Pleiadian Collective: Light And Creation

Friends Of Earth!

The Light Of Consciousness That Is Collectively Gathered In Awakening, Is Prepared With Knowledge And Understanding To Grasp The Holographic Nature And Ability Of Expanding Life!

We Gather With You To Review Aspects Shared In Other Communications As Well As Venturing Further Into The Infinite Knowing Of Light And Creation.

We Refer To ‘Light’ As Often As You Breathe. There Is A Purpose Much Greater Than The Human Word Of Creation That Is Known Or Taught On Earth.

In The Pleiades, We Call Light, ‘ELAKO’. Which Means, ‘Creator Of All.’

The Light We Refer To Is God, The Universal Mind, Consciousness, Prime Creator, Source And The I AM Presence. As NEIOH Shared In Great Communication, Using The Name God Is Perfectly Acceptable And Understood By Many On Earth, Regardless Of Culture Or Teaching. The Understanding Will Be The Same.

Mother-Father God Is An Understanding Of The Female And Male Aspects Of The Divine Force That Is Called (EE-AH), To Understand The Infinite Creator Has The Knowingness And Ability To Manifest As Female Or Male For The Purpose Of Procreation, Families And Bonding With Others. Given Different Physiology, Chromosomes And Inner Workings, The ONE Became The Perception of Two. Understand There Is Only ONE In Truth. Allowing The Perception Will Allow You To See Two. Female And Male.

Prime Creator Has Not Been Seen By Any Being. This Magnificent Force Of All Life Never Stops Communicating. This Field Of Infinite Intelligence Holds The Cosmos In Power With Loving Intention. The God That We Speak About, Reacts To You And With You Energetically With Vibrational Frequency. If One Projects Chaos, They Experience Chaos. If One Projects Love, They Experience Love. God Is Not Changed And Does Not Take Sides.

Understand That You Are God Expressing In Form.

The Deeper You Go Into The Presence Of God As You Meditate, This Understanding Will Become Very Real. You Can Only Experience What You Are. You Can Only See In Another Human, What You Carry Inside Or You Judge. You Carry A Charge For These Aspects In The Liquid Crystal Of Your Body.

The Quantum Field Of Endless Possibilities And Creative Force Is Your Life. You Perceive That You Are Separate As You Think And Maneuver In Form. God Is Spirit, Energy, Consciousness And Power. When You Pray, Go Within And Find This Infinite Peace Of I AM.

As Your Thoughts Change, Your Emotions Follow And Belief Comes With A Powerful Energy Of Change. Your Beliefs Can Change Many Times In A Waking Dream. God Does Not Change. You Are Spirit In Essence That We Call A Soul. This Soul Is Light. This Soul Is The Living Expression Of Light That Has Chosen Many Forms.

Where Do Pleiadians Fit Into This Masterful Picture? Knowing That God-Light Is Unseen But Dwells In All Life, A Creation In ELOHIM Was Designed To Create Those Without Form To Become The First Beings To Be Given The Choice And Power To Allow Body To Cover The Essence As The Consciousness Was Completely Aware. Without Language, There Were Tones And Colors. In This Place Of Beauty, Many BECAME. The Power To Look At Another And Feel Love Was Born. The Tones Became Language And FAE, Angels, Light Beings And Those Known To Earth Now, Called Pleiadians, Ventured Out To Explore The Creation Of The ONE.

Power Was Given To Pleiadians To Create, Plan And Assist Earth And Other Stars Throughout The Infinite Cosmos. There Are Souls Throughout The Cosmos That Are Known To Pleiadians That Earth Will Never Know. Form Was Given First To Pleiadians To Travel, Receive Technology And Form Alliances With The Service Of The Galactic Federation. As Prime Creator Gave Free Will, The Light Forces Were Necessary To Calm Others And Use Power When Necessary To Stop Some Created Beings From Destroying Others.

Earth Remains Now Because Of The Great Love And Assistance Of Pleiadians. They Are The First Race That Circulates The Light Of God, Comes And Goes In Crafts With Boots On The Ground, Meeting In Non-Physical, Incarnating As Humans To Assist And Experience Life, Living In Bi-local Service And Traveling With Archangels.

We Live Similar To Humans Except That We Circulate Light (God) And Have Crystal Hearts. We Do Not Die In Origin. We Live In Infinite Beauty And Power Without Fear. We Live In Perfect Health Without War.

We Speak To You As Our Beloved Ones! Those That Are Starseeds And Those That Are Of The Earth Plane That ELOHIM Through Pleiadians Brought To Be In Form. All Souls Are Sacred. You Carry The Light Of God!

You Are The Light Of God!

In These Moments, Remember Who You Are!
Know That You Lack Nothing For Your Source Within Is Everything!
Imagine The Peace And Healing Of Earth If Only This Was Realized!

WE Are The Pleiadian Collective!
We Are Here To Guide You To The Love Of Your Beginning!

We Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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