Melchizedek: Take Back Your Power

I am Melchizedek. I come at this time to be with you in these special times that are upon you now, as everything is in change. Everything is in flux.

For you are, indeed, moving from the old ways, the old paradigm, the old illusion within the third dimension. You are moving away from that, and fully into the fourth dimension, into the vibrational frequencies of that fourth dimension.

And even at times, yes, finding yourselves in the higher vibrations of the fifth dimension, moving freely back and forth as you wish, not as you are being controlled. For if you let it be, you are no longer being controlled.

Even your ego cannot control you if you do not allow it to. For your ego only controls you from the past. It controls you from the past programming, holding you to the illusion. Because that is all your ego knows is the illusion, knows the programming. That is all it knows. It does not know the higher vibrations that you are moving into. And as you move into those higher vibrations, at times it tries to hold you back. Just as the cabal, the forces of darkness, are attempting to hold back the ascension of man and ascension of all life here on the planet. It cannot do so. Nor can your ego hold you back if you do not allow it to.

So take control. Take power back within you, the God-power that is moving freely through you now. Feel it moving through every part of your body, through every cell of your body, as your cellular structure is indeed changing from a carbon base to a crystalline base.

And that is why you are being attracted to crystals more and more. And crystals are being attracted to you more and more, and will more and more, as you continue to move along through this new time line that you have created.

You are creating a new time line for you and all of those that are associated with you, all of your Light-working Community, that are creating this new time line.

And yes, it is separating from the old time line. The one that those forces of darkness are attempting to hold you to. But they know that they have lost. They have lost you. They have lost the vibrations, the higher vibrations that you are in. They cannot be in those higher vibrations. And they know they can no longer hold you. So they have actually attempted to not even try to hold you any longer.

All they attempt to hold now are the ones that do not move into the higher vibrations, that are not aware of vibration. They are the ones that they hold on to. The ones that have freely given themselves to the movement that they had created through the so-called pandemic: they hold onto those. Those are the ones that they continue to try to control.

But they know they have lost control of you, you, the creative ones. You, that are creating this new higher realm, this new higher Golden Age.

They cannot hold you because you have regained your power, and you are holding onto that power. And any time that you feel that power within you, you can rise up in the higher vibrations and be in that fifth-dimensional expression. And every time you find yourself in that fifth-dimensional expression, you are moving closer and closer to your own personal and collective ascension here on this planet. So know that.

Every time you raise your vibrations, you are drawing closer and closer to ascension. So continue to do that. Continue to do that. Continue to raise your vibrations every opportunity that you can. Be aware of everything that is happening, yes, but hold no attachment to it, no attention to it. Because it can no longer hold you unless you allow it to hold you.

Be free, my friends, my brothers and sisters, be free. Be free in the higher energies, the new higher energy. Feel that energy all around you every moment that you are aware of it. And if you do that, those energies will continue to raise you up. Even to the point you might feel like you are lifting up off of the planet yet in your physical body.

I am Melchizedek, and I leave you now to continue to soak in, anchor in those higher vibrations every opportunity that you have. And let go of the old, and embrace the new.

**Channel: James McConnell

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