From 3D To 4D And 5D: Magic

Yes, these states are caused by energy flows, recently described by DNI in Argorians Update (see – Disclosure News, 7 August 2022). Only those who continue to raise their frequencies with their inner work synchronize well with them. This is how we help ourselves, and this is how we are being prepared for the transition to 4D/5D.

On a Subtle Plane, this fascinating magic is clearly visible.

Energy flows come out of the Quasitron (a single system of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea’s power fields), pass through the red energy ERMA’s layer, which forms 5D matter, and move in a powerful streams to the South Pole.

In recent months and weeks, their speed have increased significantly, but still under constant control of Argorians and Galacom.

The streams strike the protective ozone screen above the South Pole from the inside, open it, cascade in the axial channel of the planet’s rotation, and disappear into it.

Inside Earth, numerous streams merge into one, dazzling white Light, irradiating the planetary crystal and other structures that have already been completely cleared of everything that has accumulated in 3D.

But the Earth’s crust is still raged by vortices of low-frequency emissions and flows. This is a very complex and dense plasma in the form of fractals.

Passing through the planet’s axial channel, a powerful flux of white energy ASTEMO, which forms the Intelligence plasma, stratified and distributed by the rheostat system throughout the Earth’s space. Today, this energy is very unstable; hence weather anomalies, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, unusually large hail.

Under the vortexes’ impact, the energies slow down the movement, change the sound background, temperature and pressure.

Reaching the equator zone, the rotation of the streams changes its polarity and direction.

The resonant basis of the one-dimensional quantum space, on which the world of three-dimensional energy is based, has already been replaced by a 2D foundation, on which the fourth dimension is emerging.

Clairvoyantly, it is clearly visible how clean the inner Earth has become, and only residual turbid streams of 3D energy are swirling on the Subtle Plane above the surface. Under the influence of incoming high-frequency energy, they become thicker at first, then gradually brighten and evaporate.

Thus, low-frequency energy and matter are gradually annihilated. The three-dimensional world gradually dissolves, melts in the 4D space. A part changes, a part turns into black clots and disappears forever in the Great Cosmos.

Through Solaris, that regulates the energies exchange between 4D, 5D and 6D, more and more flows from the fourth density come into the sixth dimension.

Numerous Portals are constantly opening and closing in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Some let the energy in, others throw it out. The planet pulsates and breathes, drawing energy into the South Pole, and “exhales” it through the channel of the North Pole.

Polar disks-energy separators work synchronously. The Quasitron also pulsates, “inhaling” power and “exhaling” plasma clots.

The central control system of the Earth’s core, through the entire pyramid complex of the planet, began preparations for the reverse polarity. It won’t cause a somersault of the planet, only the polarity of the force and magnetic fields will change.

The Veil will gradually disappear, opening a 4D/5D world.

A new humanity, the Sixth Race, is already born on the Earth’s Subtle Plane by Supreme Intelligence’s thought forms.

Their high-frequency nature does not allow them to manifest selves as new fractals at the level of the crust until this space is fully ready to accept it.

These fractals are formed only in 6D, and will descend on the cortical layer when it reaches the required purity and frequency.

After that, they will begin to materialize, bringing an expanded consciousness and perception of the world.

It will not happen overnight. Time spin is gradually shrinking, going to the initial point of accumulation of new high-frequency energy.

Now, through the channel of the North Pole, a large stream of various dark energies is splashing out.

They envelop the planet and, like a tight corset, press and suffocate Earth and earthlings.

As the process reaches a critical level, the reflecting fields of 6D automatically turn on, cutting off and throwing negative energy into near-Earth space.

Here, all the emissions are collected by the modules of the Argorians’ transport ships and removed beyond the Galaxy. The space around Earth is still filled with energy debris not only of the Fifth Race, but also of remnants from previous civilizations. In the form of meteorites, these remnants are drawn by the planet’s atmosphere and burn up in it. The largest ones are removed by the Siriusians’ Lunar station. The process goes 24/7.

On August 8, 2022, Earth, the Sun in the sign of Leo, the Orion Belt and Sirius aligned, opening the Portal. More quantum streams flooded through it, saturated with the high-frequency energies of Sirius, actively helping our Transition to 4D/5D.

Sirius is the birthplace of many cosmic aquatic races. On Earth, these are dolphins and whales, which by their energy parameters are thousands of times higher than man.

They are here to monitor and help earthlings. The Lightwarriors ground team has resorted to it more than once during their operations.

Currently, the Siriusians are loading powerful Light thought forms with strong distortion protection into the waters of the seas and oceans. Water, an ideal storage and repeater, has the ability to connect a person, who has 3D and 4D consciousness, to the 5D field.

For gradual cleaning of the global water area, Siriusians activated neutralizers, which direct spiral-shaped radiation to the most poisoned areas.

We are cleaning and changing as well. Our blood contains ions of iron, silver, gold and other metals, on which the electrical conductivity of invisible currents between our Subtle Bodies and the Subtle Plane directly hardwired.

Due to the formation of new contours of the Earth’s energy exchange fields, the properties and qualities of the conductivity of the iron ion in our body change, its transformation accelerates, and, most importantly, our consciousness upgrades.

Dozens of friendly space races are now helping Earth and earthlings, being on duty here. Some come into contact through different channels; others – do not for various reasons. But all of them are equally actively involved in the collective magic of Transition, helping those who help themselves.

**By Lev