what mission she carried out on Earth.

The gift of clairvoyance, which Vanga got after losing her sight in childhood and used to help people, was only a small part of her higher objective.

The place, where she lived, greatly helped her deeds. Vanga’s house is located near a mountain, which from a certain angle has a clearly defined pyramidal shape, and from the other, it looks like a parabolic antenna or a concave mirror. Together they form a gigantic megalithic energy information infrastructure of the highest purpose.

Largely thanks to it, Vanga could accomplish what she embodied on Earth for from the highest plans – to be the Keeper of the Feminine Foundation on the planet and assemble on it the Matrix of Foundations Harmony, the highest in the Local Universe.

Vanga assembled it in self, in her Heart and Causal Body. In fact, she turned into a Temple of Harmony.

She always said that harmony is the most important in the Universe, and that all people’s problems come from its violation. Therefore, the restoration of Harmony is a panacea for everything negative and destructive, including diseases.

Vanga has developed her unique method of restoring it, both in the macro- and micro-cosmos (man). After all, the Matrix of Foundations Harmony was violated not only on Earth, but also in the Logos of Galaxies and the Local Universe.

All this is a single, closely interconnected System. Being violated in the Earth’s Logos, the Matrix could not self-repair due to the skewed Harmony of the Masculine and Feminine Primary Foundations in the Universe.

Vanga carried out parallel assembly of two versions of Matrix of Foundations Harmony, Terrestrial and Cosmic. She received the elements of the latter with her heart through the antenna, mentioned above, which worked both as a repeater and a accumulator.

On this large mountain, a small pyramid stands out vividly, located directly opposite the St. Petka Church. It was here, as a child, that she unloaded the assembled part of the Matrix and at the same time received a part of the cosmic Matrix. After losing her sight, Vanga continued this work, but in a different format.

In addition, from this point, she made the Matrix of Foundations Harmony’s corrections. This was part of the Co-Creators’ grand plan to rebuild the Local Universe.

Vanga understood perfectly well that she would not be able to complete her mission, because there was no Masculine Foundation in the Matrix she was assembling. She did everything she could, and she did it very well, squeezing out of the Feminine Foundation as much as possible, thereby demonstrating its enormous capabilities.

Therefore, Vanga decided to preserve the part of her creation that was supposed to remain on Earth and continue to serve her and humanity, but only after one of the people understands and gets the right to accept this gift. Co-Creators invited Lightwarriors to participate in this, and they agreed.

After the preparation, the group leader began to upload into his heart a part of the Terrestrial Matrix, which Vanga did not take with her after leaving the planet. She took only the Cosmic version.

To load the Matrix, Lightwarrior headed to Vanga’s grave. As soon as he approached it, the Radiant-Causal DNA structures of both entered into resonance, based on the Perfect Light vibration.

It was the vibration of Perfect Light that was the key that gave the right to participate in Vanga’s space Mission.

At the same time, the wife of the group leader remotely entered into a common resonance with them, because for the success of the op, an integral dipole (the unity of Masculine and Feminine Foundations) was required.

At the moment of general sync with DNA and Vanga’s Monad, a beautiful 1064-petaled lotus of Light was formed on the Subtle Plane.

Through it, Vanga gave Lightwarriors the Terrestrial Matrix of Foundations Harmony.

It consisted of the substance of higher matters and planes: from the Subtle and Causal to the Monadic.

To activate the Matrix, the leader of the group climbed to the top of Mount Vanga and found a powerful Place of Power there, which was precisely oriented to her Church.

From this place, Lightwarrior completed the necessary actions.

Now, the Matrix of Foundations Harmony in its undistorted format serves as a guarantor of the coordinated work of the entire Local Universe, balancing, correcting and synchronizing its Worlds with an ideal state.

The infrastructure created by Vanga in Rupite became a planetary center for tuning Earth using the activated Matrix. She continues her work as the Guardian of the Harmony of Being and Cosmic Balance. This is now her status in the Higher Light Hierarchy.

After spending a few days in Sandanski and partially regaining strength in its healing microclimate and mineral baths, Lightwarriors went to the last, most important point of the operation – Perperikon, the place of the Cosmic Initiation of Alexander the Great. Along the way, Lightwarriors stopped in Kardzhali.

The trip to Perperikon was scheduled for the next day. What was happened in Kardzhali the ground group does not like to remember. But it is necessary to disclose it as an example of the problems that Lightwarriors often face in their operations.

Perperikon is traditionally associated with the ancient Greek god of winemaking Dionysus. There is also his Temple and Altar. But Dionysus is not just the Supreme Being incarnated on Earth. Like Vanga, he had a hidden mission, little known to anyone, as, however, many others.

His main Earthly mission is temptation. Dionysus is the tempting god. He is one of the Perperikon’s Keepers, as another ashram of the Balkan Shambhala.

Here, Its Lords conducted the rites of the highest hierarchical initiations. At one time, Alexander the Great passed it. The task of Dionysus was to test the strength of the Spirit of the initiate, subjecting him to special psycho-emotional trail.

Dionysus is a true master of this craft. Lightwarriors were able to see it personally, because they also had to go through the test. Only after that they could get the right to ascend the Altar of the Initiations of the Sacred Perperikon.

Elmerik, who assisted the group leader in the operation, was the first to be tested. Naturally, Dionysus arranged everything so that at the time of the test, none of the two even guessed about it.

(To be continued)

**By Lev


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