God: You Are Part Of My Plan

This message goes out to everyone in need of a hug.  Do you feel saddened, is it trying times?  I agree with you it is.  What is happening on planet Earth has to occur.  There is forces at play that are beyond your control.  The divine plan is for you to weather the storm with help from friends, develop yourself a support network.

Everyone comes to this planet with special gifts.  So, you must congregate as a community so each gift can be brought forward.  Together in your communities all can be accomplished.  There does not need to be individual suffering.  Together with your neighbors discuss the strengths and weaknesses amongst your group and divide and conquer.  Someone tackles yardwork, someone does schooling, someone tends to the farm.  Each person will have their strength.  And together you are a stronger force than as individuals.  Don’t be afraid of your neighbors.  They are humans just like you that want what’s best for their towns.  It was never my plan for individuals to bear the load you have today.  Society has developed plans to keep you at home away from each other.  Strength comes in numbers.  If you have not met your neighbors reach out, give them a welcome, and small chat.  Just say I want to introduce myself as I am your neighbor.  Make small talk as that is your first step.  Friendships can blossom.

The plan I have for humanity is to right the wrongs.  Where can we take back what is ours in this world.  What can I leave behind.  What is mine to do and what should be delegated.  Trust that the skills you have were by no accident.  If you feel an urge to take on a new task, go for it.  People are being put in place at this time for their role they were designed for.  If you feel the urge to do something new it is by no coincidence the urge is upon you.  Right now, everyone must get in place.  Get to the town you want to be in, but by the people you want to be with, and develop the friendships.  Do not stay back because of fear.  Do not keep yourself stuck because of the unknown.  If you have the urge you have to hear it.

What is it telling you?

The urges will get stronger.  It is my goal that everyone be in place for our next cycle of events.  You have freedoms now so use them.  Can you travel… yes travel.  Can you freely move… move.  Do what you can to follow that internal knowing.  It is my greatest wish that each human doesn’t feel weighed down by their surroundings.  If there is something tying you to a spot, let it go.  Cut the cord to the attachment.  Get to where you, yourself, need to go.  When travel is restricted, it will be too late.  Plan now to be in your location in the near months.

You have been on my mind for eternity and now it is unfolding.  All the changes that evolution has in play is going to take place.  You need to know that I have not forsaken you.  The path is a righteous one.  Strength in numbers.  Today is the day to think hard if you are in the right spot. Get to the right spot.

For my final words it is, I love you, and this is all planned.  Everything you are going through is a divine plan.  Thank you for helping me on our journey.

**Channel: Krista EnergeticLeigh