Ashian: Galactic New Year

Jennifer: Greetings!

Ashian: We extend our blessings and love to you all. You are in a sacred time. The Lion’s Gate portal is the Galactic new year, it is a reset and an evolution.

The practice of making ‘New Year’s Commitments’ reflects your inner knowing that a New Year marks an evolution of spirit. When living consciously, each New Year is an expression of your soul’s evolution through a cycle of twelve months.  This is a mini cycle, a bite-size piece of time that allows you to notice how your journey has deepened and progressed; based on that, you intend for your coming year’s evolution.

New Year’s resolutions are a 3D reflection of that involution ~ reflection on the past and letting it go ~ and evolution ~ looking to the expansions you wish to create and experience. Within then without, creation then surrender. It is a constant cycle.

Your 3D resolutions are often very hard, physical and perhaps naive, because they are divorced from their true power and meaning. Resolutions, in their highest expression, are statements to ground and anchor the expression of You that you wish to harness and experience in the next 12 month cycle.

Rather than ‘I will go to the gym daily,’ perhaps what you are really intuiting is a desire to sense the power and freedom of your body, or to experience self confidence within… the underlying emotional expansion you are seeking will often make itself most obvious in the physical, so you focus on the body (and the gym) instead of the emotional experience (freedom, confidence…) you wish to experience.

What is your deeper wisdom? What is the higher expression of you that is seeking to manifest from within?

As you choose which expressions of self you wish to create and experience, you draw to yourself streamers; timeline energies that bring into your manifest reality all the experiences that will assist you in the manifestation of the ‘next greatest version of you.’

As you progress through your year, you may expand beyond the experiences you chose, or move in a different direction. There is always adaptability in your chosen streamer, or timeline; ‘wriggle room’ you may call it. But when you ~ or the collective ~ expand beyond the in-built wriggle room, you jump timelines, and this brings me to the point you wished to address.

J: It does! I was on holidays and the room I was staying in had two locks and two keys, one in silver colour and one in gold colour. When I entered the room the first time, I noted to the silver key opened the silver lock and the golden key opened the golden lock. So far so good!

I was out all morning on my birthday and when we went back to the room, I went to open the locks. I tried and tried but they didn’t work. Finally, I tried using the silver key in the golden lock and the golden key in the silver lock: it worked. What?!!

Did I jump?

A: Indeed you did! And Happy Birthday, belatedly!

J: Thanks!

A: There are often small, innocuous details that indicate a timeline jump, and this is an excellent example. The human collective is currently jumping many timelines as the energies are assimilated and embodied.

J: Does that mean we are progressing faster than expected?

A: While the outcome was always known, how humanity would choose to live it out would create different timeline opportunities. The projected timelines were based on an ‘average expected rate of expansion,’ and there are different experiences that ‘must happen,’ but the way they happen, the how, the when and the why they happen is different on different timelines.

As a parallel, you are getting everything ready for your son’s new school year; you could have all the uniforms and paraphernalia calmly ready several weeks before he starts back, or you could go in a mad dash on the last day before school starts, creating stress and anxiety in both of you. So it is for humanity as well.

J: Yes, that all makes sense. Thank you.

A: So, to conclude, we wish you all a very joyous New Year. Focus on the experience you wish within, not the ‘things’ you wish to have on the outside.

When you create and intend using the emotions that attract you, you create a positive spin of manifestation and timeline creation. When you look at what you want to achieve, you move from creating with energy to creating with bricks and mortar, which is slower, more dense, and, ultimately, less satisfying journey.

J: Thank you so much, and blessings to you all for your New Year.

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