El Morya: MM Free Once a Week

Are you in the right film?

Wasting no more time on what is insignificant, but rather focusing entirely on one’s own transformation – that is what matters today!

Beloved human,

Are you in the right film, do you have your feet firmly on the ground, and are you your true self? Are you focusing your mind on the future or do you like losing yourself in the past?

Whatever it is that is keeping you from being present in the here and now, change it! Because ascension into the light can only be achieved by accessing your life and your life’s issues.

Therefore, this is my advice: Avoid all digital and printed mass media of this world for at least one day a week!

This matrix is kept alive artificially by spreading opinions and wrong belief systems. People are kept in the game with this kind of information and energetically fed lies. This clouds the view and closes off the awareness of one’s one feelings and intuition.

This is why one must distance oneself and keep that distance. If you succeed in only diving into the world of lies – spread by the mass media – selectively and in resurfacing on your own, you are blessed because the matrix of the cold light has no power over you.

However, many people lose themselves in the jungle of misinformation and create fears that are unsubstantiated.

This is why you should consciously steer clear of mass media, starting with one day a week.

Be aware of the power of these instruments of propaganda and power and hold against them.

One media-free day a week is the beginning of becoming and being your Self again.

Don’t waste any more time on what’s insignificant and find your way back to your own feelings and your own thoughts!

Therefore: mm-free once a week – a conscious act of selflove!

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


2 Replies to “El Morya: MM Free Once a Week”

  1. Harrrie

    Yes thank you. I turn on the news about once a week just to be in the know generally. It’s usually about Trump, Covid and other negative topics.