The Angels: Embracing the Divine Child

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Play with us for a moment here… Imagine living your life as an innocent child. For a moment, set aside your worldly concerns and either remember or if your childhood did not permit such freedom, imagine living this way…

Imagine waking up, eager for the adventure of the following day. Perhaps you were doing something you enjoyed before bed and you can’t wait to wake up and get your chores done and play again. Perhaps you have the promise of going on an outing that you are looking forward to and you’re not sure if it is tomorrow or ten days from now since time isn’t a concept you’ve fully mastered. Perhaps you are thinking of all the fun things you can do in your life. You may have school and school work, but you just do it and you breeze through it while looking forward to the rest of the fun you have imagined.

Perhaps you look at someone very angry and different from you and you watch them with a sense of wonder. “I wonder why they’re so mad? What’s wrong with them? Are they OK?” Perhaps you see someone crying. “I wonder why they’re so sad. I want to give them a hug. It’s going to be OK.” You’re fresh from heaven. You know the truth. Perhaps, someone you love died. You miss them but you know they’re in heaven and you talk to them in your mind.

Dear ones, this innocent wise one still lives within you. It is the authentic you at your very core. It is the pure, unadulterated, innocent, wise, knowing, trusting, spirit within you. No matter who did or didn’t acknowledge this bright beautiful core of your being, it exists. No matter who abandoned you or controlled you, it exists. No matter who cherished you, advocated for you, belittled, ridiculed, shamed, or abused you, it still exists – untainted, innocent, pure, wise, and waiting for you to bring this beautiful light of God within to the surface.

We hear you. “I was abandoned.” Many of you were abandoned by human beings – some physically, and many emotionally –  but you need not abandon your own pure and beautiful spirit. “I was abused.” Yes, we see this. Many of you were treated in unthinkable ways by those who lost their ability to think and feel from their spirit years before you were bornYou need not abuse yourself any longer by denying the purity and grace and beauty within. “But I was stolen from, robbed of my innocence.” Dear ones, we understand that others who felt impure have convinced many of you that you are not pure, but that is a lie!

Even if someone has defiled the temple of your body, the spirit within is pure, holy, unadulterated, and innocent still. You may have forgotten. You may have been convinced by those who were convinced of their own lies. You may have been conditioned and trained to please the belief systems of others, and nonetheless, this pure, wise, innocent, holy being exists within, patiently waiting for you to acknowledge its presence.

Take a moment. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself for a moment to relax into the knowing that there is a pure, wise, innocent, and holy being within you. This is no less than the spirit of the Divine – in the form of your unique, precious, and very individual soul. This is your core essence, the true you as an individual. This is the part of you that although you may have forgotten it, it has not forgotten you.

This is the part of you that is pure light and will never abuse you but waits patiently to surface, knowing that as soon as you stop abusing yourself it will arise within. This is the part of you that can never abandon you and never will, although you can temporarily forget and thus “abandon” it. This, dear ones, is the you that you want to re-connect with or connect with more deeply because this is the you that is unfettered, unbounded, and knows no limits on what is possible in life. This is the you that dares to dream.

Take time to connect with this part of yourself. Take time to ask, “Spirit within, innocent one, dear core of my being, wise one within… (or whatever name you choose) come to the surface. Rise up within me. I love you. I am here for you. I will not abandon you a minute longer. I will not criticize you when you come up within me, offering suggestions that delight even if they seem unachievable or impractical. I will not negate your purity, your innocence, or your wisdom. Rise up within me, and guide me. I love you. I know you are the truth within me. What would you like me to know right now?” Then wait. Breathe. Wait for the pure, innocent, wise, loving being within to tell you – present-day you – what it wants you to know. Then, be open to receive the pure, innocent, wise, loving guidance from your true self.

Do this often dear ones, and your life will start to change. The Divine child wants you to enjoy life and embrace every moment with a sense of adventure. The Divine child rests in the security of God’s love. The Divine child does not think to judge fact, fiction, or form. The Divine child loves to love…and dear ones, that is the true, deep, real, wise, innocent, loving, you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Channel: Ann Albers


One Reply to “The Angels: Embracing the Divine Child”

  1. YourChoice

    I have raised 2 independent adult men. This was such a beautiful gift, I have thanked them for choosing me… I do sometimes wonder why did they choose me? But I would choose me too! When they were young I needed to protect them due to their fathers behaviour etc, in and out of their lives whenever he pleased. This of course was confusing for them, I could not stand their father however not once did I tell them how I felt until they began asking me questions and when I knew they were mature enough to have an adult conversation and know how to process my answers maturely.
    He would say terrible things to them about me when they were very young, not once did I speak bad about him to them.
    I feel my inner child came to surface when 2 young boys were coping with such a confusing time in their lives, who knows if it hadn’t I may have been spiteful like their father was? It really is interesting how my inner child knows when and when not to surface according to the situation I am in to this day?