Sex and Spirituality

Many humans have been told that What God Wants is for sexual union to be experienced only with one’s spouse for the purposes of procreation and the expression of love.

One result of this teaching: Millions of people believe that sex may absolutely never be experienced in any way that deliberately prevents conception, and that while sex is wonderful, to experience sex simply for pleasure with no possibility of procreation is against the will of God and, therefore, “unnatural,” immoral, shameful and a giving in to baser instincts.

The combining of pleasure and shame in this construction has produced chronic emotional confusion: wonder, excitement and passion, yet embarrassment, fear and guilt, about sexual desires and experiences.

In most cultures the sexual parts of human bodies may not even be referred to by name. The words vagina and penis are not to be used in public (except as absolutely necessary in a purely clinical setting), and never with small children. The words wee-wee, pee-pee, or bottom may be used freely. In short, the human culture agrees that the actual names of certain body parts are shameful and embarrassing and are to be avoided whenever possible.

And, of course, if one cannot speak of certain body parts, one certainly cannot show them. Many humans feel that certain body parts must be covered and hidden, having been deemed too arousing or too shameful, or both. For those parts not to be covered is incorrect and unacceptable. Indeed, in many places it’s actually illegal, with punishments in civil law for those who fail to obey.

Many people believe that sex experienced in certain ways, even between husband and wife, is “unnatural” and therefore immoral. And again, in many times and places, some experiences, although between consenting adults, have actually been made illegal. Those who wrote such legislation said that they understand that God does not want certain sexual experiences to occur. God sends people to hell for this.

Humans also believe that intensely graphic depictions of sexual activity in photographs, drawings, comic books, video games, television and motion pictures are distasteful, repugnant, disgusting and unacceptable. Intensely graphic depictions of extreme physical violence and killing are, however, entirely acceptable.

Millions of humans believe that sexual energy and spiritual energy do not mix. They have been told that sexual energy is a “lower chakra” energy, and that sexual activity and spiritual clarity essentially oppose each other. Persons seeking to achieve spiritual mastery are therefore advised against engaging in sexual experiences. Some are actually required to remain abstinent.

This is, many of the world’s people believe, What God Wants.

Now along comes the New Spirituality, and it speaks differently about sex. Humans who embrace the New Spirituality understand that sexual union is a glorious and wonderful expression of the Oneness of Being, an extraordinarily powerful and deeply meaningful experience of the most intimate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the self that two people can share, and a celebration of love and life that has no equal in physical form.

They also see clearly that sex is not laden with any taboos, do’s or don’t’s, but is meant to be experienced joyfully by two consenting adults in whatever way brings pleasure and respects the boundaries, desires and agreements of both.

They also understand that the human body is sacred, not embarrassing, and that no part of the body is anything other than totally beautiful, and may therefore be shown and seen without shame.

One result of this new teaching: In the future, sexual guilt and sexual shame will virtually disappear from the human family. So will sexual assault. Sexual expression will be lifted to the level of the profound, never lowered to the level of the profane, and there will be no thought that spiritual energy and sexual energy do not mix, but rather, it will be taught that sexual energy is a beautiful expression of spiritual energy in physical form.

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4 Replies to “Sex and Spirituality”

  1. Devorah Azoulay

    Not to mention children being involved…nooooo
    mention there….don’t address or convince me of trauma bonds.

  2. Dhara

    How sad sex is used by many – mostly men – to feed their ego, to brag about what they were able to get away. They use women’s bodies as dumping grounds for negative energies, entities and diseases created by men who feel no sense of obligation towards what they are doing to the woman. There are good men in this world, but far too many are not in that category.

    Due to centuries of rape, and abuse of females, males are losing their ‘Y’ chromosomes and children are being born without ‘Y’ chromosomes. That is a medical fact not reported by many. A price to pay for everything, you cannot get away with rape, war and violence without paying the price.

  3. john

    Bullshot or not it sounds a lot better than what is forced on us humans at the moment long live freedom of expression in any way shape or form one see’s fit respecting universel law of course and i dont think Neal mentioned anything about the lgbt community if one wants to be gay or whatnot what does it matter to me or you or anyone else its their choice we all have choices and its called free will i for one support free will on this prison planet and thank the creator this prison planet is coming to an end to be replaced by freedom freedom and freedom thank you Neal for the interesting article much love to all.

  4. jon

    Bullshit. The human mind re-creates God in its own likeness and image and here is an example of it. Normalizing sex as some Spiritual “advancement” in mans “evovution” has nothing to do with God, its mans way of justifying mans perverted actions. Once this kind of BS is accepted as a norm Children will be taught this as in all the LGBT+ BS with drag queens selling it. 🙂