The Telosians: The New Earth

We greet you dear children of planet Earth. With great love we are happy to have you back. We are going to speak to you on this day of the New Earth which presents itself to you.

Of course you will say: “Since the time our Brothers of Light have been talking to us about it, we haven’t seen much on the horizon”. We smile. Indeed, human beings are always in a hurry to see what they look forward to in life come true.

The New Earth is already well in preparation. Only you are still enveloped by the heavy third dimensional energies that are rapidly dissolving and this is obscuring you the beautiful things that are preparing to settle you in the New Earth.

The New Earth is the total transformation of the human being. The New Earth is the transformation of the thoughts, actions, and heart of each human being and this in connection with the energetic and spiritual evolution of the planet Earth on which you live.

You are currently in a whirlwind of transformations of all kinds and, of course, this saddens you, tires you, sometimes puts you in states of depression because you know that something is changing but you do not know what exactly and what it is. will involve in the future of the life of the human being and the Earth.

You currently know that great purifications of the Earth are taking place on its soil: numerous fires, numerous floods almost everywhere on the soil of the Earth. All this should make you think: why all these current problems and almost all at the same time? Because, quite simply, there are times when the Earth needs this cleansing, there are times when it must be done for her and her humanity. Yes, children of the Earth all these fires, these floods are the purification of your planet and your humanity.

But, will you say: “the fires are criminal for most of them”. Yes we know it but it was necessary for the purification to take place. Everything has a purpose, you know that, we have often told you that.

Currently humanity enjoys the holidays, it enjoys good moments of relaxation. This is how it is now, but when the New Earth really presents itself to you, all this fun will take a back seat because then life will be totally different, which does not mean that there will not be joy, laughter etc… but everything will be different because there will be a link with the Supreme Universal Energy and everything you will do, say will have a very strong impact with the spiritual.

You can see right now that you are changing. Study yourselves well: don’t you need more Nature, more Peace, more honesty, don’t you need more and more to hear sincere truths from your rulers?… etc

Yes, the human being is changing strongly now and it is the beginning of the presence of the New Earth in you and around you. Because the New Earth is not exterior to you, it is totally within you: you are the New Earth in preparation in the depths of your cells, be happy and happy about that.

The New Earth is therefore primarily a change in you in your perceptions of Life, in the understanding of who you are, etc…. and when you have fully studied, felt and lived this transformation, the Earth and you will be united from the most beautiful way in Love and Pure Light.

For the moment, cleanings are happening through the events you are experiencing: epidemics, climatic problems etc…. but this is necessary so that all the great heavinesses of the third dimension disappear forever so that you finally find who you really are: divine beings.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, do not doubt our presence with you. We know that you need moral and physical support because everything you are going through is very upsetting for your terrestrial vehicles. We are there, we accompany you with all the Love and the Pure Light which are in us.

Have confidence in Life, everything will lighten up and calm down gradually, we are watching over it, but as we have often told you: you have your share of “work” to do, we cannot do everything for you.

Understand who you are, develop the divine being within you in the simplest possible way by loving your planet, respecting your neighbors, loving the animal kingdom, etc.

We accompany you with great love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


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