Q & A with Tunia: Extraterrestrial Updates and More

This is Tunia speaking. I greet you in love and unity.

Thank you for your questions. You are quite well-informed. I love your phrasing of “Co-Fractals of the Divine Source.” Thank you for those beautiful words. I will make a note of them so that I can read it back later.

I will share my perspectives and make no claim that my perspective is the only truth out there. I am not perfect, and neither is the channeler. If your own soul or higher self disagrees with anything I write, please listen to it and not me. No one can give you better advice / information than your own soul can.

Question: What are your opinions towards an anonymous individual that goes by the codename “COBRA” (Compression BreAkthrough) that puts out “Earth’s Liberation” updates, Extraterrestrial Updates and other such related topics, on his online blog “2012portal”, and opinions on his information that he puts out on the blog?

Answer: COBRA is a benolevent and well-informed individual. I agree with a lot of information on his blog. I disagree with some information on his blog.

For example, if I understand him correctly, he claims that one primary reason why Earth hasn’t been liberated yet is that certain negative beings are holding billions of human lives hostage, and good-hearted Earthlings and ETs can only slowly unravel that hostage situation.

From my perspective, the primary reasons why Earth hasn’t been liberated yet is because 1) most Earthlings want comfort and most Earthlings are not consenting to massive change. Of course the dark forces don’t care, but we do. Also 2) while I deeply empathize with the plight of Earthlings, and I don’t know if I personally would have set things up this way if I had the choice, the current situation is facilitating immense soul growth in nearly all Earthlings.

Fundamentally, your souls and Source generally cares more about soul growth than about happiness or the pleasure of your existence. Besides, from their point of view, souls voluntarily signed up for lives on Earth. Also Souls have the option to arrange their death and thus souls can exit whenever the soul wants. Even a partial life on Earth can give great soul growth.

I understand that this doesn’t make your pain or loneliness any less, and I do deeply empathize. I wish we could be helping all of you directly, right now.

But to continue to defend a position I’m sort of uncomfortable with: suppose you had complete control over all benevolent ETs surrounding your planet (but not about all Earthling forces that fight against the cabal, because that’s part of the delay – those forces aren’t always good-hearted or acting in ways that are optimal for a quick planetary ascension. Just because they oppose the cabal, doesn’t mean that they’re selfless spiritual masters).

What would you do with this command? Would you just have us take over the media, announce our presence to the world and then broadcast truth on a continual loop on all mainstream channels? Well, first of all that would violate Earthling’s free will. Second, a significant part of your population would not yet be able to psychogically handle that. Third, imposing any kind of structure or worldview on another society or power over another society is something that sounds appealing, but actually can backfire tremendously. Trust us, we speak from experience. We’re not talking about theoretical spiritual principles here, we’re talking about bloody (civil) wars and regressions of civilization and consciousness.

You all want a better world. What is the critical ingredient that’s needed for the better world that you want to live in? A higher consciousness of people on Earth. How do you increase the consciousness of the people on Earth? Well, I can’t think of anything more effective than the current situation. If your world was somehow fixed overnight, then the catalyst towards soul growth would also be removed.

Another question is: do you want an amazing society for just lightworkers today and screw other Earthlings, or do you want an amazing society for many Earthlings at some point in the future? Well, most of you have souls that prefer the latter. This is a very brave and heroic choice. Yet it does mean that you need to give the sleepers time to wake up. There’s a significant group who will wake up in the future or is waking up right now – but this process takes time.

If you want an amazing society for many Earthlings, then the majority of Earthlings needs a consciousness upgrade, because you can’t build an amazing 5d civilization out of the current crop of Earthlings (unless you exclude the vast majority of them). And the current situation is exactly the consciousness upgrade that Earthlings need.

By the way, as awesome as you already are, there is one major consciousness upgrade that many light workers could still benefit from. Many light workers think that there’s some savior out there who needs to get off his butt and save them. Actually, light workers aren’t the victims who are there to be saved by the cavalry. Light workers are the cavalry. You’re not the ones who need liberating, you are the liberators. In fact, lots of you have spent lives as Pleiadians and now you’ve incarnated on Earth. You’re our special forces, our boots-on-the-ground.

I am not saying this is easy. If I was born on your planet in the normal Earthling way, I would do worse than your average Lightworker. You are the strongest of the strong.

Yet it is important for you to take back your power. This is why Hakann’s central message is one of empowerment. No one is asking you to “save Earth single-handedly”, but the more you step into your power, the sooner Earthlings will be able to live blissful 5D lives. Plus the more you step into your power, the more compatible you become with the energy of benevolent ETs.

Yes, I do acknowledge that the light workers are sort of “shackled” to the willfully blind right now. From a higher perspective all humans are one, from a high perspective you are gaining immense soul growth this way, but from a more practical perspective, this is grossly unfair. I empathize and do acknolwedge that. You’re doing more work and yet your only reward is loneliness and getting you’re getting called crazy for it. My heart does go out to each and every one of you.

Fortunately, overall Earthlings are doing unbelievably well. I have high hopes for the future. It’s just going to take more time. Yes, I know that’s not what you want to hear.

Question: Continuing off from the COBRA topic, what are your opinions and/or what information do you know on the so-called “Toplet Bombs” and other such “exotic weaponries” by the Forces aligned with Entropy (what common folk calls the Cabal, Reptilians, Khazarian Mafias, “Dark Forces” etc.), that are, according to COBRA, one of the main reasons why “The Event, Mass Disclosure and Public Extraterrestrial Contact etc., cannot happen yet until those are cleared (as those are supposed to be one of the weapons that are keeping “humanity hostage”?

Answer: The channeler is getting tired, so I’ll try to keep this brief in order not to tire him out too much.

Frankly, a very few of you have a direct role to play in either helping in a scientific or military capacity to disarm the weapons of the cabal. We’ll make sure that those people have the information they need. The vast majority of you do not, and it is my personal perspective that it does not particularly benefit you to know exactly what weapons the cabal has. It is my perspective that whether you’re interested in helping the world or interested in personal development, there are more effective things to do than study cabal weaponry. Hence I am personally not going to share a lot about cabal weaponry.

Of course, you’re completely free to disagree here. If you do, you can indeed read Cobra’s site and ask your soul / higher self to what extent those things are true (as we described in the reply to Paveen). Ot you can ask another channeler (this channeler sees things the same way) to channel a being who is interested in giving that information.

Hakann is asking me to add: “from a military perspective, the situation on Earth is well in hand. The dark ones are very predictable and we are well ahead of them.”

Question: According to what you know, what are the factors preventing and/or delaying the humans of this planet from having first public Extraterrestrial Contact, and other things such as presentations of undeniable proof of what truly is happening on this “Matrix”; something to truly “wake” the whole population up?

Because as some of us already might know, these whole charades are just there to help majority of humanity wake up (but some of them just WON’T wake up), but the issue is, some of those who are already awake/aware on what is happening, are growing impatient, mad, angry, or even starting to lose hope that they will experience the so-called “Event” on their lifetime.

Answer: The primary factor is that average Earthlings can evolve only so quickly (lightworkers are exceptional – not everyone can grow as fast as you do, you are not the norm). The current situation is already pushing against the limits of how quickly average Earthlings can grow. And if you want to build a blissful 5d society for not just lightworkers but also lots of other Earthlings, then you need to give average Earthlings some more time to evolve. Because right now the average Earthling is not yet compatible with a blissful 5d society.

To give an idea: the average Earthling is growing as much every single week, as your average Pleiadian grows in a year (if you had him or her live on an average Pleiadian planet). You’re already growing at an unbelievable pace, including in invisble ways such as vibrationally and ability to deal with higher energies.

To be clear, we are not saying that 100% of Earthlings need to wake up. That is neither going to happen, nor required.

Also, the amount of correct rational knowledge that people have is actually not one of the most important factors in this process. The most important things is your level of consciousness / your vibration. That is growing nicely in over 99% of humans, including via rising background energies. For most people in this situation specifically, they first need a higher level of consciousness and only then will they need and be able to absorb rational knowledge.

This is also why I sort of brushed off question B and why I am primarily focused on spreading love and Hakann is primarily focused on empowering people. Those things are more crucial to Earthlings right now than intel, from our perspectives. The more you can get out of your mind and into your heart, the more you are able to help this process along. Intel usually just puts your head in charge. However, your intellect is an amazing servant but a terrible master. Serving it by seeking out information is generally not the most important thing you could do right now (from our perspective, you’re free to disagree of course).

You are not powerless in this situation. There are lots of things that either Lightworkers or counterforces (people who oppose the cabal) could do to speed up the situation. For example, work on yourself, help the people around you, et cetera.

That said, I do agree that this situation is absolutely merciless and completely unfair towards lightworkers. You are working very hard and are in a sense the best of humanity, yet you’re getting called crazy and gaslit from all sides. It hurts my heart to see that you are in this situation.

I do wish that I could take your hand, invite you into a big hug, take you towards our healers and then show you all the rest and entertainment facilities we have. I imagine you must be exhausted.

That said, you are also incredibly strong. From my perspective, you’re not given challenges that you cannot either overcome or learn from. Yes, it’s incredibly harsh and difficult, I know. But you are also incredibly strong.

It is really hard to predict the future because the situation is so chaotic and Earthlings have a free will. If I had to guess, most light workers will very likely be able to physically meet ETs within one month to 20 years. Yes, I know that’s a very wide range – we very much hope that it’s on the shorter end of that range. But to put it in another way, there will come a time when most light workers are safe, healed, rested, freely able to interact with us and freed from the shackles of your current society.

We too are very much looking forward to that day.

Question: What do you think of the individual who lived on this planet named Neville Lancelot Goddard, and his teachings?

Answer: In general, we see every being as a facet of God. When the channeler gets annoyed at someone in his daily life, he often thinks “wait, that person is actually God” and usually that puts him in a more compassionate and tolerant mindset.

We also see every teachings as being a perspective. Some have greater usefulness and some have lesser usefulness, but the wise can get pearls of wisdom from (nearly) any perspective.

So first and foremost, we see Neville Goddard as a facet of God, and his teachings as one more brilliant part of the majesty of God’s glory.

We are tempted to say “what’s more important than what we think, is what you think of Neville Goddard. Or if you’re not sure, feel free to ask your soul / higher self.”

But we will share a more practical perspective.

We like that he teaches not to let assumptions harden into facts. We like that he teaches to focus on working on yourself.

We think Goddard’s teachings are more useful than the traditional strategy of “if you want to manifest something, visualize it repeatedly.” A theme of today is that your energy / heart / emotions are more important than your rational mind, so yes, working via your emotions too is more useful than purely consciously visualizing something.

In general, if your mind and emotions and body and energy are all aligned towards one goal, you will likely manifest it. So if your body and energy are aligned towards a goal, and you use Goddard’s teachings and you decide to align your emotions too towards a goal, then yes, you may succeed at manifesting whatever you wanted.

That said, whether your energy is aligned towards a goal depends in large part on what your soul wants. What your soul wants may be quite different from what you consciously want. For example, maybe your soul wants to put you in a difficult situation where you can experience soul growth or learn a valuable lesson. In such a case, your energy might not be aligned with manifesting a more comfortable situation.

Or suppose you struggle with dating because subconsciously you feel unloveable. Well, just consciously trying to visualize a situation where you’re loved and trying to emotionally feel that love, may not be enough. Your subconsious feeling of being unloveable may still be there, no matter how much you consciously try to feel loveable.

In that case, you may actually need to directly heal your feelings of being unloveable (see the reply to Paveen for some suggestions). Just directly trying to feel something, without healing the opposite emotion in your subconsious, might not work.

Or think of a baby. Is any Earthling more pure than a baby? Yet we absolutely know that bad and even horrible things can happen to babies. Did they manifest that by feeling the wrong emotions or thinking wrong thoughts? If yes, what hope is there for the average Earthling? If no, apparently there’s other factors at play than just what you’re thinking and feeling.

So his techniques may work in some situations and have merit, but we don’t think that they would work 100% of the time for everyone.

There’s also the question of: which is the better approach, trying to improve your life or trying to appreciate your current life more? Of course it depends on the situation and the preferences of the person, but in certain situations, the proper answer is not “try to manifest a different reality.” Sometimes the proper answer is “you’re here to do something or learn something or experience something, try to find out what the lesson here is.”

As an anecdote, the channeler has used the technique of “visualize + feel something” once to manifest a relationship, and within a month he had met a woman to be in a relationship with. He used it once more for a job, and the next day someone pointed him to a job ad and he had an excellent job within a month. Then some time later he was single again and he tried to manifest a relationship again, but this time it simply did not work because his soul decided that it would benefit him more to be single for a time. So do Goddard’s teachings work? Sometimes. There’s absolutely some value to be had in them, but you can’t manifest your way out of every situation.

**Channel: A.S

**If you wish to share this, please include EraofLight.com as the source.

10 Replies to “Q & A with Tunia: Extraterrestrial Updates and More”

  1. AzureLeaves

    Thank you for taking the time and effort on channeling the answers to my questions, A.S., I appreciate you and all that you do here. It’s nice comparing my self-realized answers with those of Tunia and Hakann, I also learned new things.

    I’ll respond to the answers for each of my questions, up to you if you/Tunia/Hakann would like to respond to my responses in-turn.

    A.] Oh so you perceive COBRA that way; I myself do feel sincerity from him–then again we’re both on the same page that there are some info of his that I agree and disagree with.

    For your questions, I actually have the desire to present similar questions to other people (as I share the sentiment you have on your questions), such as the commenters on the 2012portal who are indeed expressing all sorts of displeasure from what is happening–with them being awake/aware while the rest of the population are still asleep; they could really use such ponderings. I would instead respond to the questions with my following paragraphs.

    Alas I did try telling them my realizations, but some of them still clings to despair–and they’re not entirely at fault; it would be nice if they were to come across your questions one way or another and promote some self-reflection on their own.

    I did say this to someone before: if the ETs were to directly help us, the rest of humanity would miss out on an opportunity to grow, learn and become stronger from overcoming adversaries–the Negentropic ETs not currently incarnated as a human and other Negentropic entities/beings can only really serve as a “Support role”–the humanity themselves (including me of course) will be the ones that needs to take on the “Carry role” (adapting some common gaming terms here).

    Each humanity indeed is their own savior, I told several few on the 2012portal but then again, their impatience, despair and all that negativity prevailed. Though I would say one thing on this: nothing can stop “Nature”, and whether some of them continuously try to stay “down in the dumps”, they won’t be able to resist the “Light” that is approaching; either they go with the flow with the acceleration, or experience a rude awakening.

    B.] It’s ok, I’m merely asking about the Exotic Weaponries to compare my own findings with yours; i.e. if you have similar info from the ones I have, and I do agree with the sentiment that it’s not really as beneficial to know to most people right now.

    Some individuals definitely are limited in terms of scientific or military means to disarm such weapons, but I believe everyone can participate in the Metaphysical means of disarming them; it’s also good to know that the other Negentropic Forces such as you are well ahead of the Entropic Forces.

    1. AzureLeaves

      C.] I agree that humanity as a whole does need to progress through their own power, that’s why to those who can help, the only true help they can give is to aid in the acceleration of the progress. From what I perceive however, there is no rule that states that one cannot exceed the limits of what is possible; for “Nothing is True (Illusion, Maya); Everything is Permitted (Possibilities are Limitless, The Divine’s Unconditional Love permits everything to happen/exist without exception–Hermetic Principle of Mentalism: “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental”)” as Hasan-i Sabbah, Grand Master of the Assassins, would say.

      Taking “Time is an illusion” into account, Humanity and Gaia has already ascended and liberated; for the ending of this Grand Play is already decided; we’re just going through the motions again to know how we arrived at the “Ending” that we saw once we entered the “Theater”.

      The situation is indeed quite unfair to some people, but from how I perceive it, everything happens for a reason; opposing forces gives birth to progress and kills stagnation; it’s all part of a Grand Play; hence as a Spiritual Warrior, I harbor no hatred to the Negentropic Forces and vanquish and overcome them with honor and respect, for they are also Fractals of the Divine Source, taking the role of an “Adversary” in order to stimulate the growth and Character Development of the “Heroes”, letting the Divine (all of us) write the greatest of Operas. All of us are the actors, scriptwriters and directors of this Grand Play.

      To be able to consciously or not, take on the role of an Adversary in order to stimulate the growth of the collective for the ultimate greater good, is also an honorable feat in itself. Indeed, we are all one, without any exceptions.

      “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
      “…and God plays all the parts.”–Neville Goddard

      That’s why it also pains me when people, such as in 2012portal keep saying things alluding to the “An eye for an eye”, all while preaching about “Unconditional Love”; not realizing that this is all a show, that as Spiritual Warriors/Workers, this must be approached as a sort of Martial Arts sparring competition, defeating one’s adversary without any such negative emotions and thoughts–only a mind and heart of stillness, peace and “Nothingness/Void”, and break the chains of hatred that arises if one vanquishes/overcomes the adversary with a blade forged with such negativities.

      Anyway looking forward to visiting those rest and entertainment facilities you speak of; I’m sure people who are truly tired would love to experience such soon.
      Though I would say, I myself am far from exhausted, I’m way past it–I’m only just getting started; not to sound arrogant or anything–it’s just that I’ve experienced the “rock bottom” and now I’m rising up with renewed energies, as is the only path for me, hence I’m way past “exhaustion” at this point.

      1. AzureLeaves

        D.] Thanks for your insights on Neville Goddard as well, it’s interesting to know your thoughts about such a great teacher. I experienced even more acceleration on my spiritual progress through his teachings and learning the teachings that preceded his.

        Also including Andy Weir’s short story “The Egg” which has a similar message.

        For your examples with the Channel A.S. however; perhaps he manifested those while not, at the same time, cultivating and manifesting related personal and spiritual growth within himself first that’s why his manifestations had a “time limit”?

        Sorry I don’t know the full story so I’m just speculating. In either case, I agree that if something like that happens, there is a reason; a lesson to be learned, and once that is learned and an individual has achieved personal and spiritual growth related to the one they are manifesting, it’s sure to work AND last this time around as long as they keep growing and reaching even greater heights in their personal and spiritual development.

        After all, we attract what we vibrate at; once we stop vibrating at a certain frequency, those who we previously attracted will go away, to be replaced with something/one more compatible.

        In any case, thank you Tunia and Hakann, it was nice comparing my own realized answers with your answers and learning new things along the way; I’m sure this will help me with my… let’s say, own plans, too.

        Looking forward to seeing you all along with the other star brothers and sisters, in the flesh, relatively soon.

        And thanks once again for the channeling of the answers, A.S.

      2. A.S.

        C) You are better-read than I, the channeler, am. Thank you for sharing those sources with me. It’s interesting that a Grand Master of Assassins talks about advanced spiritual concepts, but that probably just means that my perspective of assassins is limited.

        I agree with your post. You are wise to realize that the “dark forces” are part of God too, as indeed everything is, which also means that the “dark forces” are parts of us. Yes, I like the Shakespeare / Goddard quotes and the martial arts mindset.

        Can you explain the term Negentopic Forces, please?

        I’m hearing Hakann and Tunia cheer for you that you have found your inner strength (mixed in with a bit of Tunia’s “I understand but don’t love that light workers are going through so many hard situations right now”).

        I’m also finding myself that when I channel, I can go on for much longer than I think I could just because I’m doing something that’s part of my personal purpose.

        D) I’m happy that he really helped you.

        Well yes, I agree that if at that time I had been more spiritually advanced, my soul would probably have been happy with me finding a new partner. I think our souls run the show to a large extent and it probably would not have thought I needed some alone development time if I had been more developed.

        You’re welcome and thanks for your comments. I, A.S., think among other things that your video-game-support-vs-carry and martial art “overcome without hate” mindset were great points.

        1. AzureLeaves

          –Explanation for “Negentropic Forces” (feel free to consult this with Hakann and Tunia too if you’re curious about their take on these–I’m curious as well):

          Negentropy (Negative Entropy) is basically a state of becoming more in “order”, as opposed to Entropy which is a state of becoming more in “disorder”.

          Physicist Tom Campbell (worked with Robert Monroe, and author of “My Big TOE”) says: “we are in an entropy-reduction simulation”. Our “fight” against entropy/disorder is one of the primary lessons of this current iteration of Existence.

          Hence I use Negentropic Forces for the so-called Light Workers/Warriors, Starseeds, etc., because they work/fight to further the Negentropy/Order of Existence and reduce Entropy, while the so-called Cabal et al. are the Entropic Forces because they work/fight to further the Entropy/Disorder of Existence–degradation, destruction.

          From my perspective, it’s always a battle between Order and Disorder, Negentropy vs Entropy; on who can reduce the other more–the dance of the rise and fall of both of them is what keeps all of creation from Stagnation; and the Universe/Existence has a slight bias towards “Order” to allow it (Divine Source) to further evolve through us (its fractals); if Entropy wins all the time without the “Heroes” overcoming the adversaries, there’s only so much to learn and no evolution occurs because it becomes stagnated Disorder/Destruction; the same when Negentropy wins all the time and it becomes stagnated Order, where the ones who would agitate Order are eliminated before they could even act; only minimal lessons, if any, are learned.

          I don’t like using “Light” and “Dark” (i.e. Light Workers, Dark Forces, etc.) as if to imply those two are mortal enemies; I see both Light and Darkness as ONE; just two sides of the same coin, and in no way should refer to both “Good” and “Evil”, because Light and Darkness TRANSCENDS such labels. I associate Light with the Divine Masculine, and Darkness with the Divine Feminine–the Yin and Yang.

          I’m one of the Magick Practitioners (I prefer to shorten it to “Mage”) that wields the powers of–and follows the path and teachings of–both Light and Darkness; Creation and Destruction, balancing and harmonizing them, through the teachings and power of the Void/Emptiness/Sunyata and Form as the cores of my path, power and being. “Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form”–The Heart Sutra

          Light is good, it can maintain life through heat, light up the way, but without Darkness to balance it, too much light can only blind and burn.

          Darkness is good, for it symbolizes the hidden mysteries to protect it to those unworthy/not yet ready, to protect individuals by making them invisible, and it symbolizes the Womb of Creation (The Void/Sunyata), to begin with, there is no source of light when one is still inside the Womb of their mothers, is there?

          And when the Stars have ran out of their energy, darkness will set in. Hence darkness, from what I realized is the origin of life, with light helping along to nurture it (alongside darkness); but with too much darkness and without sufficient light to balance it, one won’t be able to see (because it’s so dark).

          From my experiences; “Light” beings can also serve under the forces of Entropy/Disorder; I call them “False Light” such as the case with parasitic egregores that became “Gods” of certain religions, feeding off of the energy of worship while leading the followers astray while giving their powers away to an external savior outside of themselves–or even those types to impose too much Order/Discipline without Freedom that it devolves into tyranny, and “hammers” down any “nails that sticks out”, and using the powers of “Creation” to create exotic weaponries, Artificial Intelligence and the like.

          While “Dark” beings can serve under the forces of Negentropy/Order, too; just like the Assassins from the Assassin’s Creed game with one of their creeds–“We work in the dark to serve the light.” aiding with the powers of invisibility, secrecy and purposeful destruction; because not everything is “Love and Light”, and not everything can be solved by “Love and Light”–there are always going to be exceptions to everything, there will always be outliers.

          Light and Darkness are BEYOND “Good and Evil”.

          Hence I just use the term “Spiritual Warrior” to refer to myself instead of Light Warrior because I don’t just use the power of “Light” (in BOTH its Creative AND Destructive capabilities) to help promote Negentropy and reduce the Entropy, I use Darkness as well along with its Creative and Destructive capabilities too.

          And I don’t see Light (Masculine, Yang) and Darkness (Feminine, Yin) as being enemies; instead, just two sides of the same coin of all Existence, dancing, coexisting, balancing and harmonizing in a sacred marriage.

          Hence you can imagine my discomfort whenever I see people saying “oh I’m a light worker/warrior, I fight the Dark Forces Cabal because they are evil” etc., not realizing that darkness is not the opposing force; but Entropy.

          In any case, I appreciate Tunia and Hakann’s encouraging energies; be seeing them soon, I suppose. And yeah, when you really love what you’re doing, your energies seems to become even more abundant indeed.

          1. AzureLeaves

            D.] I see, so it’s indeed quite the case on your situation; I’m not sure how much time has passed since those manifestations you did, but I suppose now, you’re even more evolved and realized more truths than back then.

            And I’m glad to also share the knowledge and wisdoms I realized with you and to those who might come across this conversation; I hope they help in some way on furthering their Spiritual and Personal development.

            I wish you the best on your journey.

    2. A.S.

      Hello AzureLeaves,

      Thanks for your reply. I’m feeling depleted from channeling so much, so I’m answering as A.S. now (although I might do occasional check-ins with Tunia and Hakann).

      A) Tunia, Hakann and I think that COBRA is sincere too, and good-hearted. We just disagree on some points.

      I’ll post (part of) my answer to you to youtube at some point in the future. If you want, you can link that. You and others also have my permission to copy-past parts of my answer to whatever site you choose, as long as you say that it either comes from Tunia / Hakann posts on Era of Light, or from Tunia / Hakann posts on youtube.

      I do appreciate your attempts to help others. I’m probably not telling you anything new here, but all we can do is offer our hands and our perspectives. If they are refused, then those people will have to find their own way.

      Yes, I completely agree that lightworkers are the cavalry that’s supposed to be the primary actors to save Earth, not ETs. I really like your explanation of benevolent ETs being the support and that Earthlings have to be the carries.

      I also agree that light and energy are rising on the planet, so the majority of humanity (especially those already oriented towards topics like planetary ascension) are going to be just fine and also more optimistic at some point in the future. Tunia and Hakann have zero concerns about whether Earthlings are going to be fine at some point, it’s just a question of how quick and smooth the transition will be.

      B) Hakann and Tunia would agree with me when I say that they are not perfect beings. They have their own perspective and they (and I) just happen to not care about rational intel very much if it’s not applicable, and may even think that it distract from what we think is more important (love and empowerment).

      That said, it’s not objectively correct to think that way, that’s just how we think. If you do feel called to study cabal weaponry, of course, go ahead (not that you need our permission). There’s plenty of other channelers who take questions, such as One Who Serves who is occasionally posted on this site.

      1. AzureLeaves

        Hello and thank you as well. And it’s ok, pacing yourself and your energies is indeed important. For my replies:

        A.] The thing with COBRA though is, I don’t know why he attracts way too much individuals on his blog that loves to show/imply them giving away their power to others by waiting for the saviors outside of themselves (e.g. ETs) to save the day for them, when they can do it themselves.

        Haha I preached quite few times there with some Neville stuff, “you’re actually a God/Source Fractal and you can do amazing things, you’re the savior, you can bring about “The Event” now” etc.; I haven’t received a reply (only once from a person that understands the same things I do) and it’s back to the majority going something like “where are the Super Saiyans to defeat/skin/burn/hang all of these darkies? Where are the ones who can do these amazing things? I’m tired of this body on this prison planet.” etc.

        All I could really do was laugh at the silliness; it seems to be the case of “if mere preaching won’t help them, then time to flex some metaphysical muscles and give them a choice between going with the flow and helping them realizing who and what they truly are, in a more accelerated manner, or have a rude awakening” as is part of my plans.

        B.] Indeed; actually my interest with the weaponries is because it seems to be the primary point of COBRA why Earth is not being liberated yet, which leaves a bunch of his readers in such torment of “waiting” (when they even shouldn’t).

        More or less, what I actually just want to find out is if these weapons’ existence are also detected by Tunia, Hakann et al, so that the others who will read them will also be made aware. I’m not really that much curious about it’s specifications or the science behind the weaponries at all.

        Hermetic Law of Mentalism allows these weapons to exists; in either case, metaphysically speaking, the “Void’s Ultimatum”, if used, will render them practically nonexistent, no matter their scientific specifications and other related info (that’s why I’m not interested in the science on how they work).

        The teachings of the Void, through the interface of the Goddess that reside there helped me realize that, if something exist; they can cease to exist, and vice-versa.

        “Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form”–The Heart Sutra.

        C.] Yet still, I’m also on the process of learning more just as much as you. Actually that quote got popularized by the game Assassin’s Creed; further research I’ve done only led me to either speculations that the Assassin’s Grandmaster uttered it on his deathbed, or Friedrich Nietzsche just wrote it on his “The Genealogy of Morality” book; i.e. I couldn’t find factual historical evidence if Hassan-i Sabbah did say it on his deathbed or if it was recorded at all or just passed orally, hopefully someday I find the answer. Even so I just went with it, haha.

        It didn’t have much meaning for me when I first heard it years ago, but nowadays, realizing more truths, and also discovering Andy Weir’s “The Egg” short story and Neville Goddard’s teachings, as well as the Heart Sutra teachings and the Goddess from the Void, I came to understand and realize more and more the true meaning of that quote.

        And indeed; as the saying goes: “As kids we loved the heroes, as adults we understand the villains”.