Ten Tips for Conscious Reparenting of Your Inner Child

Do you often wish that you had received adequate love, guidance, support from your mum or dad when you were young?

It could be that you’re now realising that part of the challenging issues you have today are related to your childhood. Perhaps you have experienced emotional neglect in the past. You find yourself still longing for love and assurance even today.

This is not to blame any of your parents. After all, they parented you in the only way they knew how. They could have been brought up in the same or similar ways themselves. Yet, what remains is that your younger self or inner child still feels the need to have that love and acceptance.

Well, it is not too late. You can help yourself by addressing these needs in the now. Addressing unresolved needs helps you to build emotional resilience, strengthen self-confidence and esteem, and to undertake personal responsibility.

With all that you know now, with the higher consciousness that you are, you can offer parenting love, warmth and guidance to your inner child.

I’d like to share 10 tips on  how you can connect with your inner child as a loving conscious parent. Don’t miss out on any tip as it may just create the positive difference that you need in your life right now!


The 10 tips are as follows…

  1. Acknowledge your inner child’s feelings.
  2. Attend to your inner child’s needs for safety and assurance.
  3. Guide your inner child in setting healthy boundaries.
  4. Give your inner child the permission to have fun.
  5. Let your inner child know that it is okay to be curious and explore.
  6. Celebrate her success, wins, progress and accomplishments.
  7. Embrace your inner child even with her imperfections, mistakes and flaws.
  8. Guide her in developing positive habits.
  9. Give your inner child plenty of encouragement.
  10. Commit to being there for your inner child with presence.


Just because you connect with your inner child doesn’t mean that you get stuck in the past. I get it…no one likes to be drag up issues from long time ago. You already know that you need to move on.

However, you are likely to find that by addressing the unresolved needs of your inner child, you are actually practising self-love and increasing your ability to accept, let go and get on with your life.

As mentioned, conscious reparenting leads you to experiencing greater confidence and the freedom to take charge of your life from now on.

I apply a signature system to help those who are interested in healing their inner child with love and conscious reparenting. If you are needing further assistance and would like to find out about working together, do reach out to me by applying for a discovery call.

Love and Abundance Always, 
Evelyn Lim
Conscious Reparenting Coach for Women
Self-Love Healing Therapist 


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  1. Lilas

    richt je liever op de miljoenen kinderen en babies die
    vaak letterlijk het slachtoffer zijn van het wereldwijde
    Pedofielennet .