Hakann: You Can Do So Much More Than You Realize

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I would like to share a story. When it was a child, an elephant was tied to a pole. The child-elephant tried to free itself from the pole, but it could not. It was not strong enough. So it learned that it was stuck to the pole and it could not free itself.

Then the elephant grew up. The elephant was big now, and very very strong. It was easily strong enough that it could just rip the pole out of the ground. But it did not do that. It never tried to free itself from the pole. Why is that?

The elephant never tried to free itself from the pole, because it had learned as a child that it could not do that. And now as an adult, the elephant did not try to free itself again, even though at this time the elephant was easily strong enough to free itself.

So too is it with many Earthlings. When you were a child, people tried to tie you to a pole, which is a metaphor for being trapped in the routines and the worldviews of society. As a child, you repeatedly said “no!” But you weren’t strong enough back then. You learned that you could not resist being tied to a pole.

But now you’re a strong adult. Now you easily can free yourself from that pole – you can easily free yourself from any undesired routines and worldviews that society tries to impose on you. Society is just a brittle little pole, and you are an immensely strong elephant. If you actually try, you can free yourself from any societal routines or worldviews.

Of course, the choice is yours. We are not saying “you have to start or join an intentional community somewhere.” If you choose, you can remain living in society, you can have a normal job, et cetera. But you are free to pick and choose which societal routines and which societal worldviews you adopt. Just be aware that actions have consequences, and that harming others means harming yourself. But other than that, you are free to shape your life as you see fit. If society tries to tie you to a pole, you are more than powerful enough to refuse.

The story of the elephant illustrates something else. Namely, the elephant thinks that it’s just some helpless weak animal that doesn’t really have a choice other than go through the daily motions. Whereas in reality, the elephant is a very strong creature that can easily rip the pole out of the ground and dramatically change its life, if it so chooses.

You all have so much more potential than you realize. You really can do nearly anything you put your mind to. If I was able to show you a vision of what your life could be if you consistently worked on bettering yourself, most of you would weep from happiness. Then you’d diligently work towards achieving that goal, and due to your consistent action, you would achieve your dream life.

The key word there is consistency. It’s usually not effective to decide “okay, from now on I’m going to spend many hours every week on bettering myself or on achieving my dream.” You may be able to do that for a short while, but then your willpower-muscle is depleted and you drop your entire intention.

What’s much more effective is to add a routine that actually feels feasible and realistic. If that means that you’re just adding half an hour of additional work every week, great, start there. Once that new routine doesn’t feel particularly burdensome or challenging anymore, you can always expand that routine or add a new one.

Earthlings tend to overestimate how much they can change their life in a week, and underestimate how much they can change their life in a year.

You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to have your entire life sorted out next week. All we suggest is working consistently on bettering yourself or working consistently towards your dream, by investing a weekly amount of time and energy that feels realistic. Starting small is absolutely fine, you can always expand your routines and efforts later.

Slow and steady really does win the race. If you consistently work on bettering yourself or on achieving your dream, you will get there faster than you think.

And if you’re not sure what you should be doing or how much time you should be investing, you can always think or say: “heart, what should I do today?” The answer that you receive immediately is the one from your heart. In fact, for many of you it would be a good experiment to ask that question every single day for a month and then do what it says. After a month you can evaluate if you like the results and if you wish to continue with that routine. Think of it as an experiment.

You are incredibly powerful and loving beings. You can do nearly anything you put your mind to. If you work consistently on bettering yourself or work consistently towards achieving your dream, you will absolutely significantly improve your life. You will look back one day and think, “I am so grateful that I started to turn my life around at that point, because I am so much happier now than I used to be.”

You can do it.

I leave you today with all my love and well-wishes. I respect you very much. I know that Earth is tough, but I also know that you are all very strong elephants.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


20 Replies to “Hakann: You Can Do So Much More Than You Realize”

  1. Phillis Stein

    That is so funny – I was just thinking of the elephant story a few days ago – and here it is! Beautiful reminder, thank you.

  2. Douglas A James

    No shit reconnect all our dna that the ETs severed long ago to make us almost like animals…survival mode…this should’ve never been allowed for 1000s of years.. but here we are…send the wave stop the killing each day children are killed raped tortured for adrenachrome …

  3. caroline

    Thank you for this message very well put. We have all at some point in our life been conditioned to think we can’t do this simply because our parents or teacher didn’t think we would be capable. Some things are also mind over matter.

  4. Jared

    Hello fellow conservatives I hope this message reaches many. The devil himself is coming for all of us soon. Guard yourselves and keep only the most trustworthy people close to you. Try and keep a clear head/peaceful thoughts only. Look after the things you got and never use the same negative energies the adversary uses on us. Liberals/democrats/globalists/freemasons are about to be removed from this planet and good riddance. Gloves are off. Anyone who disagrees with this message can just shove up their rear end at this point. It is extremely obvious where your loyalties belong. I wish my conservative family/gods chosen people/elected the most safe spiritual journey and prosperous future. God bless!

    1. Claudia

      You are “my” sychronicity of the day dear Jared and I am not surprised at all. Thanks for showing up here.

      “The dark has won” is what I was made to understand pretty much from the beginning of my waking up process. “But only” because it couldn’t be any other way.

      Now I’ve been watching this site for years as part of my awakening process, and what ASTONISHES me until today is how I am not able to understand how most ppl commenting here don’t seem to “one must say ACCEPT” what so many articles have repeatedly explained: “Light&Dark”, “Good&Bad” are “same-same”.

      That said, I can feel some kind of urgency behind your words, but where exactly is it pointing to? What is it telling me personally that I didn’t know before? Or am I only writing this for reasons of connection? I mean we all know it can happen any second.

      Well, maybe it’s only to put an “!” behind the well meaning of telling “Anyone who disagrees with this message can just shove up their rear end at this point.” so ppl don’t missunderstand.

      I 🙏 to the beauty of your balancedness.

    2. Gustavo Frein

      One thing I abhor hearing is this nonsense that the radical left and conservatives have to put aside our differences to overcome the manipulation of the dark elites. That is pure Bullshit. The radical left is a creation of the dark elites. They are completely insane, anti-life, anti-human and I believe most of them are NPCs. There is no reconciliation with mad insane animals that want to destroy young boys by mutilation of their genitals and endocrine system. There is no reconciliation with people who endorse and participate in “Drag Queen Story Hour” or Pedophilia, or critical race theory.

      The radical left is a disgusting biomass of non-sentient hate filled bile. They must be destroyed. No amout of kindness will change them so the opposite must be applied.

  5. Izzie

    Thank you, Hakann…As my flavor of the month for this month of August I love reading what you have to say each time as you always have little snippets we or I can practice on. It means a lot for a newbie like me. Cheers…

    1. A.S.

      From A.S. — if you’re reading this site, then I personally think you’re more spiritually developed already than most Earthlings. I personally don’t think of anyone reading this site as a newbie. Most Earthlings wouldn’t be even open to reading an article that was produced by someone channeling an extraterrestrial.

      Of course, this is just my perspective, stated as the channeler and not as Hakann.

      You’re very welcome. And also thanks to the other commenters!

  6. Gustavo Frein

    Hakann I know this was not Q and A, but if I may ask one question. When souled people die or have near death experience is this all part of the false reality, another level of the matrix whereby the dark one trick us with the illusion of a false God and recycle our soul into another incarnation in this 3D matrix.

    To avoid this trap is our recourse to have shifted our awareness and vibrational level to break the cycle?

    1. A.S.

      From A.S. — I’m a bit too tired to do a full channeling, but Hakann says the soul recycling trap has been dismantled. So if you transition, you now go to the afterlife and can rest and then freely choose your next incarnation.

      To escape it before this dismantling, you could raise your consciousness, you could repeatedly train yourself to avoid this trap or you could reach eightenment and leave your body and Earth that way.

      A dramatic amount of non-obvious things have been accomplished to help Earthlings.

      I plan to do a q&a monthly.

        1. A.S.

          You’re very welcome. Thanks for your questions, Tunia and Hakann and I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

      1. Izzie

        Dear A.S.
        First of all, thank you for your kind words to my response to a channeling from Hasann. I believe in channelers. But in all things, we or I use discernment as we all do, I think it is called “gut feeling” when your mind was being tricked, then your heart pound so hard that you shut off what you are connecting to in a heart beat. I trust this site. It is funny that one of the description of Hassan is that of being 9 ft tall, but that is another story.

        My question is about your Q and A monthly. Will you please include this Q and A in the “Recent Article” side bar or the “Top Topics” when you do so we can be aware of when you do it and we do not have to look for it?

        1. A.S.

          You’re very welcome, Izzie.

          I will clearly indicate that it’s Q&A time in a Tunia or Hakann article. Probably that will be in the last month of August or the first month of September.

          If someone has a burning question, they’re also free to just ask it at any time in a comment. I’d just like the bulk of questions to be during the Q&A period.

      2. Phillis Stein

        And please let our space brothers and sisters and spirit helpers know that those of us who are aware of their assistance are VERY grateful for what they do. I have been fortunate enough to receive help as an individual a few times when I’ve really needed it, and that’s probably only the times I KNEW I was being helped; I’m sure there may have been more times than that also. TY!!!

  7. john

    Thank you Hakaan ans AS wonderful words and something we should all bear in mind much love to all.

  8. Tricia

    Thank you A.S and dear Hakaan 🙏💖❤️ In deep loving gratitude for your kind loving helpful words