Commander Hatonn: 12 Signs of Something Cataclysmic Proportions is Happening

My great Love and greetings to all souls on Earth and across the entire Cosmos, and in all Astral Planes.  I know that these messages, as well because all the Phoenix Journals are being read by 10’s of thousand souls across the entire Cosmos.  This includes planets and Astral Planes.

It may seem like an impossibly, but tell you the Truth.  This has never happened in the entire Cosmos before, and it brings much joy to me and all the Lighted Realms.

I wanted to let you know that Mother Earth turning on her axis and graduating to a higher dimension does not just happen, or that a solid date is set for Mother Earth to turn upon her Axis.  It takes years of preparation for a planet to graduate.   Earth Shan started this preparation in the 1950’s.  Also, the most important factor regarding Earth turning her axis to a higher dimension comes only when the sequence of events occurs in proper order.

To what do I refer? First of all, there had to be some 3D souls that grew in soul stature to ask us for help to clean up Mother Earth.  That finally happened in this last most evil civilization that has EVER happened on Earth, and across the ENTIRE Cosmos!  These ones are Sananda Flock.

Secondly, the line-up of the Apsu planets just occurred which added to the gravitational pull to help Mother Earth turn on her axis.

Thirdly, the entire Apsu Solar System has moved into the Pleiades System in order to avoid annihilation when the Sun explodes,  Yes, your sun has been around some 1500 billion years and has served well to give you light and warmth.  She shall soon explode, and that is why the Apsu Solar system has to find a “new home” to survive.

We have kept the Starships in place of the regular constellations you seen nightly so as not to cause fear.  Your solar system has been moving across the Cosmos for some time, but no one is aware of such as we have cloaked the passage.

Very few people study the stars in the heavens, even when the starships serving as the Big Dipper form it to be up side down!

Both Anne and Patrick and their children have seen the big dipper up-side down.  At another star-gazing time, as they were looking at a constellation, saw a ship that was part of the constellation leave and another ship take its place.

Fourthly, I have some startling news for all you souls kept in the dark.  You DO have another planet in your solar system called Nibiru.   She orbits around the sun in 3600 years.  She is a giant of a plant much bigger than Jupiter!   If you read Journal 50, I tell you that Mother Earth was formed by one of the Moons of Nibiru that collided with Tiamet, a planet in your solar system.  Tiamet split in half.  One half became the asteroid belt and the other half Earth with all the water from Tiamet.

Now I tell you that your controller knows exactly this for they read what the Sumerians have written about it.  Those records are in Germany. You are not allowed to read, for if you did you would be dead!

Further revelation!  Nibiru is again approaching on her orbit, taking her between Pluto and Neptune.  Check out the distance between these two.

Sananda said Nibiru shall appear as a big star the northeast SOON!  He is coming! By “He” I mean Nibiru, for it is a male planet with a deep booming voice.

What disaster awaits by Nibiru’s gravitational pull?  Why is Neptune tipped on her side?  I do know at THIS time the gravitation pull of Nibiru will help tip Earth!

Your controllers put out lie after lie that “Nibiru is a mystery called  Planet X, and does it even exist?“    You believe this utter nonsense?  Wake up, people!  THINK!  Read the Journals, especially #50 for history of the Cosmos.

Nibiru has returned!

To be continued……..



I Am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander In Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation, Ashtar Command:  Earth Representative To The Cosmic Council And Intergalactic Federation Council On Earth Transition.  You May Call Me “Hatonn.

**Channel: Anne Bellringer


6 Replies to “Commander Hatonn: 12 Signs of Something Cataclysmic Proportions is Happening”

  1. Maud

    This feels completely wrong and the grammar is atrocious. If a person receiving a message can’t spell or know grammar, there is something deeply flawed in that person. The message is unfinished and dark.

  2. Mikkel Kaastrup

    I did not sense a grain of truth in this. Just because a medium says she is channeling the highest levels of divine consciousness, or one of the well known masters, does not mean he/she is. There are millions of being in the inner worlds who desire to mislead people or be worshipped as Gods, etc.

    1. George E Hopkins

      You can tell if there is a vibration of love in a message, or like in this one, impending doom.
      It’s the gullible and naive ones that buy into it.
      I guess whoever posts these does not have a working bullsh*t meter, or are only interested in revenue. But yeah, it’s a problem, and just looking the other way is not the kind of advice one should be giving regarding toxic posts. You don’t know it’s negative until you read it, then you have to remove yourself from it mentally and emotionally.