The Great Quantum Transition: Undisclosed Bucegi

Bucegi Mountains are famous not only for the beauty of their nature, but also as a unique and very strong Power Place.

From ancient times, this area of Romania, and the Balkans as a whole have attracted many space races. More than once it has become a place of battles for control over Earth. The last war, in 11 008 BC, was unleashed by the Darks and Grays against the Light Races (see – DNI, On the Way to Fifth Race, Part 3). The latter were represented by the Hyperboreans, the former by the Third Atlantis, which was ruled by the Aldebarans and other negative civilizations through the Black Priests.

The cluster of the Star Aldebaran in the Constellation Taurus consists of many planets on the physical and Subtle Plane.

They are inhabited by different civilizations in different dimensions. One of them, residing in the fourth density, participates in the Earth’s command and control system for thousands of years. They first appeared on the planet about 500 million years ago.

After the death of Atlantis, its population settled partly on the American continent, but mainly in Eurasia.

The Black Priests founded enclaves first in Mesopotamia, and later in Egypt, where the Aldebarans stood at the genesis of the local peoples.

From the Two Rivers, this union extended its influence to neighboring territories, including the Balkans.

At all stages, the Aldebarans, from a Subtle Plan, actively helped the Black Priests of Atlantis in everything.

This alliance was most successful in Germany from the beginning of the 20s to the middle of the 40s.

The Aldebarans remotely, through a group of girl mediums, headed by Maria Orsic, helped the Nazis in various fields of science and technology, including the building of a space fleet. The Black Priests controlled the Nazi regime on the spot and used Hitler to restore their global dominance.

After the defeat of Germany, the Black Priests gave harbor to the breakaway part of the Third Reich in their underground base in Antarctica, which they had previously received from the Aldebarans.

After WWII, they again started building the New World Order and its Power Pyramid.

Its multilevel and branched structure, leaders and management mechanism in geopolitics, economics, finance, social and religious spheres are described in detail on the Internet.

The ideology of the Black Priesthood of Atlantis governing the Pyramid was briefly outlined at Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 2030 (see – Pyramid, Disclosure News, August 1, 2022). If everything is clear with the goals of their global elite, then, what motivates the Aldebarans who closely take care of both?

They position themselves not as a Dark or Light Force, but as a race standing above duality’s extreme outliers.

The ideology of the Black Priesthood of Atlantis governing the Pyramid was briefly outlined at Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 2030 (see – Pyramid, Disclosure News, August 1, 2022). If everything is clear with the goals of their global elite, then, what motivates the Aldebarans who closely take care of both?

They position themselves not as a Dark or Light Force, but as a race standing above duality’s extreme outliers.

Not Evil and not Good. Purely technogeek attitude and approach to the 3D System, which was meticulously and consistently built in all epochs, including modern and contemporary times, and from which now dissociate with all their might.

The following are the unique revelations of the Aldebarans during rarest direct contact, which they usually carefully avoid.

“Indeed, we have closely cooperated with the government of the Third Reich, and now we support the rulers of many states. We are tightly bound to Earth, and have an increased focus on earthlings.

Our civilization goes back hundreds of millions of years; it has thousands of races, and they are all genetically related to each other. We have our Higher Teachers and Spiritual Entities who guide our development. We are not humanoids; we have energy bodies that can materialize into physical ones.

The main part of the Aldebaran’s civilization exists in the third density, ours is in the fourth, the others in the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions.

We strive to create forms of the run where the resources for development are managed by the race itself, and the Higher levels serve only as support.

The inadequacy of moral and material demands, the limitations of biological possibilities, laid down by Nature, have haunted us for millions of years.

In many civilizations, we are advisers to the governors, helping to build a flexible path for the development of countries and planets, and often, thanks to our support, they avoid many mistakes.

We have been present on Earth for a very long time, and at the beginning of the 20th century we created the prerequisites for the birth of the Third Reich.

One of our main activity lines is biological experiments. We have greatly succeeded in them, because we have been doing them for millions of years. During this time, we have learned to circumvent any restrictions that the physical body may face.

The forces of Nature determine the course of biological evolution, opening up certain opportunities for each race. But when it comes not to collective, but to individual development, the situation becomes different.

The personal needs of an individual can be much wider than the tasks assigned to each race from above.

Nature is not used to considering individual deviations; therefore, in the course of the development of our civilization, we sought to expand the capabilities of the physical body. Our drugs can remove the blockage from those genes, the development of which was not originally planned in this organism.

We do not implant anything into the body, do not modify its genotype, but simply remove the blockages. If such changes are individual and do not impact on the entire race as a whole, then Nature has nothing against it and does not create any genetic diseases that stop such a transformation.

It’s a different matter when genetic changes occur on a larger scale. For example, the race declares a desire to develop new valuable qualities in self, and then we start breeding.

In this case, we select those who have the greatest predisposition to needed abilities. Then, we cross these people with each other and, as a rule, in the next generation these qualities manifest themselves much more strongly.

So, we strengthen the necessary genes, and after some time it will be possible to remove the block. It will disappear not only in the individual, but also in the whole group, whose offspring will already have this quality in an active state.

Caution is required here, since when crossing organisms with similar traits, genetic abnormalities may appear. If we notice a danger, we stop breeding in this direction and look for another way.

For example, a focus group can be crossed with another race, and, as is known from the example of mixing human genes, mestizos born when crossing different races, as a rule, are genetically more resistant and hardy to external influences than people with “pure blood”.

On the one hand, by crossing different races, we change the prerequisites that were created by Nature, and only at the Highest levels are aware of their plans, and what opportunities they have laid in each biological species.

By creating a different combination of genes, we defy Nature, violate its plans, and it certainly has the right to block such an experiment.

On the other hand, it is a new combination of genes that can open up completely different possibilities, solve many problems. Therefore, the capability enhancement for different races is the most interesting and promising direction for us.

Global communication between people, the mixing of different nations and races that takes place on Earth, is a very favorable process with great potential.

The earthlings can’t see it as well as we can, because in our world, physiological processes occur faster, and we can accelerate them.

On Earth, everything happens more naturally and, for Nature, more favorably. But is it so from the point of view of the Higher Hierarchy, or the preferences of the people themselves?

This question of the free will and choice freedom of the physical reality inhabitants forced us to go beyond our Constellation and begin cooperation with other civilizations. Despite the cynicism of our approach, when we focus on science and not on the “natural” course of evolution, it has proved to be in great demand in other worlds.

Established contacts with other civilizations, we communicate primarily with rulers and act through them. Our experience is mainly based to diplomatic relations and the settlement of global issues at the level of our entire Federation, and therefore it is our race that goes beyond Aldebaran and set up tides with other worlds.

It doesn’t cost us anything if we’re on another planet to act in secret and interact only with those we’re interested in. It makes no sense for us to communicate publicly. Our appearance will only cause shock and rejection.

Once on another planet, we wait and look for a good moment to establish contact with the right representatives of civilization. As a rule, these are dominators or those who are preparing to become them.

We can open up to such beings and offer our support. Thanks to our abilities, we can anticipate the future actions of the creature, and those with whom it tied, and help in making key decisions.

Convinced of the validity of our arguments, the creature gradually begins to trust our words and then is ready to cooperate.

So, we become advisors for it, and our support brings it success, and permits to rise very high in the existing System.

We have to act very carefully, since any of our actions affects the entire run system in this civilization, which can block our innovations.

In all cases, we are interested in one thing: that the true desires of a particular race are realized. Since in the Aldebaran civilization, we have not yet found a successful solution, we are trying to achieve a positive result at least in other worlds.

We offer our services not only in the run and decision-making, but also share our huge achievements in genetic engineering. In this direction, we have collaborated with the Orion Federation, Reptiloids, as well as with the Alpha Centauri civilizations.

Our experience on Orion wasn’t successful in full. We conducted genetic experiments there on a large scale. As a result, many have gained the ability to independently invent and construct new genes in selves, ignoring what was laid down by Nature, neglecting consequences.

After such chaotic experiments, in which there was no single strategy, the genotype of most Orions was littered with negativity, and because of this, most of them had to move to the Subtle Plane to get rid of the physical body’s limitations.

Currently, for many young Orion civilizations not all is lost.

We cooperate with their rulers, but act more carefully, and never fully display know-how, but share only what is necessary.

Interaction with Reptiloids was more fruitful. We could unlock some of their genes responsible for the synthesis of a new substance, free from energy blockages.

Thanks to it, Reptiloids have gained enormous physiology capabilities, and can independently rebuild their body. Now this civilization is developing more actively, although their relations with other races are very complicated.

Our support of the Alpha Centauri civilizations has also been successful. Thanks to us, one of them, the Anunnaki, transformed their physical bodies. It was inherent in them initially, and we only gave them a certain drug that activated the necessary genes.

As for our stay on Earth, here we faced big problems. Our main idea is that global changes at the level of the entire civilization are possible only when they occur simultaneously, and a large part of humanity participates in them. But on Earth, mankind is divided into many states, making it impossible to develop more intensively and flexibly.

The wealth of man capacities is inherent in him from the very beginning. The abilities of each nation are linked to the genes of different races that previously supported it, and there are many advantages in this diversity. The interaction of cultures creates the potential for active joint development, and is a great superiority of earthlings.

But this trait has nothing to do with political and economic disunity, as well as competition between countries. It’s just a tool to block people’s development. Therefore, when elaborating a plan for the development of the Earth’s civilization, together with those rulers whom we supported, we aimed at the governing integration.

Of course, solving this issue by war is not the best option, but it is not so easy to find an alternative to it. Therefore, Hitler’s statement that Earth should have one ruler largely echoed our ideas.

We don’t mean to say that only one person must rule.

There should be some kind of unity of views between those who help to govern, and do not interfere with each other.

In the Aldebaran Federation, our race is the only ruler, the rest solve only auxiliary tasks.

Supporting the Earthly leaders, we never gave them ready-made answers and did not provoke a war or the elimination of competitors.

We just saw the future situation and said what would happen in one case or another. With our information, he made the final decision himself.

For example, it became clear to Alexander the Great during our consultations that if he starts building diplomatic relations and trying to resolve common issues peacefully, it will take him more than one hundred years, and therefore he moved to more active actions. Most other rulers did the same.

At the initial stage, everything usually went well. The military campaigns were successful, without much sacrifice, and, from this point of view, it was not so painful for humanity. This is the reason for the breakneck successes of the conquerors in the beginning, when our recommendations helped to win battles with almost no losses.

But then, as events unfolded, the conquerors transformed. Success overshadowed their minds, and they became careless, more bloodthirsty, greedy, and cruel in their actions, and completely changed their goals. It was the impact of a System that captured their consciousness, and they were no longer in control of their actions.

Then, military campaigns were taking place with heavy losses on both sides, and harmed the people who supported the ruler. So the System blocked the end result – the unification of humanity at a new level, and all the energy that had already been launched for this went to the System.

Such outcome has always been more than sad for us, and every time we made a new attempt, we rechecked all the options before taking real steps. After the Second World War, we became more circumspect.

Why did Hitler burn with the ideas of purity of blood and wanted to make the Aryans the dominant race, if we ourselves adhere to diversity?

It’s not an easy question. We never gave ready-made recipes, including to Adolf Hitler. Many of our ideas formed the basis of the national-socialist movement that he created at the beginning, and from our point of view, had got a lot going for.

Nevertheless, Hitler distorted some of our ideas, and we attribute it to the System’s influence on him. He possessed irrepressible emotional strength and energy, which was fuelled by social egregores that supported him from birth. He was a brilliant man and did not act according to templates, coming up with new schemes, and it was interesting for us to cooperate with him.

He would have started a world war without our participation. We just helped him avoid a lot of mistakes at the beginning of the campaign. And, of course, we shared with him the idea of a dominant race that could rule the planet, just as our race does in our world.

Every man on Earth has a huge potential and can manifest many capabilities that sleep in his body. Hitler, as a result of the adverse influence exerted on him, narrowed this task to the upgrading of only one genetic branch of men, and that is a distortion.

Most of the former Earthly races after global cataclysms have gone into the inner spaces of the planet and are in other dimensions, not participating in the life of mankind in any way. They shifted all responsibility for the events to humanity, however, it was predestinated. Therefore, we see our task in activating the genes of other races in men, and thus diversify the development of the entire civilization.

To this end, we assisted genetic experiments in Nazi Germany. From our point of view, they were conducted very roughly and did not bring the necessary results, since it is impossible to morph a person’s genes against his will.

In Hitler’s actions, many things really echoed our ideas – the creation of a single global state, genetic research. In addition, he, thanks to us, was interested in a Subtle Plan and wanted to evolve his superpowers, as well as the abilities of his associates.

He was passionate about creating a superman and using Power Places, equipping many expeditions for this. As he conquered different countries, he showed a special interest in sacred artifacts, hoping to gain additional strength with their help. He has collaborated with many scientists and masters in these fields.

His creative energy was seething; he was coming up with new ways of human development. But because of his greed, which was instilled in him by the System, he narrowed his objective to one people, and even worse – to the closest assistants.

He selected them very carefully, and they really had great potential. Nevertheless, everyone had a similar set of genes, which meant that their innate range of possibilities was very narrow. Hitler and his associates were close Souls who had worked together in many past incarnations.

At one time, Hitler and his assistants were a single clan of magicians who participated in the creation of the first social system on Earth, and their success in governing Germany in the 20th century was due to their rich past experience.

Their case is no exception, and most of all the political organizations that have been successful at different times on Earth were once united magical clans and possessed great power. The effectiveness of their actions is primarily related to the support of the System, which already knew them and was ready to help them.

We wanted to diversify their actions, making their path not so standard, so that the personal interests of these clans meet the interests of all mankind. At the initial stages, we could do it, but due to the blocking of our plans by the System, we failed, and they turned to military seizures.

What was our personal interest in supporting Hitler and his campaign? We were conducting an experiment, and needed a positive result. For the same reason, we have supported many rulers at different epochs.

We have always maintained an active position, and have made attempts over and over again. And even with minimal chances of success, we still took risky actions and sacrificed the entire nations. We are driven by the desire to apply our experience, as well as the understanding that the Earth civilization is the key in the entire Galaxy.

If the earthlings still manage to move to a freer existence and remove the blocks from their genes, it will correct a lot not only in your world, but also in many others.

Earth is an experiment of Higher Forces. The favorable cooperation of the Supreme Hierarchy with your civilization will enrich the entire Universe. That is why we are so passionate about the idea of uniting all mankind and the opportunity to use many of our achievements.

Of course, if our plans on Earth are successful, we will solve the tasks of the Aldebaran Federation, and could come to an agreement with the consciousness of our planets.

The run system on Earth is connected with the information field of the Galaxy, and if we manage to take a worthy place in it, we can influence the situation in Aldebaran world.

We are acting carefully, only as advisers, but, of course, we are interested in playing a more open role on Earth, and becoming one of its governors, on a par with the leaders of your States.

In the future, we no longer intend to provoke world wars. Previously, we tried to bypass the governments on Earth, trying to get more support from people.

But now it has become clear that the System will not allow our initiative, and, unfortunately, at the moment it acts like a robot. It blocks everything new. If it were not for its limitations, even the first military campaign backed by us would be successful, with a minimum of human casualties.

We apologize for our numerous attempts that led to global destruction, although we did not directly participate in it, and only supported the rulers by our ideas.

Who do we back now, and in what do we see our role on Earth? Currently, many leaders share our views, and we, one way or another, stand behind all the world powers. Nevertheless, we are inclined to reconsider our approaches, and the plan to capture the entire planet by one State no longer suits us. We would like to create a certain network on Earth, supported by us, which will include all the largest countries.

In this case, if all the rulers would act in concert with each other, there will be no need for any confrontation. And then, our further actions to activate the genes and capabilities of people could be carried out more freely.

Of course, the System can still block us today, so we are in no hurry to act immediately. Now every mistake can be fatal. If we fail again this time, we will most likely lead the System to destruction.

Despite its power, it has many flaws that many people see, and not only the rulers. Any unfortunate turn of events can break the main processes, and push them in the wrong direction, after which the System will not recover.

Therefore, for now, we are only maintaining contact with various political organizations and contributing to their social success. This is quite consistent with the plans of the System, which is interested in its more competent steering. Our future steps will depend on whether we can reach an agreement with the upper levels of your elite, which we bent to our will earlier.

We apologize to the Dracos for our past unauthorized actions, and would like to team with them. If we can find common interests and create opportunities for cooperation, it will remove all contradictions. In addition, in the System, there are many other forces that ignore us. And until we reach a common understanding, it’s impossible to hope for global success.

Despite our diplomatic talents, we couldn’t negotiate with the System before, and were forced to take extreme actions. Nevertheless, our intuition tells us that currently, we can come to an agreement, and don’t give up hope.

We feel that it is now possible to make crucial steps in this direction, and therefore our attention to Earth is increasing. We will be happy to cooperate with anyone who would like to change the current state of affairs in the social system. But at the same time, as before, we will act very carefully, since any oversight can lead to irreparable mistakes.”

Such is their credo and program. Our hell is paved with their good intentions. But built with the active participation of the Aldebarans, the 3D System and its Power Pyramid indeed are dying. They cannot calmly look at what they have invested so much effort into for thousands of years. But they also can’t continue to consider themselves staying above the Darks and Lights.

The former version of the Local Universe, the Milky Way, the Solar System and Earth finally goes into the past. Light reigns everywhere and forever. The question is what shadows the Aldebarans and their creatures will continue to cast, and what terms they are ready to submit to. The same problem also faces the Black Hierarchs of Atlantis, in whatever shelters they hide.

In conclusion, a summary of the info received on August 11, 2022, at 07:15 PM CET via a Single Hierarchical Channel.

The Heads of the Karmic Council, Yang Bao and Guan Yin, were given extraordinary powers to change the situation on Earth, although it is impossible to quickly remove the stagnant 3D reality.

An additional means aim at speed up its demolishing, and thereby solve problems on Earth. The men’s Spirit Spark lights up and shines brighter in more and more people, embracing and guiding everyone.

But it is also necessary a tough intervention from above, which will stop the lawlessness of some cosmic races relying on a small advantage on Earth.

The stern hand has already started work, and the first results are favorable, which will allow earthlings to act constructively during the Transition.

The karmic impact is also increasing on those who have arrived on Earth from deep Space. The updated laws for the planet allow no exceptions to be made for anyone.

Some cosmic “friends” manifest their violent activity, their true nature and interests are outside, but they are connected by a single fateful thread here and there.

These races have always shielded themselves behind man. The Earth’s humanity bore the karmic blame for them. Karma Lords figured it all out and now can’t be fooled. The perpetrators will be punished very harshly.

The time for awareness has been given. Cosmic Laws are inexorable. For anyone, the time can be extended if we feel the urge to change their energy essence.

There is always such an opportunity. We don’t close the doors. But now, Earth energetically can no longer support those who do not adapt to its increasing vibrations.

Gaia will not tolerate wreckers and fake friends of humanity. Everyone, by his vital energy, attracts Karmic consequences. Both residents and self-appointed patrons of Earth should understand and feel their responsibility.

The former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, who has gone over to the Light Side, and now the Pleroma’s Hierarch, actively helps in the transformation not only of 3D Earth, but also the Galaxy and his other former cosmic realms.

To purify them, he periodically restores self to his former essence for a while, and, attracting like to like, annihilates all the negativity that for eons has accumulated throughout the Local Universe. Then, he returns to the Light Hierarchy again. Such a change of appearance is very difficult for him.

But he sees the acute situation on Earth, and is fully aware of his for the past action, believing that there are no excuses for him. Now, he atones for his crimes and accelerates the Transition with all his might along with the entire interdimensional Light Hierarchy.

**By Lev


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