Hakann: Positive Focus

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I have much respect for you. You are doing well. There have been some behind-the-scenes successes and the consciousness of Earthlings is also rising very nicely. That is the primary variable we are looking at: how the consciousness of Earthlings is rising. And that variable is increasing rapidly, including in ways that are not obvious.

Of course I understand that you are still in an incredibly tough situation. I deeply empathize and we are still working hard to help you. But I do want to communicate that you are doing great and that progress is being made.

As I have stated earlier, Earthlings have an incredible access to what you would call supernatural powers. Many of us Pleiadians can teleport, be in two locations at once, turn invisible and many more things. Yet your psychic potential is far greater than ours. It is just unrealized. In fact, Earthlings have the most psychic potential out of literally any species in the universe.

To illustrate your power, recently someone on EraofLight.com wrote a comment to ask me a question about the soul-reincarnation-recycling trap. Nefarious beings had set up that trap so that Earthlings who died were trapped and forced to reincarnate into 3D earth again and again, so that to illustrate your power, recently someone on EraofLight.com wrote a comment to ask me if dark beings could continue to use their negative emotions as food.

We Pleiadians and other good-hearted races have quite recently weakened this trap so that is no longer functional. But when a powerful Earthling lightworker saw that question, he or she saw an opportunity there to serve God. He or she spent thirty seconds consciously working with us and together we removed the soul trap completely. We were not able to do that without him or her.

Many Earthlings are at perhaps 1% of their power. This powerful Earthling lightworker was at perhaps 10% of their power. Already this 10%-realized Earthling Lightworker could make a contribution that none of us ETs were able to make. And this is a seemingly normal Earthling – most humans think of him or her as a pretty normal person if they met him or her.

This is one part of the reason why my messages focus on personal empowerment. You are more powerful than we are. You simply haven’t even unlocked a tiny part of your potential yet. We do understand our role to help you through this difficult time. However in say 300-500 years, it is quite possible that average Earthlings will not just have a greater theoretical potential but will actually have more abilities unlocked and available than we Pleiadians have. It is quite possible that at that point we will work side-by-side with you on peacekeeping and love-bringing missions throughout the universe, and you will have a more prominent and important role than we do.

Still, right now you are like a toddler with a loaded dangerous weapon. Your awesome power has risks. For example, if today 99% of humans believed that human civilization would collapse, then human civilization would collapse within a week.

One of the reasons why the energies are so intense right now is that a part of Earthlings are absolutely convinced that Earthlings are doomed, while another part of Earthlings are convinced that you are headed for an amazing, love-filled 5D civilization. Both sides have so many Earthlings on them that there is a strong push into both directions. This is tiring for all Earthlings. Yet this situation is better than if all Earthlings would agree that you were doomed, for if that happened, there would be nothing we could do to help you.

In fact, the dark ones may be much less powerful than you are, but they are cleverly manipulating you into doing their work for them. People who consume mainstream news are told that awful things are happening here and there. Then Earthlings watch that and empower those awful things by focusing on them. It is like the dark forces are making you Earthlings hit yourself. They are using your own power to keep you down, by encouraging you to look at and thus empowering negative things.

This is one reason why Tunia and I have been a bit hesitant to answer intel questions that would put your focus on the dark forces. Earthlings are so powerful that whatever they focus on, they empower. So we would much rather talk about the amazing 5D love-based society that we genuinely think is coming, rather than about evil plans that certain nefarious people have. If you focus on those plans, you empower them.

Of course it is fine to do some study to get a broad idea of what is going on in the world. Once you have a general understanding of what is going on, then we only recommend studying the plans of the dark if you are for example a good-hearted politician and you need to know those things for your job.

If other people need to do their initial research to understand what is going on in the world, that is of course fine. But we do not advise you to push your fellow man to look at the plans of the dark. There’s the problem that this empowers the plans of the dark. Then there’s the problem that many of them simply do not have the required level of consciousness and mental health at this time to grasp what is going on in the world. So how can you help your fellow man instead? You help them by giving them love and kindness, which includes genuinely listening to them.

I promise you that Earthlings really are headed for an amazing, 5D love-based society. The question is just how long and how rocky that road will be. We Pleiadians sometimes do not mention certain things or perspectives, because you cannot yet handle seeing all perspectives at once, but we do not lie. Even if we were somehow inclined to lie, we would not do so, because it would violate your free will, as you do not consent to being lied to. So yes, you really are headed for an amazing, 5D love-based society. The dark ones are making plans, but no, the dark ones will not win.

So then, whatever you focus on, you empower. Should we then engage in positive focus, i.e. should we only focus on positive things and only focus on what we want to create?

Yes, but only if you can focus both your consciousness and your subconsciousness on positive things. Both your consciousness and subconsciousness empower whatever you focus on. Your soul plays a large part in determining what is going on in your personal life, but the collective direction of mankind is determined much more by the consciousness and subconsciousness of Earthlings.

Many of you Earthlings only have half this picture. You understand that focusing on positive things is important. Yet you overlook that your subconscious is at least as powerful as your conscious mind. It does not help you to try to force your conscious mind to focus on something positive if your subconscious mind is focused on something negative. In this case you are still empowering the negative.

For example, let’s suppose that you are afraid of something, or angry. Then it would not serve you to force yourself to focus on something happy, because this would just push your fear or anger into your subconscious, where you would continue to empower it.

In this case, it would be better to work on for example your fear directly. You can just be fully present with your fear and consciously witness it without judgement and without trying to change it or suppress it. Whatever you’re feeling, you’re healing. This heals fears and pain and so-called negative emotions, much more quickly than you think it will.

Or you could do exposure therapy, where you slowly expose yourself to that fear, bits by bits. The book, “a course in miracles,“ also contains some great tools to deal with fear. Youtuber Aaron Abke has a great introduction to this text.

In general, whenever you feel triggered or angry or upset or judging something, then that is a sign that there may be something in your subconscious that could use healing. Yes, healing all your triggers and pain is a long process, but it is a very valuable one. The primary reason why this channeler is good at channeling, is because he has spent literal years doing this process. That was his primary spiritual technique.

Investing years may sound like too much work, but even if you just heal a bit, your life becomes noticeably better. It’s not like the reward only comes at the end. Every bit of healing that you do, improves your life by quite a bit. Your conscious mind may try to convince you that healing is an endless process, but that’s not true – at some point you will have weeks or months where no old pain or triggers come up and your life will be so much better than it is now.

However, if your consciousness and subconsciousness are currently feeling happy, then it does not serve you to actively go looking for old pain or old trauma. That, again, would be empowering something that you may not wish to empower. If old pain is present in you right now or was present in you a few hours ago, yes, focus on it and heal it. If old pain is not present in you today, then you do not need to look for it.

Or to put it in another way, just be present with whatever arises. If that is joy, be present with joy. If that is pain, be present with pain. If you are meditating and pain comes up, we think it is beneficial to consciously observe that pain, rather than trying to push it away.

Aligning your consciousness with your subconsciousness is one major step in your spiritual growth, which you do by healing yourself. Aligning your consciousness with your soul is another major step, which you do by repeatedly asking your soul what it wants and then doing that, or alternatively by consistently following your intuition and joy. And aligning your consciousness to God is yet another step, which comes from simply saying, “God, my life is yours, use me as you want.”

Once you have done all these things, you will be similar to that 10%-realized light worker and you will be able to do certain things that we Pleiadians can not. You may not necessarily be able to teleport yet, but you will be able to do profound, Earth-changing lifework. You will be able to serve God in a prominent way. And you will feel intensely and inherently satisfied and you will feel deep love for yourself and all of existence. You will be at peace.

So, to put this all together:

Whatever your conscious and subconscious mind focus on and feel emotions about, you empower. In general, it is beneficial to yourself and to Earthlings to focus on positive things. If your conscious and subconscious mind are currently happy, then it would not serve you to switch on the news and learn that there is something terrible happening on the other side of the world. It would also not serve most of you to study some part of the plans of the dark forces, beyond getting a general idea of what is going on in the world.

Note that your subconscious also empowers things. So if you are experiencing so-called negative emotions, it does not serve you to force yourself to focus on the positive. In this case, heal your pain and in doing so you will heal your subconscious as well.

I hope this helps. If you desire clarification on any point, feel free to ask. Tunia and I plan to do a full Q and A around the start of every month. We will clearly say when that time has come and when questions are welcome. However, if at any time you have a really burning question, you can post it as a comment and the channeler may answer it.

I love you very much. I always enjoy the opportunity to share my perspective with you. Thank you. And again, you are doing great and you are awesomely powerful beings.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

** Channel: A.S.


17 Replies to “Hakann: Positive Focus”

  1. Saphire

    Could the reason there is a large number in the earthlings are doomed corner, be the religious – church – mosce- synogouge groups and their beliefs “that humankind is sinner – bad- must be saved”. Does this negative anguish emotion keep feeding the dark side.??

    1. A.S.

      Answering as myself and not as Hakann — some religious people and some religious institutions have this attitude. I love God, but I am not a huge fan of conventional organized religion personally.

      Some more mystical parts of religion do not have this attitude.

      Of course, there’s also plenty of non-religious people who have the same perspective that you share.

      Still, despite this, the future of humanity is very bright. It’s not like what you describe is an insolvable problem. Just raising your own consciousness and being loving and kind does a lot of good to help the situation.

      In general, focusing on the negative empowers negative things. “Negative emotions” are food for dark beings, which is one of the reason why the news so often shows things that evoke “negative emotions.”

      Though these dark beings can feed off your subconscious just as well — pushing fear into your subconscious is not a solution.

  2. Don Spectacularis

    Man this is HANDS DOWN one of the very BEST-EST channelings I’ve read in quite a long, looooooong time. Answers SO MANY questions. Detailed to the T. Kudos! You’re doing a FANTASTIC job dear A.S.!!!

  3. A.S.

    Gustavo, thanks for your question about that soul reincarnation trap. Turns out that question had a pretty big positive impact!

  4. tot889

    Greetings, Hakkan, my star brother! We are in place and on duty. Yes, it is very difficult for me personally. I always feel my brothers in orbit of this planet. Let’s do It!

  5. Michael

    Hello Commander Hakann💚🙏 Everytime I read channeled messages here I get chills that last for half an hour even if I’m hot.

    I completely agree with this message. 100% what you focus on grows, and what you watch on the news is what your mind eats.

    I welcome the 5D thinking because I always believed that there is something that is newfound to us more than we know it (but we actually deeply know it haha)…

    yes I also closed my telegram etc about 6months ago and feel much better. I know only what I need to know and apart from that do my best to keep the highest vibes possible.

    My burning question. I think the truth is very important at the right time.. I remember reading here or somewhere that it’s too early for truth to be mainstream and that there is no chances that can be taken with this. I would love to know when this will be revealed mainstream. There is so much to tell, where would one even start? Possibly our DNA and unlocking them and have returned what was stolen from us. I even got chills saying that but I do feel whatever it is collectively but am reminded of love instead of letting this and other things be upsetting bringing out lower carnal energies..we have to remember all these evildoers are part of the Divine family and we send them forgiveness, love and kindness as it’s the only way. much love to all 👍💚🙏

    1. A.S.

      Hello Michael, answering as the channeler — thanks for your message. The energy of this message affected me physically as well (in my case, it tired me out and made me take a nap). It’s interesting that the energy contained in those words can have a physical impact on not just the channeler but also some readers.

      Still answering as the channeler — part of me very much wants the mainstream media to start broadcasting truth as well.

      When that happens depends on Earthlings. I can’t give a timeline. Both benevolent ETs and Earthling counterforces (positive military, etc) have the capability to take over the mainstream media tomorrow and start broadcasting truth on it.

      Benevolent ETs don’t want to do that because imposing a higher perspective on a civilization externally doesn’t go very well, as was detailed in my youtube video “Tunia Q&A — why haven’t we landed yet” (or in an earlier Era Of Light article that contained the same information).

      Earthling counterforces (positive military, etc) don’t want to do that yet because they fear for civil war and want to disarm and arrest some more bad people first. They also think that this situation puts pressure on certain politicians and judges and the public to “wake up” and start openly calling for justice. From the perspective of Earthling counterforces, judges and politicians and civilians need to get off their butt.

      Although you could argue that this is wrong and that the current situation just puts civilians into a survival mode and that they’re not going to question their entire worldview while they’re in survival mode.

      Benevolent ETs are grateful for the Earthling counterforces on one hand, but on the other hand they are of the opinion that it’s time for Earthling counterforces to move more openly and more quickly. If Earthling counterforces were to decide to start open mass arrests next week, ETs would cheer that on and help (but ETs don’t expect that).

      Galactic laws are clearly being violated every day, including the core principle of “free will should be respected.” ETs think that Earthling counterforces should be the ones to, at some point, start open arrests and openly take over the media.

      From their end, Earthling counterforces appreciate the ET help but think that the ETs are too utopian and don’t understand the situation on the ground. They think that yeah, it’s beautiful that ETs have the principle of “respect free will” and that this also means “don’t lie to people who don’t consent to being lied to” including the public, but this is war and disinformation is necessary.

      So what can we do? Raise our level of consciousness, be kind and loving to other people, follow your heart / soul / intuition.

      Indeed, great point that even evildoers are part of the Divine family.

      1. Izzaie

        Commander Hassan/A.S. ~~ Thank once again for this article. Little snippets as I call them, helps a whole of a lot more in the long run, like in today’s message, he said “God, my life is yours, use me as you want.” I have heard this phrase many times before but yet something so simple is very powerful. It is a beautiful hug to my soul and spirit. Thank for touching my heart and senses again. Lots of love to all of you out there. Keep tracking and cheers. Izzie

      2. Michael

        Thanks heaps for your reply, I really appreciate it 💚🙏👍I completely agree, there’s a divine plan and timing I’m sure for massive truth..there will be a time for both the evils on one side to be neutralised and the good that has been repressed to be restored starting with what has been taken/manipulated. Which would give more joy than ever. Alot of us just need to evolve more, I admit I do at times haha but we must humble ourselves first, give thanks for the wonderful miracle it is to be alive especially now in witness as to what is unfolding.

        To feel what is and not push away as you channelled is so true. Love will always win and I know I will witness it in my lifetime.

        The soultrap is something I used to worry about. I’m so glad to hear it has been weakened.. 😊Alot of times I asked myself when i die, should I follow the light? Is there a fake light that people follow and not the real one? I was told from a friend to be aware that the light we think we may need to follow is actually to bait us back into the soul trap.. Who will approach me and should I follow. Will my memories be temporarily restored for the last billion or so years.. I’ve always wondered how long the soul gets trapped or will the re-incarnation be instant or will I never incarnate into the flesh. If the soultrap has been weakened then, I imagine that there is no more limits and the souls can travel freely wherever and whenever in an instant. If the soultrap has been weakened and there are still souls that have been kept there in a state that hasnt incarnated for some reason then this is great news for those souls to cut themselves free (would you say these are what the religions call souls in pergatory?) I respectfully take this assumption one step further, the new souls that get out of this trap will be joyously welcomed for they may have missed the eons of time they have been without their long lost good brothers & sisters.

        I really appreciate your messages and I do my best to keep following as I learn alot from Era of Light.

        Love & light and blessings to you and all subscribers here💚