Tunia Responds to “How to Build a Lightbody?”

Hi Tunia, you say you are open to answering questions and I have a question (I don’t want it answering by any other reader here thanks as I’d like the clarity from Tunia’s answer only)

Tunia can you tell me how to build a light body please and when that is matured how I then go on to build a Merkaba?

Thanks in advance.

Tunia’s Answer Follows…

Dear Paveen,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you so much for your question. I think it’s great that you’re clearly interested in developing spiritually and that you are already on a level where you’re asking advanced questions. I think that’s awesome and I think you’re doing great.

First of all, I think it’s more accurate to talk about “purifying” or “clearing” your light body as opposed to building up your light body. Every Earthling already has a light body, but in most people it’s simply not cleared / purified yet. Similarly, everyone already has a Merkeba, hence I prefer talking about “activating” your Merkeba.

When it comes to straightforward spiritual pursuits, your conscious mind can do them just fine. For example, if you decide to start a gratitude journal, then you can just consciously think “hm, what am I grateful for today?” and then write that down.

However, it is very hard for your conscious mind to accomplish advanced spiritual pursuits, such as purifying your light body or activating your Merkeba. Some techniques do exist, such as the dance of Sufi whirling dervishes, but personally I would not recommend trying to use your conscious mind to purify your light body or activate your Merkeba.

What I would recommend instead is using your conscious mind to create conditions in which your soul / higher self can purify your light body for you, and activate your Merkeba for you. Your soul / higher self can do that very easily, it just needs you to create the right conditions for it. Once you create the right conditions, your soul will accomplish those things automatically.

You can optionally further nudge this process along by consciously setting the intention that you want to purify your light body and activate your Merkeba. For this, it suffices to say “I am activating my light body and I am activating my Merkeba.” Or use your own preferred words.

So, how do create the conditions in which your soul / higher self can purify your light body and activate your Merkeba? Well, first you can try just asking your soul directly. To do this, you can think or say ”my soul, what should I do today?” Only answers that come immediately are from your soul. If you’re able to get answers this way, it can be great to ask this question every morning. If you’re not yet able to get answers this way, you can think or say “my heart, what should I do today?” If that doesn’t work either, you can follow your intuition or your joy (just be careful that you do not confuse ego with intuition / joy).

If that also doesn’t work, you can just work on general spiritual development, because that road will automatically take you towards a place where your soul can purify your light body and activate your Merkeba. Anyone who is sufficiently spiritually advanced will automatically have those things, even if they never consciously strove for a purified light body and activated Merkeba.

In general, we recommend forms of spirituality that remove layers / concepts / stories instead of forms of spirituality that add layers / concepts / stories. Studying the right information is important, but most of your practice should be working on yourself / practicing and not on reading.

A viable path can be devoting yourself to preferably God / Prime Creator or however you choose to call Source. Alternatively, you can devote yourself to a being or master who is with God. Yoga is a possible path. Doing good work (karma yoga) is a possible path.

Another viable path is: notice suffering in yourself, address suffering, repeat this for years until the vast majority of your suffering has been healed.

Broadly speaking, there are two major paths towards addressing your suffering. One is realizing the illusory nature of suffering. This is explained very well in the book A Course in Miracles, and youtuber Aaron Abke summarizes that book very well. Of course, a number of other great books and great masters talk about this approach as well.

The other major path towards addressing your suffering is the path of conscious awareness. Whenever you feel pain or suffering, try not to suppress or judge it, but try instead to just perceive it. Some forms of tantra can help teach this mindset. Thinking for example “I accept that I am currently feeling anger” can be a great sentence towards releasing resistance. If that doesn’t feel genuine, you can go up one level and think “I accept that I am feeling resistance to accepting my anger.” Whatever you’re feeling, you’re healing (so long as you don’t suppress or judge what you’re feeling).

If emotions seem stuck, you can literally think “I invite in my emotions about…” Your conscious mind may very well try to convince you that you’ll die or get extremely destablized if you face your worst pain head-on this way, but while it will be very painful, you will actually get over it much quicker than you think you will if you do this. Many great people have at one time or another faced their worst pains or worst fears. It tends to create a lot more space and peace of mind once you have done that.

I hope this helps. I am choosing to not become too specific in prescribing techniques because I think that a part of empowering people is to invite them to connect to their own soul / higher self or heart or intuition or joy and to then follow that. Besides, your own soul can advise you better than I ever could. However, if this approach does not work for you or if you have other questions, feel free to write me again.

I love you very much. You are doing great. We are cheering you on.

With love,


Question: I would like to know about your connection to us Europeans. It would seem we are most definitely kin, especially Northern Europeans like myself. I think we are the top priority of these Khazarians to eliminate since they have been working tirelessly to destroy out families, culture, heritage and our genotype. Obviously they hate us passionately. What is the connection of these Khazars (modern day self-described Jews) to this darkness.

I am of the opinion that I want to live amongst my own kind. I want the lands of my people to be for my people. I suppose if that makes me a racist then so be it. My girlfriend and I intend on making three more Blond haired blue eyed babies. In today’s woke culture that’s called “White Supremacy”. Since so many of the Pleiadeans look like us you must be preserving your lineage, your genotype, which is my genotype. I am not against other races having their own living space, culture, heritage and racial features, just as long as they do it in their own countries. It is untrue this oft repeated lie that there is one race the human race.

The Khazars want us dead because they view us as their only real threat to their plans for depopulation and world dominance and enslavement. And by enslavement I mean even more enslaved than we are now.

It is apparent Pleiadean humans that are just like me run away from politically incorrect questions just like Europeans do on Earth. Better to be genocided off the face of the Earth than be called racist. Let’s talk about Tinnitus.

Answer by Tunia:

Dear Gustavo Frein,

This is Tunia speaking. It gladdens my heart that you think of us as kin, because we too think of you as kin. I showed your message to one brother and sister of mine, and they both cheered. Thank you for brightening our day.

Any time you follow your joy, we are there cheering you on, so long as your joy doesn’t harm other people (which of course yours doesn’t). If your joy is having three blond haired blue eyed babies together, well, great. We wish you and your girlfriend and your future children all the happiness and success in the world.

If I were to show you a hundred Pleiadians, or a hundred Arcturians, or a hundred Andromedans, you would likely observe that there is very little physical differences between various members of one species. For example, two male Pleiadians have roughly the same height and skin color.

However, people on your planet do look quite different from another. That’s because some people have a higher percentage of Pleiadian genes, whereas other people have more genes from other extraterrestrial races. There’s no Earthling with 100% Pleiadian genetics: all Earthlings are a mix of genes from various ET races. Different groups of Earthlings have a bit more genes from that race and less genes from that race.

It is actually this diversity of genetics (plus your experience with both the light and the dark) that is the root cause of the incredibly high psionic potential of your race. It’s not uncommon for Pleiadians to be able to teleport or to be in two places at once, yet without question Earthlings have a greater psionic potential than ours. Yours is simply unrealized. This is because of the diversity of your genetics (and your experience with both the light and the dark).

In my perspective, fundamentally all Earthlings are one, because you can all have children with each other. Plus you’re all connected via the same collective unconscious.

At the same time, different groups on your planets have slightly different genetic configurations. This gives certain groups slight strengths and slight weaknesses (and inter-group children have slightly different traits too). That said, individual differences are much bigger than group differences. It’s a good idea to judge people as individuals first and members of a group second.

No group on your planet is just worse than another group. Every group has things to offer. It is perfectly okay to be proud of your own group and its qualities and accomplishments, but it is also good to have an eye for things that other groups do well. You may be able to learn from each other.

If you and your girlfriend care about perserving the specific DNA configuration (and its unique advantages and disadvantages) that corresponds to blond haired blue eyed people, then go for it. Your approach isn’t hurting anyone and you’re following your joy, which makes us happy.

Yes, people with a traditionally Scandinavian appearance have quite a lot of Pleiadian DNA in them. However, there are other Earthling group with certain amounts of Pleiadian DNA in them too. Also, there are other extraterrestrial races out there that are just as advanced as us Pleiadians if not more so – I am in no way saying that white Earthlings are superior to other Earthlings. For example, there are groups within the Indian subcontinents that have a great talent for spirituality. Every group of Earthlings has something to offer.

I don’t want to become too political, simply because I care primarily about spreading a message of love and empowerement. And I know that if I get too political, half the audience would tune me out. Other beings are better than I at giving out intel – my speciality is love.

That said, I’m not trying to discourage you from doing your own research. The website search dot brave dot com is a less-censored browser than google.

Yes, there is a group of service-to-self people who are trying to control things from behind the scenes. I will refer to them as the cabal, without specifying who those people exactly are. Yes, it is true that they care very much about bloodlines and the traits of various groups of humans – more so than we think is justified, actually. White people tend to be a bit more individualistic and freedom-oriented than other Earthlings, which is one reason why the cabal has it out for them. Again, I am not saying that white people are superior – all groups of people have strengths and weaknesses. But the cabal wants control, so they dislike freedom-oriented people.

Also, white people’s countries are quite developed, which made it more important for the cabal to destroy / control those countries.

Finally, the cabal carries on grudges for a long time. They actually have it out for ethnic Russians even more than for white people in general, because of a blow that slavic people struck against the Cabal many centuries ago. That is a big part of why so often there have been anti-Russian movements and initiatives throughout the centuries.

It would be great if more Americans and Russians would realize that they have the same enemy. In fact, all Earthlings have the same enemy, namely the cabal.

Of course, all of this is just my perspective. In no way am I claiming to have the one and only truth.

I hope this message was helpful. Thank you again for your question, it brightened my day.

With love,


Question: Thanks Tunia-Hakann. I’ve been experiencing ringing, buzzing in my ears constantly for a few years now. It doesn’t hurt but I’m wondering is it a higher frequency that is trying to communicate something to me? Would really like to know.
Love, Mark

Answer by Tunia:

Dear Mark,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you so much for your question.

Ear ringing can mean different things for different people. For you specifically, this primarily has to do with your consciousness and your body being upgraded and becoming attuned to higher frequencies. This is a continual process, because the frequencies on your planet are being continually upgraded, and you too have been growing substantially over the last years. You’re doing great! I’m sending love to you right now.

Ear ringing is relatively common. The channeler also experiences ear symptoms for the same reason. While it’s hard to predict the future of beings who have free will, I’m personally not worried about your medium-term future, whether ear-related or otherwise. That doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles or tough situations, but I think you’ll be all right.

I have noticed that Earthlings tend to think that most things have one reason for being there. In my experience, this is rarely the case. In this case, the primary reason is a systems upgrade. But there’s additional minor reasons too. From your higher self’s perspective, the bonuses of this situation is that the ear ringing can serve as reminders to listen well and to be grateful for the things you do have (such as the parts of your body that are healthy and are functioning properly).

I would also like to say that most questions can be answered from various perspectives or levels of consciousness, and none of those answers are better or worse — they’re just given from different vantage points. I have given what I think is an appropriate answer, but there are many other answers that are equally true. Perhaps one day you’ll formulate your own answer to this question and that will be a true answer as well.

For example, another perspective on this situation would be “everything that happens serves God’s purpose of knowing Himself / Herself. Otherwise by definition it wouldn’t happen. Therefore the underlying cause of literally everything that happens is because it indirectly serves God’s purpose of knowing Himself / Herself.”

I’m sharing this perspective because you and other Era of Light readers are quite advanced and I think you can handle it. Some of you may gain a profound peace from this realization — and some of you may get pissed off by it. Of course, it’s completely fine if you disagree with this, or with anything else in this post.

Finally, Hakann has mentioned that a good source of information can be asking questions to your heart. You’re of course free to ask me questions via Era of Light whenever you want, but If there doesn’t happen to be a friendly neighborhood Pleiadian girl around, you can always think or say something like “heart, what should I think about the ringing in my ears?” The answer that comes immediately is from your heart, answers that come after a few seconds aren’t.

Mark, I appreciate you writing to me. I hope this was helpful. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to write me again. Again, you’re doing great.

With love,

**Channel: A.S

**If you wish to share this, please include EraofLight.com as the source.

11 Replies to “Tunia Responds to “How to Build a Lightbody?””

  1. Jared

    I love you Tunia!!!!! I need a girlfriend like Tunia. Tunia bring your hot friends to Earth!!! It’s safe for pretty ladies to come to Earth now Amen!!!!

  2. Karen

    Beloved Tunia! Greetings sister , my question if you will, is it possible to attain 5D consciousness and also have addictions? Example Pot? I feel that I can really open my heart while I’m under the influence. Maybe not so much when I’m not. Can you give me your perspective on this please. Also in Law of one they touched on dropping addictions without force. How does that work ? Thank you for your ❤️ love, time.

  3. Star_struck

    Gustavo, which actually sounds like a latino name by the way , you are in victimhood and separation consciousness. The cabal is out for everyone. There is nothing wrong with mating with someone of your kind that is wonderful! However, the land does not belong to anyone. It belongs to Gaia. Plus, there are some melanted Pleidians that are serving the federation. Not all Pleidians are Nordic looking. Why are you so focused on your meat suit. These bodies are just temporary to learn lessons. We all have been different races from past lives to learn something and see things in different ways. Either way I forgive you since you are another aspect of myself. Peace✌🏽

    1. Star_struck

      Tunia, I thought you guys can read frequencies. This was a very disturbing low frequency question based on victimhood and separation consciousness and it brightened your day!? He is referring to physical aspect as kin not heart based.

      1. A.S.

        Dear Star_struck, thanks for your post. I’ve shared my perspective (as the channeler) below.

  4. Alex

    I have to respond to the questioner that stated he only wanted to LIVE AMONGST HIS OWN KIND. That he wanted the lands of his people to be only for his people. The he was not against other races having THEIR OWN living space, culture, heritage and racial features, just as long as THEY DO IT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. That it was his opinion the phrase “there’s only one race, the human race” is an oft repeated LIE. These remarks were very disturbing. It was upsetting to know that the entire statement gladdened Tunia’s heart so much so that she shared it with a brother and sister who both cheered and it brightened their day. I’m certain it brought the questioner great joy and validation. I thought as I began reading the response to the questioner that surely something would be said of his offensive opinions but there really wasn’t any. May I say that we ARE one race the human race. Is that ok? As earthlings we all bleed the same color. RED. I’m very upset, disappointed and dismayed that there are still people like this out there. No wonder this is all taking so long. A man who is willing to embrace people from other star systems is unwilling to live “amongst” earth humans of a different color or culture. How eye opening and how disturbing. I don’t expect a response. Not looking for one. I just wanted to point out this ugliness.

    1. A.S.

      I’m answering as A.S. because I’ve channeled so much recently that I’m feeling depleted. But Tunia and Hakann are telling me that they agree with the following message:

      Thank you very much for your post and the opportunity to talk about something that I think is very important.

      Tunia is a Pleiadian. Pleiadians basically just have the mind set that they respond with love and joy to any action / planned action that does not directly harm other people. They don’t judge people’s thoughts or desires, even if those thoughts are “bad”, so long as it doesn’t rise to the level of “someone is planning an action that directly harms other people.” Pleiadians don’t do thought crime. They don’t do “this is bad because it could lead to further actions that do harm other people.”

      Would Pleiadians agree with force-deporting people? No, they would not. Would Pleiadians agree with for example not hiring someone based of the color of their skin? No, they would not.

      But Gustavo didn’t say “I am going to force-deport people.” The practical action that Gustavo talked about is “my girlfriend and I want to have children.” Well, no problem there. Did he have thoughts and intentions attached to that? Yes. Do those thoughts and intentions constitute a planned action to directly harm other people (not indirectly harm — directly harm)? Not from the Pleiadian point of view.

      Similarly, his desire to live among his own kind isn’t a practically planned action to directly harm other people. Hence it’s responded to with love and joy, as all desires are.

      If you’d look through a Pleiadian’s eyes, everyone would look as a divine fractal of God, and every opinion (including “bad ones”) would look as parts of God. Gustavo here is part of God, expressing something that’s part of God. Tunia discovered a part of God she wasn’t very experienced with yet, and she responded with joy and love, as she’d respond to any new part of God.

      Pleiadians would say that responding with love is simply the best and most productive thing you can do in any situation that doesn’t involve someone directly harming someone else. We’ve done the “tell supposed bad people they are bad” game for millennia and clearly it doesn’t work. Let’s try something else. Let’s try love.

      Also, don’t be too quick to wish that Pleiadians would judge so-called bad people. If they did, they’d judge nearly everyone on Earth and probably wouldn’t even bother trying to help us.

      For example, are you a vegan? If not, a hypothetically judgmental version of a Pleiadian would have something to say about that.

      Do you think that would help the situation, if Tunia started sending out messages saying “if you’re not a vegan, I think you’re a bad person”?

      Would you think that you personally would benefit more from the real “I love everyone” Tunia or from a “I’m going to tell non-vegans that they are bad people” hypothetical Tunia?

      Hence, would you not agree that approaching people with love is better than approaching people with judgment? Would you not rather be approached with love than with judgment?

      Tunia did say in the channeling that all of humanity is one. I and Tunia agree with you there. However, just because Tunia partly disagrees with someone, doesn’t mean that she stops loving them.

      This is what unconditional love looks like. It means loving everybody and everything. Yes, it is radical. Yes, it is not something that Earthlings do often. But imagine what an amazing world we would create if everyone responded with so much love to everyone else, with the caveat of “we’re not going to directly harm other people.”

      The world needs unconditional love. This is what that looks like.

      Of course, these are our perspectives. We’re not claiming to have the sole and absolute truth here.

      1. A.S.

        To people who think “yes, Tunia should tell everyone that they’re bad people if they’re vegans”, then imagine instead a version of hypothetical version of Tunia that wants to tell 95% of Earthlings that they are not doing and donating enough to help their fellow man.

        Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean that a hypothetically judgmental version of Tunia couldn’t find something to judge you for. (Of course, the real Tunia doesn’t judge you, she loves you very much.)

      2. Star_struck

        Thank you A.S. Shadows coming out. We are all working on ourselves. I am so thankful for the lessons. Needing to be right, putting level of expectations on lightworkers, and acceptance that everyone is Source being.

  5. sunny

    Tunia thankyou so much for your answers to ear ringing. You answered what I already knew, upgrades. You are amazing and much love!