From 3D To 4D And 5D: Hammering

Argorians are a civilization of the 25th dimension. They exist in energy bodies, but they can incarnate on the physical plane. Now, about 200 Argorians have embodied on 3D Earth.

25D is the connecting space of higher and lower dimensions, supplying them with energy and correcting their worlds. From them, Argorians recruit their space team.

Their tasks are to create planets, sow them with life, develop civilizations on them, and assist in their transition to higher levels.

To work in space, Argorians have a fleet consisting of dozens of specialized ships of different classes. The capabilities of the largest are great. They can move not only planets in space, but also stars and entire Galaxies. Therefore, flagships do not enter, for example, our Milky Way, so as not to destroy it energetically.

Argorians stood at the Earth’s birth, and since then they have been constantly monitoring its development, helping it without violating the basic Cosmic Laws. It’s their space fleet that now moves 5D Earth to the new vibes orbit in the Gerios Galaxy.

But it is not only the Argorians and other space races are actively involved. In 2021-2022, on the Subtle Plane, important energy events have occurred. In the united Logos of the Lightwarriors ground team deeply and firmly entered the Absolute’s manifestation of the primary energies; aspects of Pleroma and its Supreme Hierarchs, the Universe’s Central Spiritual Sun, Logos of the Local Universe, the Milky Way and Galactic Entities (Galactioms), Helios and Gaia, Karma Lords Yang Bao and Guan, Archangel Michael and Archaea Vera.

The importance of these events is that the Pleroma and Earth were connected by another powerful channel, to which the ground team is a part. New energies of the Entities, listed above, now are flowing through this channel in a powerful stream on Earth and earthlings.

They, together with quantum flows from the Source through the Galactic Center and the Sun, create a totally new background and radiation impact of planets and constellations, hammering 3D Earth.

The new channel’s highest freqs streams attract and concentrate the similar frequencies from the general vibrational field of planets and stars. This prevents the Darks from using them for negative purposes, as they did before.

Unprecedented in power, the combined flux, like a battering ram, literally crushes down to the ground everything on which 3D, its Matrix and the Pyramid of Dark Power still rests.

Giant fires, floods, volcanic eruptions and daily earthquakes purge on the Subtle Plane all the accumulated anger, hatred and resistance to change.

Cataclysms are more frequent and forceful where the most human negativity is condensed in the astral and etheric space.

All this will affect the cosmic weather in August. Under the influence of the new energy background, planetary and Stellar energies will accelerate events on Earth, actively destroying the old and clearing the way for the new, bringing the point of bifurcation, a breakthrough.

We will face insurmountable obstacles, finally break down and irrevocably surrender our positions under the destructive onslaught of the Transition. Or, thanks to the great inner work done in recent months, we will finally see the first qualitative results that will become the starting point for our new future.

Through what stelliums in August will the cosmic energies have the greatest impact on events, and how is it expected? There will be several such configurations:

– The conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the Ascending Lunar Node;

– The final quadrature of Saturn and Uranus;

– Opposition of Saturn and the Sun;

– Fixed Grand Cross;

– The beginning of a big reboot.

1. The Conjunction Of Mars, Uranus And The Ascending Lunar Node

Throughout August, Uranus, radiating the energies of zeroing and speed-up, will be in conjunction with the Ascending Lunar Node, the vector of development. This will compact the Time, accelerate the removal of dead-end and non-viable programs.

It can occur in the form of uncontrollable, chaotic events that knock the ground out from under our feet, exacerbation of the crisis in the financial, economic and political spheres, destruction of comfort zones, and the run models in all of them.

Or we will move to a new qualitative level faster, if we decide to make radical changes, move from stagnation to dynamics, stop clinging to material values and dead-end relationships with all our might, won’t be afraid to take risks on the way to the future.

Since August 1, at 23:53 UTC, the conjunction of Uranus and the Ascending Lunar Node has been strengthened by Mars, giving all of the above targeted energy, thanks to which we can make a quantum leap in our development.

However, immediately after the conjunction with Uranus, Mars began to move on a quadrature with Saturn (the exact aspect on August 7, 19:57 UTC), and will impact us for the first two weeks of the month. This will require significant efforts in achieving the goals set and great perseverance in overcoming the obstacles that arise.

On a personal level, the energies of Mars affect the opposing vibrations of Saturn and Uranus, exacerbating the conflict between the desire for freedom and the need for control, self-restraint and concentration.

Strong Saturn in its Aquarius sign (and weakened Uranus in Taurus) shows how to solve this conflict: only through awareness, responsibility and self-organization.

In other words, only a person with a strong will can get out of limiting, oppressive circumstances into free space.

The harmonious aspects of Venus in Cancer will help to overcome the difficulties that arise: sextile on the conjunction of Mars and Uranus (the exact aspects were on August 2 and 3, the influence until August 7), and trigon on Neptune (the exact aspect on August 7, the influence on August 5-11).

The energies of this stellium will make it easier to take the right decisions, weaken conflicts, but, at the same time, increase emotionality, haste, and the desire to risk.

It’s important to bear in mind the opposition of Venus and Pluto on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which will become exact on August 9 and will have a strong impact until August 11. The combination of their vibrations will increase the overall tension, create powerful external pressure, and exacerbate the financial war.

On August 18, at 14:19 UTC, at the 19th degree of Taurus, another eclipse of the Moon of Uranus will occur. This will be the last eclipse of the twelve, which began on February 7. The energies of the waning Moon at this time will fix the changes, occurred from February to August 2022, and will determine further fundamental strategies related to the future.

2. The Final Quadrature Of Saturn And Uranus

Immediately after the eclipse by the Moon, Uranus will stop, turn back (the exact moment on August 24 at 16:00 UTC, stationarity on August 20-27), and begin to move towards retrograding Saturn.

From this moment on, the main opposing quadrature of 2021-2022 – the energies of Saturn and Uranus, which caused fundamental shifts in many countries and the world as a whole, is activated again.

This is a war for survival at any cost of the old, conservative, dead-end 3D world order, which is symbolized by Saturn, with the freedom-loving, democratic and equal world of the new age of Aquarius, which is symbolized by Uranus in the Earthly sign of Taurus.

In 2020-2021, while the Lunar Nodes were in the airy signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, their vibrations helped to rebuild the world according to the laws of Aquarius.

At the beginning of 2022, the Lunar Nodes switched to the crisis axis of Taurus and Scorpio, related to finance and security, and integrated their energies into the configuration with Uranus and Saturn.

On Earth, the vibrations of the resulting stellium have exacerbated crises in areas where the energies of these planets are particularly strong.

They led to financial and banking restrictions, arrests of property and real estate; crossing border bottlenecks, aviation crisis; sanctions; blocking of the media and the Internet; redistribution of global commodity and financial flows; food shortages; wars in Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa; unrest in Asian countries.

All of this, it is a detonator and a catalyst for change. The stronger the 3D world and each of us cling to the old, the harsher the impact from the Local Universe.

Since the reversal of Uranus into retro motion on August 24, the final stage of the energy confrontation of two irreconcilable antagonists, Uranus and Saturn, will start, which will begin their last approach to the decisive quadrature, which will become super active in October.

The aspect will be separated by only a few degree minutes, but it will never become exact, due to the fact that on October 23 Saturn will turn into a directive movement and stop catching up with Uranus.

The retrograde Saturn and Uranus in the final quadrature will force the whole world and each of us to reconsider the root causes of conflicts. This is necessary for the sake of a new future.

This intense quadrature, which will last until the end of 2022, by its energies, will destabilize the 3D world order, and will help the Transition.

3. The Opposition Of Saturn And The Sun

In August, against the background of high activity of Uranus, Saturn’s vibrations will also be maximally powerful. Continuing the retrograde movement in Aquarius, it will be at the minimum distance from Earth, and will enter into confrontation with the Sun’s energies.

On August 14, at 17:11 UTC, the Sun, Saturn and Earth will line up. This stellium, like a tomography, will show very clearly how stable, independent, mature, experienced, professional we are. Especially, when we face the most difficult problems and their solving requires composure, endurance, patience, perseverance, hard work, consistency and discipline.

If we don’t have enough of these qualities, or we do not know how to set long-term goals, don’t understand our mission on Earth, we may get the collapse of plans, hard blows to self-esteem, and our actions will be blocked.

If we consistently and persistently continue our internal work, go to high goals, then, the middle of August is a favorable period for achieving them.

4. Fixed Grand Cross

An important feature of the opposition of the energies of Saturn and the Sun is that it will be included in the Fixed Grand Cross, the main planetary configuration of August with the participation of Mars, Uranus and Lunar Nodes.

Grand Cross occurs when four planets or Constellations are all separated from each other by square aspects (90 degrees apart). It can also be viewed as two oppositions (180 degrees apart) separated from each other by a square. In a Grand Cross, there is one planet in each element (fire, earth, air and water) but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality.

This stellium, which is rigid in terms of radiated frequencies, will occur during the Full Moon period, and at the moment when the Sun passes the midpoint between eclipses. The general vibrational tension on Earth will increase significantly.

On the one hand, it will cause a feeling of a pressing impasse, from which there is no good way out. And as a result, a large-scale, destructive crisis is possible, affecting all key areas of our life.

And on the other hand, in constructive variants, the energies of a Fixed Grand Cross will help to make important qualitative shifts. In what way it’ll be exactly?

The conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the Ascending Lunar Node in Taurus shows the main vector of energy and effort applications, the need to do something fundamentally new, changing the established habitual life, and the relationships that slow us down. To initiate the new ideas, a new foundation on which our future will be built.

Saturn in Aquarius strongly demands to approach this task thoroughly, systematically, in a disciplined manner; to rely on collective creativity and mutual assistance; to unite with other people on the principle of horizontal connections; to choose long-term projects related to new technologies, science, inventions, information and digital systems.

In moving towards these goals, the Southern Lunar Node in Scorpio strengthens willpower and Spirit, helps to transform, work in excess of effort, draw energy in the struggle, develop resilience in a crisis, not be afraid to take risks and clear the space from everything obsolete.

Forming a Fixed Grand Cross, the planets in the sign of Leo – Mercury, the Sun and Venus, which successively, from the end of July and throughout August, one after another, activate Uranus, Mars, Saturn and Nodes with tense quadrature, carry a charge of powerful creative energy.

By tuning in to the positive energies of all four Constellations participating in a Fixed Grand Cross – Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius, it is possible to implement many plans in key areas and scenarios of this year.

In mid-August, the passage of the Sun midpoint between eclipses will help to make the right choice and make the necessary decisions. The further course of events will depend on them, and we will get the results during the autumn eclipses (on October 25, the Solar eclipse in Scorpio, and on November 8, Lunar eclipse in Taurus).

A Fixed Grand Cross with the participation of the Sun will remain until August 16. The days of exact aspects (August 10-14) will be the most intense energetically and by the events’ dynamics. Exactly:

– On August 10, at 10:44 UTC, the Sun will pass the midpoint between eclipses, forming a tau square with Lunar Nodes;

– On August 11, at 12:53 UTC, the Sun forms an exact quadrature with Uranus;

– On August 12, at 1:36 UTC, a Full Moon will be at 20 degrees of the Leo-Aquarius axis, while the Moon will be in conjunction with Saturn;

– August 14 at 17:11, – the exact opposition of the Sun and Saturn, the influence will continue until August 19.

The Sun will stay in Leo until August 22. Their vibrations will give us more strength and energy in unlocking our creative potential, the ability to generously share and love.

A series of harmonious aspects of mid-August will help us in this. Until August 20, a harmonious bisextile between the energies of Mars, Neptune and Pluto will remain, which will manifest itself as our heavenly shield.

It will protect and support us if we purposefully follow a big idea, Love and compassion, do charity work, in which we draw our strength and productivity (the exact aspects of August 11 and 14).

From August 13 to August 21, we will also be supported by the harmonious trigons of the energies of Mercury to Uranus (August 16) and Venus in Leo to Jupiter (August 18), which open up new opportunities for initiative, bright, creative, self-confident leaders.

After the transition of the Sun to Virgo on August 23 at 3:16 UTC, the general tension will be intensified by the vibrations of Venus, which will move into Leo from August 11. From the 21st, following the Sun, the Morning Star will enter Fixed Grand Cross, and remain in it until the end of the month. In particular: on August 25, Venus will be in quadrature with Lunar Nodes; on August 27, at 04:34, – in quadrature with Uranus; on August 28, at 18:27, – in opposition with Saturn (influence from August 23 to August 31).

In this configuration, Venus will focus her energies on the sphere of relationships and finance.

Until the end of August, a Fixed Grand Cross will test us for personal maturity and responsibility, the ability to build relationships on the principles of highly intellectual friendship and freedom of expression.

5. The Beginning Of A Big Reboot

The reversal of Uranus into retrograde motion on August 24, and the beginning of the final phase of the quadrature of Saturn and Uranus will force many to abandon the past, reconsider the present, and make a choice for the future.

This will be pushed by the energies of Jupiter, which affect goal-setting, strategy and development. On July 28, it turned into a retro at 9 degrees of Aries, and since the beginning of August, continued to move backwards.

Until December 20, Jupiter will stay in Pisces, in the last two degrees of the sign – the 29th and 30th, where the contradictory properties of this zodiac’s energy are maximally concentrated.

Then, on the same day, Jupiter will return to Aries again. It will coincide with retrograde Mars. The combination of the vibrations of these planets will stimulate the revision of the intended goals and ways to achieve them.

Another important factor will be the ingression of Mars into Gemini on August 20, a sign of its next retrograde movement from September 4. It will stay here until March 25, 2023 (retrograde from October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023; retrograde loop from September 4, 2022 to March 15, 2023 from the 9th to the 26th degree of Gemini).

In the coming months, the energies of this cosmic configuration will help to better understand the events taking place, make informed decisions, regulate emerging conflicts, and outline areas and goals for the application of our energy.

It is important to take into account that Mars turns into Gemini in a tense growing quadrature with the Sun, which will last the whole month and will become exact on August 27 at 8:17 UTC. The energies of this stellium will fill August with powerful dynamics that encourage us to actively fight for everything new and positive.

Another factor of change will be the new retro loop of Mercury, which will begin on August 21 and last until October 17 (active phase from September 10 to October 2). Both retro loops, Mercury and Mars, will be interconnected, will strengthen each other’s energies, prompting earthlings to intensive reforms.

In our personal affairs, when Mercury begins to decrease relative to the Sun on August 21, it makes sense to complete the affairs and relationships that are coming to an end, and not to start something fundamentally new, since it will not have the potential for growth and development, and may end before it begins.

The new moon on August 27, which will occur at 8:17 UTC in the 5th degree of Virgo, combined vibrations will bring an additional impetus for changes, corrections, revision of the solution of problems, global and personal.

The usual, well-established methods and approaches based on rules, logic, practicality (the beginning of the retro loop of Mercury in Virgo) can be replaced by new values and principles – fair and equitable partnership, reaching compromises.

This will be facilitated by the continuation of Mercury’s retro loop in Libra, and the beginning of a new three-month Mercury-Sun cycle at 1 degree Libra on September 23. The simultaneous growing harmonious sextile of Mars and Jupiter (the exact aspect of September 1 at 11:52 UTC) will help launch large-scale projects.

Judging by the dynamics of events, changes and reforms may take their final form by mid-March 2023. The powerful energies of August, like a hammer, will continue to crush 3D, giving explosive speed to events.

**By Lev